Attractive Mindset

Get the Frame of Mind, Ideas and Beliefs That Will Make You Irresistibly Attractive

Become Irresistible

Become Irresistible

Attractive Mindset

Get the Frame of Mind, Ideas and Beliefs That Will Make You Irresistibly Attractive

The modern dating market is an unambiguous train wreck.

A dumpster fire of desperation.

Ask any unhappy lady and they'll tell you the dating market is broken.

Ask any unhappy guy and they'll tell you the dating market is broken.

You know something is wrong when both teams can only agree how much it absolutely sucks out there today.

This had led to a lot of myths about attraction, dating and love.

Looks Myth

Most guys that aren't cover models will claim that unless you are a Chad, nobody will give you any attention.

Plenty of academic level experiments prove this to be true in online dating.

But when it comes to old school dating and relationships, there are way too many variables to count.

Physical appearance is only one variable.

But when all other variables suck, and looks is all you got, it sure seems like looks are important.

Modern Entitlement

Another problem is that everybody feels entitled just for showing up.

Maybe we've been all brainwashed by endless participation trophies, but love is ancient.

Nobody got rich simply by showing up.

Nobody got the hot girl or the hot guy simply by showing up.

Everything Is Competition

This is a hard pill to swallow. 

Everything you want, is wanted by others.

Good houses, good jobs, good men and good women.

The more people want something, the harder it is going to be to get it.

And by the pure law of averages, most of us are not on top of the beauty ladder.

Science writer Matt Ridley famously said in "The Red Queen," that all men are genetically programmed to desire a young, gorgeous woman.

And all women are genetically programmed to want a wealthy, powerful male.

The problem, he unhappily points out, is that most men are not wealthy and powerful.

And most women are not young and gorgeous.

Add in a dose of entitlement, and an overestimation your own sexual market value, and you've got a lot of heartache and bitterness.

Why That Will Change

We all know the difference between inner game and outer game.

That's an interesting distinction, but not helpful.

Let's do a mental experiment.

Imagine the worst movie you've ever seen, with the worst actors you've ever seen.

Now imagine your favorite actor in one of your favorite rolls.

Now the money question.

What, specifically makes bad actors suck, and good actors shine?

Both are saying more or less the same lines, so it must be a function of their inner game.

Congruence Is Key

The fantastic actor is congruent.

They believe what they are saying.

They feel the emotions that support the words.

The bad actors? 

They are faking it.

Now, let's do another experiment.

This won't make you feel good, but what we're leading to WILL make you feel good.


When you approach an attractive guy or girl, are you completely congruent?

Do you express your deep emotions honestly and openly?

Chances are you do not.

What does this mean?

This means THEY are perceiving YOU very much like YOU perceive that bad actor.

Now do you see why looks SEEM so important?

When everybody is much, much less than congruent, looks are all that's left.

But when all you HAVE are looks, short term flings may be easier, but relationships are not.

Relationships are based on deeper emotions.

Those deeper emotions most people are too terrified to feel, let alone express!

That Changes Today

In this course, you'll learn some very, very powerful exercises to quickly build MASSIVE congruence.

So you express your emotions easily and naturally.

Like in therapy?

No, no, no, not like therapy.


We'll stay clear of those horror show ideas.

We're talking about the kind of congruence, and open emotional connections you share with friends.

This is the kind of congruence that will make new people LIKE YOU.

This is why we love babies and comedians and A-List actors.

They express emotions openly, congruently and enjoyably.

This is EXACTLY what you'll learn in this course.

Step One

You'll learn some very powerful exercises to accept, and feel good about all your emotions.

No therapy ideas, no goofy exercises where you work out anger.

You'll learn a very powerful way to appreciate ALL your emotions.

This will make you much, much more attractive, from a deep core level, than Mr. Six pack gym rat.

This level of congruence is SO RARE these days, you'll look across the room and smile at ANY hottie you choose, and make them nervous.

Step Two

Learn some very, very simple conversational strategies to layer on top of your deep congruence, and create attraction in nearly anybody you speak to.

Not just sexual or romantic attraction.

Friendship attraction.

Potential business partner attraction.

Hey, this guy's cool I think I'll give him a discount attraction.

Step Three

You'll learn the step by step process of making people fall in love with you.


How and why love works the way it does.

The simple ingredients, the critical timing, and the specific things NOT to do.

You'll be able to create love just as repeatedly as baking a cake.

Step Four

Sex magic.

Not technically magic, but you'll use some powerful communication patterns, that, when coupled with these sexual techniques, will make them never, ever want to leave you.

So be careful!

A way to slowly expand their sexual and emotional bliss while you slowly give them the best orgasms they've never even dreamed of.

Do this after you've created love properly, and they'll be yours for life.

Course Structure

This course is broken down into four large segments.

Each segment has seven sections.

Coaching Segment

The coaching sessions are designed for you conscious mind.

To teach you the why's and the how's of building up your most attractive inner congruent core as possible.

Seven sessions describing attraction, love and sex, from a purely scientific and biological perspective, and how we interpret this ancient drives with our modern, self aware mind.

Storytelling Segment

These storytelling sessions are calibrated to the coaching sessions.

Each story delivers to your subconscious the ideas from the coaching sessions.

But in a much more personal, much more subconscious and much more hypnotic way.

Listen to these while driving, doing other things, like you would any spoken story.

Inside these stories will be powerful truths not meant for your conscious mind, but for your deep mind.

Love stories and archetypes to deliver to your subconscious, deep and ancient truths about attraction and love.

Guided Visualization Segment

These are eyes closed, guided inner journeys through each of the seven topics.

An exploration and experimentation in the laboratory of your mind.

These are created to prepare you for the subliminal sessions, but they can be used on their own as powerful subconscious training.

Subconscious training to develop and practice every level of attraction and seduction, from first meetings to bedroom fantasies.

Subliminal Segment

Each of the seven sessions has three, on hour subliminal programming session.

Two theta sessions, for your deep and unconscious mind.

One gamma session for your wide awake, active and higher mind.

The gamma sessions are perfect when doing any wide awake activity, particularly when you are in social situations.

Just listening to these gamma sessions while in social situations will give you a powerfully attractive boost to both your confidence and your non verbal energy.

Session Descriptions

Easy Attraction

The simple mental exercise that will make them attracted to you before you even speak.

Why rapport is your natural state, and how to radiate attractive rapport wherever you go.

How to consistently build up powerfully attractive congruence and resonate deep subconscious attraction.

Simple and consistent ways to shut off anxiety driven mental chatter, even if it exists on a subconscious level.

Emotional Resonance

The tuning fork model of communication and why words are not nearly as important as people think.

How to build attraction by talking about the weather or anything else that pops into your brain.

How to allow your congruent emotional state to drive the words, and create the once in a lifetime spark with anybody you like.

Why gazing into their eyes and smiling will be all you need for them to do most of the work to attract and keep you.

Elegant Language

How to speak simple words that will resonate in their mind like a beautiful symphony.

How to embrace the model of words and spaces to enjoy not only the words, the but the spaces between them to create fantastic anticipation.

How to calibrate your in-the-moment word flow to maximize their feelings of pleasure and bliss.

Why you only need a tiny fraction your conscious mind to make a lasting impression on anybody you speak with.

Subconscious Vibing

How to elegantly use your vibing emotions and calibrated word flow to slide them through any sequence of emotions you like.

Why you'll never, ever need to worry about what to say.

How to make them feel more excited in minutes than they've ever felt in their entire life.

How to carefully lead with your congruent frame, and keep them enthralled by asking them simple questions to expand their deep dreams.

Love Story Origins

How love happens on an instinctive level, and why, specifically, today's dating scene is an absolute dumpster fire.

Why understanding the collection of love creation and love maintenance instincts will show you exactly why failed relationships happen.

Why understanding the collection of love creation and love maintenance instincts will show you exactly what successful relationships are made of.

The simple instinctive based template for every love story since the dawn of time.

Post Hypnotic Love

How to plant love seeds, so their love for you can grow into a beautiful garden of pleasure in their mind.

The simple thing NOT to do that will kill love before it even has a chance to sprout.

How to get anybody to fall in love with you after three separate meetings.

How modern life makes love filled relationships difficult, and how to avoid the modern trap by dominating the dating market.

Orgasmic Bliss

The one sexual technique that will make you incomparable to everybody else.

Why even if they've had thousands of partners before you, this one technique will eject all memories of them from their mind.

How to carefully combine this technique with the love seed planting process so they will never, ever leave you.

Why this simple technique is the one thing to put the spark of sexual bliss back into any relationship, no matter how old.

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And master the game of love and attraction, and allow this ancient feeling to drive you to dominate your world.

Bonus - Master Mix

This course comes with a powerful master mix.

All statements from all sessions mixed into one powerful brain blast of deep love and orgasmic bliss.

Coupled with a deeply meditative visualization session, where you experience the dawn of love, which existed before self awareness and language, to any future you like.

The dual driving powers of human creativity and accomplishment, and how you can build those two in mind, making you a magnet for the best possible partner.

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And radiate irresistible attraction wherever you go, and leave the dating dumpster fire forever behind.

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Become Irresistible