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Course Curriculum

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  Conversation Basics
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  Toward - Away
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  External - Internal
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  Same - Different
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  Reflective - Active
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  Possibility - Necessity
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  Independent - Cooperative
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  Associated - Dissociated
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  Final Words
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  Subliminal Sessions
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Deep Mind Persuasion

Elicit Their Deep Thinking Structures So Everything You Suggest Will Be Familiar and Desirable

There are two ways to get somebody to do something.    

Your reason, and their reason.    

If you are depending on your reasons, you're going to be limited.

As harsh as it sounds, nobody likes your ideas and your reasons as much as you do.    

The whole purpose of covert persuasion is to speak in purposely vague patterns so they fill in the blanks with their ideas.

Dale Carnegie's Golden Rule

So when they finally decide to take your advice, it's for their reasons.    

This is Dale Carnegie's golden rule of influence.    

That you can get anybody to do anything so long as they believe it was their idea.

This is the whole purpose of advertising.    

To create interesting sales letters, commercials and ad campaigns to convince buyers to buy things for their reasons.

One On One Sales

If you are selling things, products or services, this is pretty easy.    

Ask them enough questions about why they want what they want.    

Get them thinking positive thoughts about why they want what they want.    

Then show them how your product or service is a perfect fit.

What About Other Persuasion?

For for every other persuasion that is not based on sales, this is tough to do.    

Imagine walking up to a cute girl in a bar and saying:

So, what are you looking for in a boyfriend?

Non Sales Persuasion Difficult

Most of us don't sell for a living.    

And if you do, we rarely have warm customers walking into our shop that are eager to talk about what they are interested in buying.    

Cold sales, non-typical persuasion (friend, family members, romantic partners, job interviews etc.) we need another strategy.

Structural Thinking

It's a common idea that we have tons of data hitting our senses, but only a tiny fraction makes it to our conscious minds.    

This is not done randomly or haphazardly.    

There is a set of rules we use to filter the important stuff from all the other junk.

Important Things

One set of filters is what is important.    

 Food, sex, our name, etc.    

If you were strolling down the street and you saw a $100 bill, you would immediately see it.    

That part responsible for sifting through all the noise would essentially be screaming at you:

Dude! Money!

And you'd get that cool feeling.    

You'd bend over, pick it up, maybe look around to make sure nobody saw you, and quickly put it in your pocket.

Name Sorter

They've also found that most of us will do the same thing when we hear our name over a crowded room.     

This is often referred to as the Cocktail Party effect.

Structural Sorters

But beyond these content level filters, we also have a bunch of structural filters.    

This are our own way of sorting through data.    

Because these are based on structure, and not content, nobody really notices these.

Secret Persuasion Power

But if you know these structural preferences, this will give you an incredible amount of power.    

It's like having X-ray vision into their brain.    

Like reading the mind of your friend and knowing they what they want.

You can take any content idea and wrap it around these structural filters, and it will sound pleasant, familiar and desirable.

Hit Or Miss Strategy

Without knowing your preferences, or theirs, you are only playing the odds.    

Even if you are certain that they'll go for your idea, if you get any of these wrong, it won't sound quite right.    

They'll have a slightly uncomfortable feeling about what you are suggesting.

Jigsaw Puzzle Lock

But when you understand what these structural preferences are, and you present any idea in their terms, most anything will sound comfortable.    



Even if you just met them.

Easy To Elicit

Because these operate subconsciously, you can easily elicit them without them knowing what you are doing.    

They'll even enjoy the process.    

You can secretly figure them out for all your friends, family and coworkers.    

When it comes time to make suggestions, they'll readily go along with you.

Endless Conversational Possibilities

Even if you never want to persuade anybody, understanding these seven structures will give you endless things to talk about.    

You'll never have to worry about what to say.    

You'll never run into those uncomfortable silences.

Deep Connections

Even better, once you start asking some very easy to answer questions based on these structures, they will feel a deep connection to you.    

A connection so deep they'll never forget you.    

You'll be talking to them about such deep and profound topics, they'll put you in a completely separate category in their mind.

No Pressure On Them

Not only will you be asking them questions nobody has ever asked them before, but you will learn a technique that won't even require they do any talking.    

You'll simply be going through a series of easy options.    

This or that one.    

And through these options, you will find out deeply profound things about them.    

They will find out deeply profound things about themselves.

Huge Desire Building Strategies

You'll learn powerful techniques to get them thinking about their biggest dreams of the future.    

With very little brainpower required from them, you can take them as far into their future as you like.    

All the while secretly eliciting their preferred structural filters.

Once you learn about their filters, everything you suggest, so long as it's put in those terms, will sound familiar and desirable.    

Useful In Any Conversation

You can use these techniques in any conversation you find yourself it.    Nobody will ever feel on the spot.    

Once you get your mind around the process, you can use these techniques on anybody, anywhere, any time.

They'll Know More About Themselves

After a few minutes of conversation with you, they'll know much more about themselves.    

They'll have a much better idea of their dreams and fantasies.    

You will have taken them to such a profound level of deep awareness and positive desire, they'll be eager to do whatever you want.

Fantasy Hallucination Generation

These techniques are so powerful, you can help them create a fantasy future hallucination that doesn't require that they even talk.    

You ask the questions, and present the choices.    

With each series of easy choices, their future fantasy hallucination will get brighter and clearer.

The Best Part

The best part is while you are doing this, whatever positive ideas you are eliciting and helping them build, they will subconsciously associate those deep future fantasies with you.

More Money With Sales

If you sell things, you'll make a lot more money.    

You'll close a higher percentage of clients.    

You'll get more repeat business.    

Whatever product or service you are selling.    

However you are selling it.

Job Interview Killer

Any hiring manager will be desperate to keep you after only a few minutes.    

Flip the script and start asking him or her some easy to answer questions, and name your price.    

They'll beg you to work for them.

Endless Fun With Friends

Parties, social events, and other gatherings will take on a new meaning.    

You will always be the center of attention.    

Everybody, friends and strangers will be eager to be lucky enough to speak with you.

Seduction Madness

Break the ice, start asking some simple questions, and never look back.    

The deeper you go, the more attracted to you they'll be.    

This is, hands down, the easiest romance generation strategy you'll ever find.

Romantic Acceleration

You can use these strategies and techniques to enhance any relationship.    

Spouses, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, children.    

They'll all be enhanced by asking a simple series of easy to answer questions.    

These simple techniques will help you build an unbreakable bond that will last a lifetime.

Accelerate And Amplify Charisma

The conversation techniques in this course will get you powerful charisma with anybody in minutes.    

Break the ice, ask a few enjoyable and easy questions and they'll never, ever forget you.    

Get this course now and explode your popularity.

Easily Persuade Anybody To Do Anything

Naturally and effortlessly elicit their structural filters.    

Take whatever you want them to do and express in their terms and they'll be begging to obey you.    

Get this course now and become a non-stop powerful persuader.

Easy And Effortless Seduction

Whether you're a girl or a guy, this technique will make it insanely easy to create deep rapport and powerful romantic connections within minutes.    

Get this course now and turn your love life into a steamy romantic fantasy.

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Deep Mind Persuasion

Subconscious Training

The conscious training in this course will teach you the skills you need to significantly and consistently increase persuasion and communication skills.

But even that is only scratching the surface.

On top of the three hours video training to teach you a communication model you won't find anywhere else, are over twenty hours of deeply hypnotic, brainwave assisted subliminal programming.

Each session comes in three versions.

Two Theta Versions

Your mind will be taken down to a deep theta level, half awake, half asleep, perfect for reprogramming your subconscious.

Each session is an hour in length, comes in two versions, and has more than four hundred individual statements to fill your deep mind.

Statements leveraging powerful beliefs, ideas, strategies and unconscious behaviors to help you become the most persuasive and attractive communicator ever.

Gamma Versions

Listen to the gamma versions while awake and alert.

Whenever you want a quick confidence boost to before any event where you want a quick boost to your conversational skills.

Listen to the video sessions for your conscious mind.

Listen to the subliminal sessions for your unconscious mind.

The two will combine to give you the most powerful persuasion skills and the most compelling halo effect on Earth.

Session Descriptions

Session One - Desire Expander

Ask simple questions to get them feeling better and better because of you.

Target their deep instincts to make them resonate with the most positive emotions they've felt in years.

Generate deep connections between their wonderful feelings and you that they will never forget.

Session Two - Halo Effect Generator

Use your conversational powers to create the most attractive halo effect ever, and leave the genetically advantaged in the dust.

Make any idea seem much more compelling since it's coming through your own custom built halo effect.

Completely blow away the beautiful people by cranking up your own halo effect as big and powerful and attractive as you want.

Session Three - Creative Conversationalist

Stand out from the crowd as you speak about things they've never thought of before.

Never wonder what to say again and leverage the most compelling communication structure ever created.

Make everybody pale in comparison after anybody has a simple conversation with you.

Session Four - Interpersonal Frame Domination

Feel a deeps sense of control of the direction of any conversation you have with everybody.

Subconsciously generate the deep confidence to lead their thinking, lead their feeling and make every one of your suggestions irresistibly compelling.

Take and hold control of any conversation with anybody in any situation and under any circumstance.

Session Five - Subconscious Persuasion

Develop the extremely rare ability to get them to do whatever you want without ever needing to suggestion.

Leverage the easiest and most effective persuasion system ever to automatically create the outcome you want.

Relax and let the words flow naturally from you without need for conscious thought.

Session Six - Motivator

Make people feel more inspired from a simple conversation with you than they've ever felt in their lives.

Get people dreaming about their best case, ideal future after only a few minutes of interacting with you.

Blow away the best motivational speakers in the world by simply interacting with people and using your irresistible conversational skills.

Session Seven - Brilliant Thinker

Create dynamic conversational topics and themes on the spot.

Think and ask easy to ask questions that will lead them directly to your outcome.

Think in many different meta levels and once and lead your lucky conversational partners on the most exciting adventure of their lives.

Master Mix

All statements from all sessions mixed in one powerful brain bomb of thought pattern dominance.

Flood your brain with positive statements to build your most powerful interactive and attractive personality ever.

Over three hours of conscious training, over seven hours of subconscious reprogramming.

Get this course now and build your persuasive, hypnotic, and seductive powers to levels never imagined possible.

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What Will You Learn In This Course?

Human Communication Potential

Step By Step System

An Explosion In Charisma

Understand Human Nature

Fluidity of Human Thought

How to Shape Their Thoughts

What Is Needed Before Every Decision

Understanding Human Perception

The ROI Paradigm

The Subjective ROI Guarantee

Never Ending Human Desires

Expanding Human Desires

Leveraging Human Desires

Creating Future Excellence

Helping Them Fantasize

Leveraging Their Future Fantasies

Custom Built Fantasies

Lead Them To Any Conclusion

Lead Them To Any Desire

Understanding Universal Desires

Leveraging Universal Desires

Conscious Universal Desires

Unconscious Universal Desires

The One Thing Everybody Wants

How To Imply This Deep Subconscious Need

The Most Powerful Language Pattern

How To Think For Them

Why They'll Love You For It

Why It Requires Minimum Brain Power

How They'll Give You The Keys To Their Thoughts

Understanding Thought Structures

The Pre-Conscious Processor Metaphor

Understanding Their Subconscious Filters

The Most Powerful Thought Structure

Why It's Steeped In Self Deception

Understanding The Equilibrium Point

The Nature of Stuck States

Getting Friends Unstuck

Increasing Their Equilibrium Levels

Help Them Increase Pleasure

Help Them Decrease Pain

How To Frame Suggestions

How To Frame Ideas

Understanding Social Proof

Understand Their Social Proof Triggers

Why Social Proof Has Built In Self Deception

Finding Their Social Proof Equilibrium

Enhancing Their Social Proof Equilibrium

Leveraging Their Social Proof Equilibrium

How To Make Any Suggestion Sound Perfect

How To Calibrate Their Social Proof To Your Suggestion

Playful Social Proof Questions

Leveraging Social Proof For Deep Rapport

Understanding Familiarity

Finding Their Familiarity Equilibrium

Playful Familiarity Questions

Convincing Introverts To Love Crowds

Convincing Extroverts To Love Solitude

Build In Their Familiarity To Any Suggestion

How To Subconsciously Calibrate Their Familiarity

Understanding Their Internal Decision Process

Understanding Their Time Preference

How To Calibrate Time Dependency In Different Contexts

How To Observational Elicit Their Time Preference

The Dreamers And The Doers

Understanding How They View The Future

Understanding Their Deep Reasons

How To Match Your Language To Thought Process

Using Logical Chains Of Necessity

Using Slippery Slope Chains Of Possibility

How To Use Modal Operators

How To Use The Right Mix of Modal Operators

Why People Buy Lottery Tickets

Why People Don't Buy Lottery Tickets

Understanding How They View Themselves

Understanding Their Self Defined Social Hierarchy

Leveraging Their Independent Mindset

Leveraging Their Teamwork Mindset

Creating Teamwork Hallucinations

Using Teamwork Language Patterns

Using Independent Language Patterns

The Chess Vs. Yourself Pattern

The Practice Argument Pattern

The Future Planning Paradigm

Understand How They See Themselves

Understand When They See Themselves

Understanding Their Future Planning Strategy

Simple Questions For Deep Rapport

Simple Questions For Unforgettable Conversations

Associated Dissociated

Much More Than Persuasion

Using Conversations To Create Magic

Using Conversations To Create Lifelong Memories

Helping Them Create Fantastic Futures

Subconsciously Leveraging Those Futures

Understand Any Thought

Helping To Define Any Problem

Easing Them Into Any Discussion

Find Out Exactly What's On Their Mind

Find Out Exactly What They Want

Find Out Exactly What's Wrong

Works On The Shiest Introverts

No Speaking On Their Part Required

The Language Patterns That Will Make You Rich

The Language Patterns That Make Sales Easy

The Language Patterns That Make Seduction Easy

The Language Patterns That Make All Communication Easy

Use Them On Anybody

Use Them For Any Purpose

Become The Most In Demand Person Around

Get this course now and lead every conversation you ever have.


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