How To Get Girls To Like You

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How To Get Girls To Like You

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  Ancient Attraction Triggers
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  Choosing, Qualifying, and Amplifying
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How To Get Girls To Like You

Radiate The Instinctive Attraction Triggers That All Women Subconsciously Crave

Dear Friend,

Let's cut to the chase. 

Guys want girls. 

Most guys can't get girls. 

Guys can't talk to girls. 

Guys can't attract girls. 

This creates a huge market for scammers and gurus to sell PUA tricks and techniques for these poor fellows so they can get girls.

Slow Down!

If you were a salesperson, you could stroll up to a customer and use your conscious mind to create buying desire. 

This isn't always easy, but if you can learn to talk a good game, it can be done. 

It's actually pretty simple from a structural standpoint.

Selling Is Easy

Figure out what the customer wants. 

Build up their criteria. 

Show them how that what you are selling is a perfect match for what they are looking for. 

You take their money, give them their stuff, and everybody goes home happy.

Persuasion Is Easy

Suppose you wanted to see an action movie, and your buddy wanted to see a comedy. 

Convincing him of your choice is straightforward. 

Explain all the positive reasons for your choice. 

Maybe a few negative reasons for his choice.

Sweeten the deal by buying the popcorn, and Bob's your uncle.

Attraction is Difficult

The reason you can't approach physical and emotional attraction like sales is it's much deeper. 

It's much more subconscious. 

As goofy as it sounds, attraction is like food more than anything else. 

Wait, what? Food? 

Dude, are you crazy? 

Stay with me.

Buffet Example

Suppose your hungry. 

And you are perusing all the potential dishes at a buffet. 

Some look good, some don't. 

Some are healthy, some aren't. 

Some make your mouth water, some don't. 

What is it about some food that makes you want to dig in, while other dishes make you think, "Uh, no"?

Ancient Instincts

This is pretty old news, but it helps to push it to the front of your brain. 

Men are attracted to women based on signs of youth. 

The younger a woman is, the more babies she can have. 

Natural selection doesn't give two F's about political correctness.

Women are attracted to men based on how well they can get resources. 

It sucks to be left behind, but in the harsh world of survival of the fittest, if you don't kill, you don't eat. 

It could be worse. 

We could be those fish whose mom eats half of after they are born!

Subconscious Attraction Triggers

When you look across the crowded room, do you need to think about which ladies are hot, and which aren't? 

No, you do not. 

You look and see. 

You either feel it or you don't.

Female Attraction Triggers

This is the source of most confusion in modern dating. 

But the same thing that has attracted women thousands of years ago attracts them today. 

Just like men are attracted to signs of youth, women are attracted to signs of status. 

That's the keyword there: Signs.

Back To The Buffet Example

When you look at those choices, you have to criteria. 

Healthy food, and delicious food. 

The Holy Grail would be food that is utterly delicious and powerfully healthy. 

Well guess what? 

When women are looking across a crowded room they have the same issue.

Instinctive Attraction

This is the part of attraction over which she has zero control. 

The bad boy. 

The alpha scoundrel. 

The loud mouth obnoxious jock. 

The guy's she can't help but feel that funny feeling in her tummy.

Conscious Attraction

These are the things she knows she should be attracted to. 

The guy with the decent job. 

The guy her mom and her friends will like. 

The guy she'd look good with at her friend's wedding.

The Female Jackpot

You've likely heard that all women secretly crave the man who is both. 

The guy who gives her those alpha tingling feelings, and the guy who her mom will happily bake cookies with. 

Most of the time, girls settle. 

But if they settle for the provider, they'll always have that wandering eye. 

If the pick the alpha, he'll have the wandering eye.

How To Be Both

In this guide, you'll learn how to be both guys. 

Not just pretend. 

But to BE both guys. 

This is not a quick fix. 

This guide is not filled with language patterns or any kind of short term PUA techniques. 

This is a guide on how to transform who you are.

Part One - Ancient Attraction Triggers

First, we'll understand how men and women evolved. 

All the triggers that worked back then, and why they are all being misfired today. 

We'll look at why relationships are so chaotic today. 

We'll know precisely what her deeper instincts are looking for, and why she has trouble finding them.

This will make the dumpster fire dating scene making perfect sense. 

When seen through the lens of ancient instincts that are out of calibration, everything will click. 

You will know exactly what she is looking for and why she can't find it.

Part Two - Rebuilding Your Core Self

In the second part of this guide, you'll learn plenty of very specific exercises that will build your natural levels of attraction. 

These work just like physical exercises. 

The more you do physical exercises, the stronger you'll get. 

The more you do these inner transformational exercises, the more attractive you'll get. 

You'll understand precisely why these exercises work, so they'll be zero mystery. 

You'll learn how to think differently, how to behave differently, and how to speak differently.

Not Fake Game

This will all be done on a deep and natural level. 

Just like doing regular exercise naturally changes your posture, these exercises will change your non-verbal energy. 

How you walk. 

How you move. 

How you speak. 

The more you do these exercises, the more attractive you'll become to more women.

Part Three - Choosing, Qualifying And Amplifying

One of the best parts is you'll never need to worry about creating attraction again. 

Your natural behavior will do that for you. 

But you will need to have some criteria. 

Once you find out how to identify the women that are naturally attracted to you, you'll need some filters.

You'll learn some simple conversational techniques that will significantly amplify the existing attraction. 

It will simultaneously help you qualify which women belong in your frame, and which don't. 

You'll also learn the most qualifying idea of all. 

The most important one which nearly every guy today won't even consider.

Women Will Follow You

Women are hard wired to follow. 

Men are hard wired to lead. 

Today however, it seems the opposite. 

But this is because so few men today are willing to lead. 

Or are capable of leading. 

This is why so many women today are so angry.

But when you spend enough time on the inner transformational exercises, they will notice something in you that is missing from nearly every other man today. 

This will make qualifying them very, very easy.

Whichever is the most willing to follow you, will be yours. 

If you choose.

The Man With A Plan

Women crave a man with a plan.  

A man who is chasing his life, not her. 

Not random hookups. 

This will be you, once you understand the dynamics of male-female attraction and relationships. 

Once you see how our instincts are being frustrated by modern society. 

Recalibrate your instincts, and women will see you as their savior. 

And you can choose whichever one you want.

Stop Chasing Ladies

Chase life, and ladies will chase you. 

But only if you understand the deeper human instincts that make this the rule. 

Learn the secrets of ancient attraction triggers, and become the man every woman craves. 

Get this guide now and build your life.

Develop The Most Attractive Trait

All woman crave a man with a plan. 

A guy with real ambition. 

A guy that will choose ambition over her. 

No woman will admit this, but they cannot help but respond to this. 

To crave this. 

Be the man they dream of and have your pick of high quality women.

Get this course now and learn how.

Never Worry About Ladies Again

Build your ancient male attraction and ladies will flock to you. 

Learn to speak, act and think like the man all women crave. 

Develop these skills and never worry about women again. 

Be the man they want, and they fill fight over you. 

Get this guide now and make it happen.

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Get Girls To Like You - Subconscious Programming

Your training course comes with over fifteen hours of powerful subconscious programming to train your deep mind to become much more attractive and seductive.

Listen to or watch the training videos for your conscious mind. 

Listen to these subliminal programming sessions for your subconscious mind. 

The two will synergistically combine to transform you into an irresistibly attractive man. 

Each of the seven titles comes in both four voice and 256 voice versions.

Four voices for your short term subconscious. 

256 Voices for your deep memory, long term subconscious.

Best Way To Use

The training videos themselves are filled with plenty of reframes and carefully constructed teaching hypnosis to slowly transform your deep confidence and powers of seduction. 

Watch through the training videos at least once with your full attention. 

Then listen through passively, whenever you have time. 

The more you combine passive listenings of the videos with unconscious listenings of the subliminal, you will more deeply transform yourself into an irresistibly and unconsciously attractive man.

You'll naturally shift your behaviors and communication to automatically become more attractive. 

Each subliminal sessions is an hour long and has over three hundred statements. 

They are designed to absolutely obliterate maximize any limiting beliefs you have.

They naturally transform you from the inside out into an naturally attractive man whom women crave.

Subliminal Programming Sessions

Session One - Attractive Communication

Transform your communication to be naturally attractive to women.

Demonstrate true alpha characteristics with your words and gestures.

Learn to speak to any woman in a way that will rapidly accelerate her desire for you.

Session Two - Life Chaser

All women crave a man with a plan.

This session will fill you with a natural and unstoppable ambition that women find irresistible.

Become a non stop slayer of life and build a huge empire that will make more women absolutely crave you.

Session Three - Sexual Abundance

Get rid of the sexual scarcity that destroys the confidence of modern men.

Live a life of true sexual abundance.

Radiate a deeply attractive energy that few men will ever experience.

Let women know by your subconscious energy that they will have to compete for your attention.

Session Four - Conscious Mind Power

Uncontrolled desires lead to the destruction of modern man.

Control your sexual appetites so she can never control you.

Keep all your desires under your conscious control and choose when, and with whom, you choose to share them.

Develop powerful conscious control of your life and build your empire.

Session Five - Ideal Self Generator

No man is finished.

Only a man who is always improving will attract an ideal women.

Leave the trap of stagnation behind, and always have a better future.

Make every day better than the lest.

Always be improving, always increasing, always excelling.

Session Six - Sexual Desire Generator

Program your deep mind to create irresistible sexual desire in women by your mere presence.

Turn heads simply by the way you walk, the way you talk, and the way you move.

Simply speak to her, and watch her nervously seek your approval.

Session Seven - Dominant Frame

Master the secrets of social hierarchy.

Learn to dominate any crowd.

Become the natural alpha of any environment, any social situation, any boardroom.

Demonstrate the powerfully attractive instincts of the dominant alpha in every situation.

Be followed by men and women wherever you go.

Over three hours of conscious training, over 15 hours of subconscious programming.

Get this course now and become the most attractive and seductive man on Earth.

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