Charming Personality

Develop Easy, Natural Conversational Skills and Leave Everybody Better Off Than You Found Them

Charming Personality

Charming Personality

Charming Personality

Develop Easy, Natural Conversational Skills and Leave Everybody Better Off Than You Found Them

They say that most people live lives of quiet desperation.

We know what we want, but we are too terrified to try to go after it.

So we wait, helplessly, hoping something will, "just happen."

We are quiet.

We look out into the world, we see others getting all the good stuff that we want but don't know how to get.

We are desperate.

This is most noticeable, sometimes even painfully so, when it comes to starting friendships and relationships.

Most of us follow what can be called the, "zero point model."

We don't even think about talking to others unless we are convinced they are "the one."

This goes along with a very common self deception we tell ourselves.

That we will, "rise to the occasion" if we do ever see, "the one."

Of course, this in't just for romantic relationships.

This is anything we think we want.

Then our social anxiety gets the best of us, and we convince ourselves that we don't REALLY want to go and talk to that person.

This is our super ninja collection of biases at work.

To protect us from pain.

But guess what?

That fear of spectacular social failure that is powering our social anxiety is based on something that doesn't exist.

We can take plenty of time going over the psychological and technical reasons for this, but I'm guessing you want to get out there and mingle today.

Not after you've got an advanced degree in post modern, meta-psychological, social anxiety reverse restructuring!

(I don't even know what that means...)

In this course, you'll learn how to make it very, very easy to talk to anybody.

And when that happens, you'll naturally play the long game.

A powerful long game driven by your relentless childlike curiosity.

Curiosity about other people and what they are about.

In Japan they have a saying that the nail that sticks out gets hammered down.

Well guess what?

Your childlike curiosity has been hammered down.

Since you were about three years old.

That's why we ALL suffer from social anxiety to a certain degree.

We all look out through this protective bubble of social anxiety.

A protective bubble we've had with us so long it seems natural.


Like the metaphorical elephant that allows himself to be tethered by a rope way to weak to hold him.

But since that has kept him tethered since he was just a pup (or whatever they call baby elephants), he still believes it.

So far, this isn't news to anybody.

Everybody wishes they didn't have social anxiety.

Hearing that story about the elephant won't help.

Understand the structure of growing up won't help.

And guess what?

The common advice won't help either.

What common advice?

To just suck it up, walk over there and get the conversation going.

You've tried that, and it sucks.

Really sucks.

If it worked, nobody would have social anxiety!

But what will work?

To forget about your social anxiety.

And get busy BUILDING that childlike curiosity that still exists.

It turns out that curiosity is an instinct.

Just like food.

If you don't eat, you'll die.

If you don't continue to stimulate your brain, you'll go crazy!

Every time you get bored, this is your ancient curiosity instinct, screaming at you.


Do something interesting!


I'm dying in here!

Once you learn how to re-calibrate your curiosity, and start to rebuild it, you will get to a tipping point.

When your natural curiosity about other people is STRONGER than any social anxiety you have.

When this tipping point happens, it will be natural, automatic and instinctive to stroll over and say, "Hey!"

This is when the long game kicks in.

When talking to stranger is natural and normal.

When people start asking YOU for your number.

This is when life is fun.

Seven Sections

This course has seven sections.

Each section will give you some very basic ideas, some simple reframes and some very basic exercises to slowly rebuild your natural, child like innocence, curiosity and charisma.

Each sections has three sessions.

A coaching session, with the ideas, concepts, reframes and simple exercises.

Powerful subliminal sessions to program your subconscious mind with ideas beliefs and strategies to make you the most charming person around.

And a guided visualization focus on, a charming imagination, that when mixed with the subliminals, will turn you into a social love machine!

By the time you finish this course, you'll be well on your way to becoming the most charming person they've ever met.

Section Descriptions

Long Game

An overview of what will happen after you master the ideas and exercises in this guide.

Why your list of contacts will be filled with people thrilled to hear from you.

Why you'll never get the, "Uh, I'm sorry, who is this?" Response again.

Why once you get past a certain level, you'll wish all the people in your contact list would leave you alone!

Not only will they be the ones asking for your number, but they'll be the ones calling and begging you to come to their party.

Or date their sister.

Or come work for their start up.

Curiosity Builder

Why curiosity is an instinct that never shuts off, only gets hammered down by impatient adults.

How your curiosity is being absolutely wasted today.

Simple, safe, easy exercises to rapidly and powerfully build your curiosity muscle starting today.

How to let grow your curiosity muscle so strong it will be PULLING you toward any group of strangers so you can hog center stage.

The simple checklist to go through whenever you see any other person, a list of simple things to wonder about them to get you started.

Ice Breaker

You'll know why "breaking the ice" is the worst metaphor ever invented.

How to start conversations with people so there IS no ice and no breaking required.

How to train yourself so you naturally and automatically start conversations with people before you even know you are starting conversations with people.

Why you should immediately forget about goofy lines, witty openers or even bothering to think about to say.

How to toss very simple, very to understand and easy to respond to openers so you'll know INSTANTLY whether they are worth your time or not.

Happiness Expander

One of the biggest fears of having conversations with strangers is knowing what to say.

You'll understand why just the worry of this happening is the one thing guaranteed to cause this to happen!

More importantly you'll how and why to simply shut down your brain and use all your conscious mind to focus on them.

This will allow you your ENTIRE brain to focus on simple question to ask them, to keep them talking on and on.

It turn out you ALREADY have a secret program in your brain to feed you interesting things to say.

The best part is this is always on, always on auto pilot, and will always be there for you.

Easy Questions

Most people are just like us.

Wanting to talk to strangers, especially cute ones, but not having any idea how.

So when somebody like you strolls up and makes them feel spectacular, something they've likely never experienced before, they'll run out of words.

Not a problem an advanced practitioner of the charming personality school of human happiness generation.

You'll learn some simple questions that will keep them talking for HOURS and feel better than they've ever felt!

Future Builder

Once you're doing the asking, and they're doing the happy answering, you'll just need one simple shift to bring this to the next level.

A few simple tweaks of your charming conversational style to get them thinking of their ideal fantasy future.

Their dream career, their dream house, even descriptions of their dream lover will be gushing from their mouths with linguistic ecstasy.

You control the directional flow of words coming from them, and keep them gushing for as long as you like.

Of course, the more you make them gush with pleasure, the more they'll associate that pleasure with YOU!

Leave On A High Note

This is the icing on the cake. 

The one technique that most people won't ever realize exists.

And that is to measure their level of emotional pleasure, and when it's peaking, BOLT!

Well, don't turn around and run away, that would be silly!

But most people do the opposite.

They treat words within conversations like Doritos.

They hang on until every last word has left their brains.

This leaves people with a sour taste in their brain.

"That was a nice guy but DANG he talks a long time!

Then there's you.

You show up out of nowhere.

Within minutes you make THEM feel spectacular.

Then just when they're starting to hope you'll ask them back to your place, you politely excuse yourself!

This leaves them wanting MORE of you.

Much more!

What happens when your entire contact list is filled with people that want MORE of you?

You need a safe hiding place, that's what!

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Bonus - Master Mix

This also comes with a powerful master mix.

All statements from all sessions to fill your brain with so much social love all you'll have to do is show up and smile.

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And turn any boring supermarket check out line into a non stop party.

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And obliterate, once and for all, all social anxiety.

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And never worry about what to say, never worry about when or how to close, and never worry about being caught unprepared in any social situation ever again.

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And build an army of supporters, friends and lovers who will always have your back.

Charming Personality