Leverage Your Most Powerful Human Trait and Imagine Yourself a Fortune.

Build Your Brain


Leverage Your Most Powerful Human Trait and Imagine Yourself a Fortune

Whatever animals can do, humans can do it, but on a meta level.

Animals slowly evolve fur as the environment gets old.

This takes a long, long time.

Since 99% of animals are extinct, this meant that 99% of animals couldn't keep up with the ever changing environment.

We humans do the same thing.

We "evolve" as the environment changes.

Except we do it much, much quicker.

Much, much more efficiently.

We feel the weather getting cold, and we, too, get some fur.

But we get it from other animals.

And it doesn't take a few hundred generations of natural selection.

It takes a few days.

Maybe a couple of weeks.

Natural selection is a slow and gradual process.

Ever year the environment changes.

If any animals that are living in that environment have random changes that are a better match for that environment?

They get to live.

Those that don't?

Sucks to be them!

Animals have zero control over this.

They, or rather their species, either get lucky, or they don't.

We humans do this on purpose.


Some animals have something called an "extended phenotype."

The phenotype is your body part that is made by your genes, or your genotype.

Some animals are genetically programmed to build stuff outside of their bodies.

Bees make hives.

Birds make nests.

Beavers make dams.

But humans?

We also have an extended phenotype.

We are programmed to build stuff outside of our bodies.

But ours is meta.

Bees have been building beehives for millions of years.

If you time traveled yourself into the future, you'd see birds building nests, bees building beehives, and beavers building dams.

But what would humans be building?

Nobody knows.

Because our extended phenotype is different.

We look out into the world, see what exists, and build better versions.

More efficient versions.

More enjoyable versions.

Key to this is our brain.

Not our copying and pasting brain that we all love so much.

Not our authority obeying brain we all love so much.

But our independently thinking, deeply imaginative, creative brain.

The creative brain that few recognize, yet is responsible for everything we see around us.

Every single man made thing was once an idea in somebody's brain.

Sometimes an idea that was based on an existing thing, that somebody though they could make better.

Sometimes an idea of something that never, ever existed before.

And guess what?

Those rare folks that can imagine things that don't exist, or even imagine things that are similar, but better, than the things that do exist?

They get paid.

A lot.

Some of them have names that resonate for generations.

All of us have that capacity.

You have that capacity.

To think of something that does not yet exist.

And make it real.

You already know this.

When you lay awake at night, dreaming of a better life.

Dreaming of a more enjoyable life.

Dreaming of a more exciting life.

All you need to do is to take this latent ability and take it to the next level.

And that is exactly what you will learn in this course.

The ideas, exercises, journaling techniques to take your dreams and turn them into reality.

All of them?


All you need is one.

One idea, one dream, one vague fantasy that you write down.

Flesh out, and slowly turn it from a thought into a thing.

An idea for a story or screenplay.

An idea for a new video game.

An idea for a new restaurant, or business endeavor or something that nobody has ever seen before.

In this course, you will learn necessary exercises and skills to unlock those dreams and fantasies that have been swirling around in your mind as far back as you can remember.

And set them free.

Breathe into them the spark of life.

And turn them into your future potential empire.

Seven Sections

This course has seven sections.

Each section has a short coaching session.

Which contains the ideas, reframes and recommended exercises to get started on today to turn your dreaming mind into a creating mind.

Three, one-hour subliminal sessions designed to program your deep subconscious withe supporting beliefs to turn your dreams into a reality.

And a very powerful, deeply hypnotic guided meditation.

An imagination to hang onto with your conscious mind, while the subliminal sessions program you with more and more creativity power.

Section Descriptions

Human Innovation

Understand and leverage the main source of all inventions since the dawn of time.

Wake up and maximize your creativity instinct to create a much more profitable and socially enjoyable life for yourself and those you love.

Understand why humans build more than we see, which requires that you develop maximum creativity.

Why the main purpose of your creative thinking brain is to create more than then you see, to turn our imaginations into profitable reality.

Independent Thinker

Understand the three common barriers to independent thinking.

Recognize and embrace why thinking creativity necessarily means leaving the safety of the pack.

The reason that, in order to become a creative thinker, capable of ideas never considered before, you must learn to become your own authority.

How to jettison the most common killer of creativity of wanting to be told what to do, and why this simple act will put you ahead of most other humans.

Brain Strength

Why the brain is like a muscle, and must always be exercises.

Why the more you exercise your brain muscle, the stronger it will get and the more easily you'll dominate the competition.

The two exercises you can begin doing today to give you world class thinking skills.

How to build your own custom doorway into your vast experiences, memories and ideas and brainstorm your way through any problem, and creatively build yourself a fortune.

Fantasy Power

How your natural fantasy muscle is being hijacked today, and how to take back control.

How to leverage your natural fantasizing mind for maximum benefit.

The one simple and even silly exercise to do every day will explode your fantasizing powers of imagination.

Why fantasizing and daydreaming can be the seed that leads to your future empire.

Fantasy Future

How to find your unique balance between fantasy and your recent history to create the best possible future.

How to extrapolate from your real past, into a fantasy future that will compel you to take action.

Why a properly calibrated fantasizing mind will be more entertaining than even the most expensive Hollywood blockbuster.

The magic crystal metaphor to take any past, mix with your creative muscle and create multiple fantasy futures that you can easily glide right into.

Targeted Daydreaming

Use your daydreaming muscle to never be bored again.

How to combine daydreaming with deep instinctive urges to rehearse every angle of your future success.

How to imagine, practice and master conversations years before they happen.

Develop your daydreaming muscle to get yourself ready for any interview, any speech and obliterate all anxiety.

Structural Thinking

Access the thinking of rare masters whose inspirations created monumental cultural and scientific shifts.

Daily drills and practices to see structures everywhere, and put together ideas far beyond common thinking.

Make leaps and connections between disciplines astonish your colleagues.

Become known as the big picture problem solver who can see far beyond the mundane obstacles that keep others stuck.

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And outthink any problem, any obstacle, and solve yourself rich.

Bonus - Master Mix

This session comes with a powerful subliminal master mix.

One master session that contains the statements of all individual session.

Combined withe deeply hypnotic meditation, this master mix will resonate your brain with creativity and intellectual insights that will put you on the fast track to super genius empire building.

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Build Your Brain

Build Your Brain