Conversation Hero

Glide Right In, Lead The Conversation, Lead Their Emotions And Be The Unforgettable Hero Of Every Exchange

Save Them From Loneliness

Save Them From Loneliness

Conversation Hero

Glide Right In, Lead The Conversation, Lead Their Emotions And Be The Unforgettable Hero Of Every Exchange

Humans are social animals.

We like being around people.

Being alone sucks.

Really sucks.

But being with friends?

Good friends?

Nothing is better.

You know this.

Everybody knows this.

Even if you have nothing to do, are dirt poor and have to eat cabbage soup, so long as you're with a group of close friends, where everybody has everybody else's back, life is fantastic. 

But even if you've got tons of money, all the latest entertainment and video games, a huge house on the beach, being alone sucks.

The more digitally connected our society gets, the more disconnected we get.

This is actually pretty good news.

Not for society in general, but for you?

Somebody who's about to learn how simple it is to stroll up, start a conversation with pretty much anybody, and make them feel fantastic?

You'll want for nothing.

Everybody will want to hang around you.

So much they'll bend over backwards, do anything you like, just to keep you around.

How the heck is this possible?

For one, we, like we mentioned before, are social animals.

We are social animals that are driven by social instincts.

Social instincts that are being absolutely STARVED today.

Social media is cool.

But it doesn't touch your emotions like another human does.

Like another human can.

And when you learn to not only easily lead the conversation, but lead their emotions, you WILL stand out.

A walking wizard of human emotional pleasure.

A bliss generating super hero who popped up out of nowhere and made everything better.

It all starts with the approach.

Most people, when they approach a stranger, even a random person without any halo effect, feel nervous.

This is because we communicate in two completely different ways, depending on who we are talking to.

We talk to our friends the way we are supposed to.

The way our instincts were calibrated.

We have an emotion.

Our social instincts would very much like that SAME emotion in our buddies.

But since we are pretty LAZY, we don't want to use too many words.

So we use the MINIMUM number of words to create that same emotion in our close friends.

People we have tons of rapport with.

This is so natural we don't even think about it.

We see something, it makes is feel a certain emotion.

So we mumble a few syllables, and our buddy knows EXACTLY what we meant.

They feel EXACTLY like we feel.

This is ancient, human emotional connection the way it's SUPPOSED to happen.

Emotions, words, emotions.

Words are short, minimally used intermediaries between two humans.

Humans who are emotional resonators.

But when we walk up and talk to strangers?

We do something different.

We make it WAY more complex that it needs to be.

We feel nervous.

We mix that nervousness with a hope they won't reject us.

Then we ignore these feelings and try to use our WORDS to create a response from others.

This is like trying to put icing around a cake that doesn't exist!

That would be just silly!

(although it would be a cool magic trick...)

In this course, you'll learn the simple, three layer emotional state to build BEFORE any approach.

This is an emotional state you can practice anywhere, any time.

At your favorite cafe, at stop lights, in the elevator at work.


And the cool part is once this three-layered emotional state is strong enough, approaching any stranger will be AS EASY as mumbling something to your friend.

In fact, if you are the social laboratory experimental type, you can build up this three-layered emotion state STRONG enough so you don't even need words.

Just hang out where people can see you, look around, and pick some lucky folks and smile in their direction.

You'll be walking wizard, a wordless social magnet, creating a bubble of happiness all around you!

But that's just the beginning.

Once you break the ice, or thaw it out with your red hot social magnetism, you will learn a few more tricks.

How to ease from easy conversational topics like the weather, the location, the morons in congress.

Or anything else people'd put under the topic of small talk.

Then you'll ease right into some questions they'll enjoy answering.

Questions they'll enjoy answering that will take very, very little thought.

Then you'll shift into the future fantasy stage.

And that's when it gets really fun.

You'll be helping them create the best case future fantasy on WHATEVER theme you want.

Ideal Vacations

Ideal Romantic Partners

Ideal Careers

Ideal House


Finally, you'll learn a dead simple way to close anybody so they'll be begging to see you again.

In this course, you will learn how to give nearly everybody on Earth what they are absolutely desperate for today.

The ancient, instinctive, fantastic emotions found within human to human conversations.

With you, their conversation hero.

Capable of delivering to anybody you like, the deep and pleasurable emotional feelings everybody is desperate for today.

Seven Sections

This course has seven sections, each section covers the basic steps to take you from wherever you are now, to a super hero of emotional magnetism.

From wallflower to conversational bliss-master.

From shy introvert to an orgasmic love bomb that transforms people's vanilla feelings into explosive gushes of emotional and verbal ecstasy.

Each section has three sessions.

A short, to the point coaching session.

What works, what doesn't, and why.

Some simple exercises to do to shortcut your way to social power.

Three, hour-long subliminal sessions designed to fill your mind with beliefs, strategies and statements to build in your conversational super powers from the ground up.

A deeply hypnotic guided meditation, a visualization to hold in mind while letting the subliminal sessions fill your brain with social love.

Scientific and technical understanding for your higher, conscious mind.

Guided visualizations for your imaginative mind.

And a brain blast of subliminal messages for your deeper, unconscious mind.

These three will combine to make you a social hero, capable of bringing happiness and emotional pleasure to all the love starved lonely hearts that are out there, right now, waiting for you to save them.

Section Descriptions

Social Fear Destroyer

The three level emotional state that will making approaching people as easy as hanging out with life long friends.

How to practice building this state wherever you are.

Why this state is all you need to overcome any social anxiety, no matter how debilitating.

Why you'll never feel the need to go outside of your comfort zone ever again.

Instant Connections

The simple ice breaker that will make talking to strangers as easy as possible.

The one common thing to avoid to make sure your momentum stays strong.

How to create and express your ideal truth so everybody enjoy speaking with you from the very beginning.

Why you'll never feel or fear rejection again.

Bliss Generator

The simple conversational strategy that will make them feel happier the longer you talk to them.

How to make the content of their brains the center of the conversation.

How go get them thinking about ideas in their head in ways they've never considered before.

Why even if you only speak with them for a couple minutes, they'll never, ever forget you.

Secret Fantasy Finder

How to easily transition to talking about their deepest dreams and fantasies.

The simple transitional statement strategy to get them thinking about any fantasy theme you'd like.

Why the most common conversational advice is dead wrong and how to make it much, much easier on THEM to express their deepest dreams and desires to you.

Why a single conversation with you can easily be the best thing that has ever happened to them.

Covert Encouragement

How to give advice without them thinking you are giving them advice.

How to use the famous double bind to help them find the best solutions to problems or issues you find in their fantasy future.

How to frame all problems in their future as mere speed bumps, springboards to more rapturous future bliss.

Why covertly asking for their solutions will allow them to take further ownership of the fantasy you are helping them to create.

Magnetic Advice

The secret of building up conversational potential, and why more is always much, much better.

How to test for conversational potential before giving any advice.

Why once you've established enough conversational potential, they'll adore, cherish and take any advice you give.

Why giving advice too soon will kill any pleasure but any advice given after the tipping point of conversational potential will only accelerate their ecstasy.

Natural Relationships

How to make a relationship with your new friend seem as natural as simple as continuing the conversation.

Why they'll nearly always be the one asking to see you again.

Why the longer you talk to them, the more desperate they'll be to make sure they'll see you again.

How to easily and naturally use any of these techniques within an even a dull and stale relationship and turn it into a rock star sex party.

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Bonus - Master Mix

This course comes with a powerful master mix.

All statements from all sessions combined into one power session.

Which, combined with the specially calibrated master mix guided visualization, will program the simple process of creating pleasure in anybody you choose to speak to.

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Save Them From Loneliness