Anxiety Killer

Recalibrate Your Mis-Firing Fear Instinct, Get In The Game and Dominate

Leave Anxiety Behind

Leave Anxiety Behind

Anxiety Killer

Recalibrate Your Mis-Firing Fear Instinct, Get In The Game and Dominate

Anxiety sucks.

Much more than most realize.

Or will ever realize.

This is because anxiety hides behind one of our greatest human strengths.

Your greatest strength.

Without this, we'd have gone extinct hundreds of thousands of years ago.

What strength is this?


The ability to suck it up, power through the pain and get it done.

Resilience allows us to shrug off discomfort so we can get what we need.

You know this.

Every single time you COULD HAVE given up, but didn't, this was your resilience.

Plus a deep and equally ancient motivation instinct.

Together, the two work like champs.

The resilience to ignore the pain, the discomfort, the cold, the hunger.

But motivation to power through the obstacles.

At least, that's how it's SUPPOSED to be.

Today, things are out of balance.

Our minds and bodies are soft.

This is a natural outcome.

Our resilience, drive and motivation has been pushing forward for tens of thousands of years.

In many ways, we've been TOO successful.

Food is TOO easy to get, that's why we're all fat.

So, how does our resilience trip us up today?

We feel fear, we feel anxiety.

The anxiety comes from an internal drive, to get something we want.

But those things we want are usually in social situations.

Talking to people for fun, for friendship, for sales, for love.

But we don't really know how.

So we try a few times, and things don't quite work out.

Unless you have a much greater than a 50% success rate, this will create a deeper anxiety.

We want something, but every time we try, it doesn't work.

Enter Resilience

This is when resilience works, but AGAINST us.

Our resilience instinct soon assumes that this low level anxiety is SUPPOSE to be there.

So it gets used to it.

And because it's not a pressing physical pain, like a bone sticking out of your leg, it pushes it down into our subconscious.

Where we don't really notice it.

Other than a low level, "feeling" that things aren't quite right.

This feeling becomes normal.

Always there.

Pretty soon we just assume this is how life IS.

It is not.

Your brain, your collection of instincts, your creativity, your ancient and inner drive are a MASTERPIECE of human evolution.

The universe has been around for BILLIONS of years.

And NOTHING, absolutely nothing in the entire universe is as complex and miraculous as YOU.

This is not metaphysical mumbo jumbo.

This is scientific fact.

Your mind-body system is highly functioning machine.

This same mind body system that sent entire populations of beasts to EXTINCTION.

Whether that's good or bad is kind of moot.

But once upon a time, there were huge beasts walking the Earth.

Then we humans came alone.

Us and our tiny frames, our relatively weak muscles and our non-sharp teeth and non-existent claws.

And we ate them.

All of them.

Because we can think our way around anything.

YOU can think your way around anything.

But since anxiety exists in the subconscious, we don't even know it's there.

But it is.

Like a demon parasite consuming all your brain energy.

Luckily, there is a solution.

A real, step by step dismantling process.

A way to understand the structure of our modern world, and how it's misunderstood by our incredibly fast brain.

A way to re-calibrate how you think about the world.

A way to recalibrate how you think about yourself, in the world.

And a way to re-calibrate how you think about the things you FEAR in the world.

Remember, we are the same creatures who looked at these big terrifying monsters that roamed the Earth.

Those fearful things that could KILL US with one swipe.

Remember, we didn't just defeat them.

We ATE them.

In this course, you will learn how to bring your anxiety up to the structural level.

To examine this imaginary cage that you've built for yourself.

And to take this cage apart, piece by piece.

And set yourself free.

Free to talk to anybody you like, without fear.

Free to scan the crowd, choose who's worth your time and who isn't.

Free to think about a big, bright future, and not feel the common modern fear response, but to feel the ancient killer response.

You'll see it, you'll feel it, you'll salivate, and you'll get it.

And if anything happens to make the mistake of getting in your way?

Sucks to be them!

Seven Sections

This course comes in seven sessions.

Seven coaching sessions to take you step by step.

Giving you a intellectual, rational understanding of your miraculous mind body system.

Some simple exercises to do to re-calibrate your mind body system and wake up your inner killer.

Seven Guided Meditation Sessions.

Metaphorical imaginations to prepare your mind for the inner fight.

To recalibrate your thinking process, re-balance actions and reactions, costs and benefits, and open your mind for deep programming.

Seven Times Three 

Each section has three, one hour subliminal sessions.

To blast your brain with positive statements about your true potential.

Along with the coaching sessions and the guided meditations, your will be forever transformed.

From a timid, outsider looking in, to an ancient killer.

Ready to jump in the game and dominate.

Dominate in all social situations.

Dominate in all romantic situations.

Dominate in all sales situations.

Dominate in any conversation, playful or serious.

Section Descriptions 

Exponential Confidence

Understand and correct the reasons for all fear.

Recognize your own, personality based fear response to repair it in the most effective way possible.

Understand and leverage instinct mismatch theory not only intellectually, but emotionally and subconscious, so you can make it work for you.

Understand the truth about social validation, both positive and negative.

Why all fear and anxiety is a rational and very common response to an out of calibration mind, but more importantly, how to fix it.

Well Calibrated Mind

Understand the two sides that go into every decision, even if they are subconscious.

Why rational, well thought out decisions have the exact same structure as subconscious choices made in micro-seconds.

The money on the street vs. the bottle of soy sauce metaphor, and where all positive and negative emotional signals come from.

The Teeter Totter model, and how carefully recalibrate how your lightning fast subconscious makes all decisions.

Fear Destruction

Why all fear is based on an incorrect assessment of costs and benefits in real time.

The one thing that still exits in our modern world that absolutely terrified even the most powerful of our ancient ancestors.

Why the more technologically advanced we become, the more this ancient fear can present itself in our modern life, but in false ways.

How to re-interpret and re-calibrate this very common cause of all social anxiety so it never bothers you again.

Long Game Genius

Why understanding why social fears are irrational is only half the battle, and to train your deep mind to feel the same way.

The banking structure of "duration mismatch" and how this common structure is the source of all anxiety.

Why common anxiety is very much like old school bank runs and how to stop anxiety dead in it's tracks.

The simple three-rule exercise you can start doing today that will whittle anxiety down to zero.

Positive Filter Generation

How your anxiety level in any social situation is really a top level measurement of deeper subconscious processes.

How to use this as a measuring gauge to chart your progress.

Why going slower, and more carefully, is much, much better.

Why you NEVER need to go outside your comfort zone ever again.

Ideal History

How to go through your own personal history and find the best possible memories to reference in social situations.

How to go back in time, find any negative memories, and obliterate their effect on your current state.

The intention assumption pattern to turn even your worst memories into reasons for modern success.

How to build the absolute best case, ideal history to power you easily and effortlessly into any future you want.

Reality Master

Leverage the incredible flexibility of meaning, and make events mean what you want them to mean.

How to slowly improve your ability to pre-frame any situation, before going into it, and guarantee your success.

Why building your reframing muscle slowly will create the quickest and most powerful changes in your social confidence.

Why this simple trick will be your secret weapon in killing all anxiety, once and for all.

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And charge happily into your future filled with love, friendship and as much emotional intimacy as you desire.

Master Mix

This course comes with a powerful master mix.

All statements from all sessions combined.

Along with the carefully calibrated master mix guided visualization, you will bathe your brain in anxiety killing, social charisma enhancing, beliefs, ideas and statements so you can get off the sidelines and conquer all you desire.

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And feel magnetized by social situations and become a friendly, outgoing social player.

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And make anxiety a thing of the past, and enjoy interacting with others, and collecting as many friends and lovers as you want.

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And become a fearless social super star, naturally and automatically starting conversations and creating happiness everywhere you go.

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And obliterate anxiety once and for all, and charge forward into a life filled with social and romantic bliss.

Leave Anxiety Behind