Hypnotic Communication

The Easiest and Most Powerful Persuasion and Seduction System In The World

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  Hypnotic Communication
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Hypnotic Communication

The Easiest and Most Powerful Persuasion and Seduction System In The World

Selling things to people is difficult.

Getting people to buy things that they aren't sure they want to buy is frustrating.

Getting attractive people to go out with you is even more difficult.

So difficult than many people don't even try.

So difficult it's painful to even think about things that, now, might seem out of reach.

We use our expert ninja defense system, made up of our huge collection of biases to convince ourselves we don't want to.

For you, because you can pay attention to these words, it will soon change.

Not by magic, not by trickery or manipulation, but by a dead simple communication system.

Easy to learn, easy to apply.

This will be such a secret weapon you won't dare tell ANYBODY about this.

You'll just use this system to make others, including all those sexy people you may THINK are out of reach, happier than they've ever been.

Now, let's get something straight.

We are all self aware, sentient beings.

Nearly all societies are based on the sanctity of individual freedom and choice.

Heck, even in the Catholic Church, one of the wealthiest and most powerful institutions to ever exist, explain that the ONE THING we all have is our free will.

The idea of free will is so deeply embedded in our legal system that it's EXTREMELY difficult to convince a judge and a jury you weren't in control of your mind and body whenever you did what you did.

So, back to the promise.

How the heck can you get other people to buy from you or date you (or much, much better stuff if you catch my drift) if it HAS to be their choice?

Didn't Dale Carnegie preach that you can get anybody to do anything so long as they BELIEVED it was their idea?

How the heck can you show up, essentially out of nowhere, and with just a few minutes of conversation, not only to get them to WANT YOU (or whatever you are selling) AND have it be THEIR idea?

Sure if this was some science fiction mind reading movie, it would be easy.

Reach deep into their mind, find out their deepest unmet fantasies and connect those to you.

But that's only in the movies, right?

Not any more, not for you.

Make no mistake this will take a little bit of practice.

These are NOT magic words that you memorize and say and sit back for magic to happen.

This technique requires you have a regular, normal conversation with them.

Listen to their answers to your questions.

Respond to what they say in a way that is meaningful for them.

Now, I know what you are thinking.

This is starting to sound complicated!

But check this out.

This technique allows you to get them feeling FANTASTIC, romantic, sexually fascinated, without them needing to speak!

And no, you don't need to memorize long stories.

All you'll need to do is ask simple questions.

Questions that will require very little brain to answer.

Questions that will allow them to enjoy HUGE emotional feelings when they answer.

They won't have to think.

They won't have to talk.

They'll just need to listen to your questions, and think about the answer, and indicate that answer to you.

Even better, is with a little bit of practice, you can LEAD them into any feelings you like.

This is much, much more powerful than any goofy NLP technique like:

"OK, now think of a time when you felt really excited!"

"OK, got it?"

The reason that silly technique DOES NOT WORK is most people are not willing in the least to think about a time they were really excited, simply because some weirdo walked up and told them to.

Even if they do, they'll remember that excitement experience, but from a dissociated state.

Like they are looking at themselves feeling excited.

But they won't feel excited.

Which means that goofy NLP technique won't do squat.

But this technique will.

This is a combination of several ideas, all wrapped up on one brain bomb of silent pleasure delivery.

Like slowly peeling back their mental onion layers into deeper and deeper feelings of REAL pleasure.

(OK, maybe having an onion-brain may not be the best metaphor!)

But the things you'll be asking them about are naturally hypnotic.

You'll be asking about naturally hypnotic experiences.

Hypnotic experience they've already had.

That they've already enjoyed.

That they WILL enjoy thinking about.

So they'll naturally go deeper and deeper as you continue to ask them simple questions.

Remember the part about them not even needing to speak?

They don't even need to have their eyes open!

Think about it this way. 

Once you learn this technique, you can walk up to any group of sexy people you want, and say something like this.

"Hi! I've just learned a technique that can not only get you feeling fantastic in a few minutes, but you won't need to speak, AND I'll only be using the ideas that are ALREADY inside your brain!"

"Who wants to play?"

Somebody will just to see what the deal is!

Now, how will this work for sales and seduction?

That's the best part.

You don't need to talk about your product.

You don't need to use any "sex language" or anything.

Because once you get them thinking in positive terms, their deep pleasure will be unconsciously attached to TWO very important things.

You, and your voice.

So whatever else comes from you, through your magical sex powered voice will be like a warm pillow of happiness they'll want to wrap their brain in!

What's Included

This program comes with two basic sections.

Section one is the coaching section.

A brief overview of hypnosis and hypnotic thought.

The breakdown of how to practice this technique.

How to do some post game journaling to continuously improve this.

Start with friends, graduate to strangers, then become a world class seducer of the sexiest people in the world.

Where YOU will stand out in THEIR mind above all their other would-be lovers.

And in case your wondering, this works for everybody, on everybody.

Guys on girls, girls on guys, strangers on strangers, friends on friends, husbands on wives, wives on husbands, and anybody else with a brain and a couple of ears.

The other half is the hypnosis half.

A very comfortable guided relaxation, starting you from an eyes closed, relaxed mindset, deep down into your imaginative mind.

Where you can learn and imagine and play around in your fantasy generator.

This hypnosis session comes in two version.

One will wake you up at the end, so you can get out and get some lovin'.

The other will end with you easing down into the dream state.

Where you can learn in a much more profound and deeper state.

When you're unconscious...

...mind is incredibly powerful.

Get this now and become a creator of pleasure.

Get this now and open up a world of persuasion and seduction possibility.

Get this now and turn every conversation with anybody, anywhere into the most wonderful experience they've ever had.

Get this now and become an interpersonal superstar of LOVE.

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