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Course Curriculum

  Introduction and Overview
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  Understanding Human Decision Making
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  Effective Sales Structure
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  Linguistic Techniques
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  Destroy All Objections Before They Come Up
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  Consistent Copywriting Improvement
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  More Conversions - More Money
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  Subliminal Programming Sessions
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What Will I Learn?

How To Sell With Words

The Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle Skill

Why Copywriting Will Always Be In Demand

The Slippery Slope

Slippery Slope Elements

Slippery Slope Engineering

Storytelling Secrets

The Hero’s Journey

Your Reader - The Hero

The Objections - The Villains

Leveraging Two Against One

Economic Considerations

Maximizing Benefits

Understanding All Costs

Minimizing Non Monetary Costs

Understanding Buying Instincts

How To Avoid The Cheater Instinct

How To Avoid The Scammer Trigger

Secrets Of Trust

Why Trust Is Critical

Trust Building Strategies

Understanding Desires

What They Really Want

Leveraging Subconscious Desires

Implying Powerful Motivators

Why People Really Buy

Understanding Human Pain

The Pain - Pleasure Continuum

Pain - Pleasure Resonance

The Goldilocks Pain Balance

Overcoming Hidden Objections

Understanding Objections

Discovering Secret Objections

The Magic Cause and Effect

Cause - Effect Language Patterns

Pacing Their Thoughts

Leading Their Thoughts

Putting Words To Their Thoughts

How To Create Massive Rapport Through Text

Basic Copywriting Strategy

Basic Copywriting Elements

Reverse Engineering Top Sales Pages

Slippery Slope Language

How To Induce Slippery Slope Thinking

Hide Ideas Inside Sentences

Linguistic Presuppositions

Why They Work

How They Work

How To Become A Presupposition Expert

Best Copywriting Presuppositions

Presuppositions For Social Proof

Presuppositions For Authority

Presuppositions For Scarcity

Presuppositions For Commitment And Consistency

Every Sales Funnel Explained

Creating Sales Funnels From Scratch

Hypnotic Language Patterns

Get Them To Think Anything

Get Them Discover Anything

Additional Social Proof Patterns

Additional Scarcity Patterns

Additional Authority Patterns

Reframing Objections

Uncovering Hidden Objections

Turn Single Objections Into Many Reasons To Buy

Subconscious Objection Reframes

Turn Their Objections Into Buying Desire

Structural Reframes

How To Practice Objections

How To Practice Reframes

Daily Practice Tips

The Six Figure Practice Plan

Get Started Today

The Forum Sales Funnel

The Pareto Principle For Massive Conversions

How To Create A Powerful Portfolio

How To Always Get Hired

How To Smoke The Competition

The Magic Of Making Money

The Never Ending Growth Pattern

Hemingway’s Secret

The Artist - Scientist Continuum

The Michelangelo Strategy

How To Chisel The Perfect Sales Page

The Goldilocks Money Strategy

How To Predict Monetary Success

When To Know When You’re Ready To Buy Ads

How To Guarantee Ad Buying Success

How To Generate Consistently Increasing ROI

The Holy Grail That Will Set You Apart

Split Testing Basics

Two Minutes A Week For A Continuous ROI Increase

Selling Affiliate Products

Choosing The Best Amazon Products

Using Affiliate Sales Pages For Your Portfolio

How To Generate Unbelievable Conversions

Creating And Selling Your Own Products

Hiring Yourself Out

Freelancing - Starting From Scratch

Freelancing - Growing Your Empire

How To Be The Best Hired Gun Around

Never Ending Money Possibilities

Write Yourself Rich

Start Today - Never Look Back

Much, Much More

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Hypnotic Copywriting

Write Yourself Rich With The Most Powerfully Persuasive Language Patterns Ever Created

Long before the invention of modern science, some believed it possible to turn sand into gold. 

This ancient science of alchemy was believed by Isaac Newton himself. 

The idea of turning getting something from nothing was too powerful to resist.

Modern Alchemy

Yet today, this is possible. 

It is possible to create something out of nothing. 

We aren’t talking about breaking the laws of physics. 

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. 

Matter cannot be created nor destroyed. 

But if you can write persuasively, you can turn words into money.

Most Powerful Patterns

Once upon a time there was a hypnotist. 

He was also a physician. 

People would come to see him for non-medical problems. 

Problems he and they hoped could be solved with hypnosis. 

They both tried, and it worked. 

Most of the time. 

But there was a problem.

Old School Hypnosis Too Slow

This hypnotist decided that using old school techniques of swinging watches and counting down from ten was too slow. 

He didn’t have time. 

He figured if he could heal them quicker, he could heal more people in the same span of time.

Enter The Milton Model

This physician-hypnotist was Dr. Milton Erickson. 

One of the super-geniuses of history. 

He invented, from scratch, a completely new type of hypnosis. 

A type of hypnosis so powerful nobody knew he was using it.

Problem Vanishing Pattern

People would come in to see him. 

They’d tell him their problem. 

Dr. Erickson would say, “Hmm, that reminds me of a story,” and start talking. 

An hour or so later, their problem was gone. 


And they had no idea what had just happened. 

Because that hour had vanished along with their problems.

Undetectable Language Patterns

This collection of powerful language patterns is also called covert hypnosis, meaning nobody knows it’s being used except the person using it. 

Lucky for us, a couple of scientists came along and reverse engineered all these patterns.

Linguistic Presuppositions

One of these sets of patterns (within the Milton Model) is these goofy things called linguistic presuppositions. 

They allow you to hide ideas inside sentences. 

Ideas people won’t remember reading, but will end up thinking. 

And they’ll be think of them as if they are their ideas.

Perfect For Copywriting

Turns out these patterns are powerful for use in sales letters. 

You can hide all kinds of ideas about your product within the sales letter. 

Ideas like your product is ultra popular. 

Or you product has massive authority behind it. 

Or massive scarcity. 

Or anything else you can think of.

Build In All The Triggers

Not only will you learn these powerful patterns, but the most important triggers to put into any sales letter. 

Common ideas like authority, social proof and scarcity. 

The three ideas that will make any product sell like hotcakes.

Why Newton Lost His Shirt

Sir Isaac Newton (that same guy who believed in alchemy) also lost his shirt investing. 

Way back in those days was one of the first market bubbles. 

Newton was a smart guy, so he got in early. 

And he was even smarter when he got out. 

But then some of his friends got in later. 

And they were making cash.

Everybody Is Getting Rich!

No matter how smart you are, when everybody is getting rich, included your dumb neighbors, even if you ARE the inventor of calculus and gravity, you ARE human. 

This is why and when Newton got back in and lost his shirt. 

Even Sir Isaac Newton, one of the SMARTEST dudes who’s ever lived, couldn’t resist the most powerfully persuasive force in nature.

Fear Of Missing Out

If you think everybody is getting something good, you’ll want some. 

If you think everybody is getting something good and it will soon be gone, you’ll want it even more. 

The more you imagine that you are the ONLY one that got left behind, that will make you do ANYTHING to get this.

Strongest Buying Motivator On Earth

The fear of missing out, or FOMO, is the most powerful force in human nature. 

No matter what you are selling, if you can convince people it is popular, (social proof) it is going to vanish soon (scarcity) and if they don’t hurry up they are going to miss out (FOMO) you can sell steaks to vegetarians.

Language Patterns And Ancient Motivators

This course will show you exactly how to wrap the most persuasive language patterns around the most powerful and ancient human triggers. 

This will be very covert. 

They’ll read your sales page (or email, or watch a video) and suddenly feel like they HAVE to get this. 

That if they don’t get this, they will miss out.

Slippery Slope Technology

Inside is one of the most powerful ideas in nature. 

One that physicists can’t quite wrap their minds around. 

This simple idea that has helped human thought since the dawn of time. 

This one linguistic pattern that you can use to slide them from the headline all the way to the buy button.

Pacing And Leading

Pacing and leading is a natural component to sales. 

You’ll learn to do this with words. 

So that everything they read will lead to the next line. 

Every line they read will match what they are thinking. 

By the time they get to the end of your sales letter, they’ll be nodding their head in agreement as if you are their best friend.

Write Yourself Rich

One of the most important concepts in business is ROI, or return on investment. 

Since the dawn of time, all businesses faced the same problem. 

How to get more money OUT of the system that what you put in. 

To spend ten bucks and get back twenty. 

Because if you can spend ten bucks and get back twenty, you can spend ten million and get back twenty million.

Hypnotic Copywriting Skyrockets ROI

You’ll learn techniques that will help you jack your conversions through the roof. 

Start off with the slippery slope technique. 

Add some presuppositions where needed and then apply some post-writing, scientific editing.  

Hemingway said to write drunk and edit sober. 

You’ll learn to write like an artist, and edit like a scientist.

What Will Positive ROI Do For You?

Once you’ve got everything down, you’ll be able to write your own ticket. 

The ability to write a sales letter that will generate a positive ROI will make you one of the most sought after copywriters on Earth. 

Make no mistake, this will take practice.

But if you are willing to put in the work, you will get the rewards.

Laptop Lifestyle Possible?

This isn’t a promise of instant riches. 

Not by a long shot. 

You won’t watch this course and suddenly start making money. 

But if you are willing to learn the skills taught in this guide, if you are willing to do the exercises recommended in this guide, you will.

Internet Connection And Your Brain

That is all you’ll need to earn a living.

Wherever you can write and hook up online, you can get paid. 

(You might to make sure there’s an ATM machine nearby...). 

Once you demonstrate your ability to create a positive ROI for nearly any product, you’ll be the highest paid hired gun around.

Not Enough To Build Value

Plenty of sales guides will tell you that if you build enough value, you’ll overcome any objection. 

Not only will you learn why this isn’t true, but you’ll learn eighteen different patterns to flip any objection you hear into it’s opposite. 

A powerful reason to buy.

Ninja Reframes

Everybody’s got objections. 

One of the biggest problems with sales letters is they are a one way street. 

If the reader starts to think of any objection, there’s not much you can do. 

Which is why you’ll learn not only how to brainstorm every possible objection beforehand, but to also turn that objection into another reason to by.

Subconscious Objection Flipping

The way it will come across to your readers is before any objections make it from their subconscious to their conscious, they’ll ALREADY be flipped around into more reasons to buy. 

This one trick is enough to make you the most sought after copywriter on Earth. 

Combined with everything else? 

You’ll be untouchable.

Your Schedule - Your Hours - Your Pay

Once again, we must stress this will not happen quickly or automatically. 

If you are willing to do the work, you will get the rewards. 

You can work from wherever you want, whenever you want, and command the salary you want. 

And they’ll be happy to pay you, since you will be able to turn readers into buyers.

Become The Most Persuasive Person On Earth

Doing the exercises and drills in this guide won’t just make you one of the best copywriters around, but since the language patterns will be programmed into your neurology, you’ll also become more persuasive and influential than anybody. 

Get this course now and start making some real money.

Turn Thoughts Into Income Streams

Once you develop your hypnotic copywriting skills, you’ll turn thoughts into words. 

Those words will turn readers into buyers. 

Every time somebody buys, you get paid. 

Get this course now and type yourself rich.

Real Skills - Real Alchemy

The sooner you start practicing the skills in this course, the sooner your words will turn into income. 

Skills became sales pages. 

Sales pages become real income. 

Real income turns into the UPS guy delivering whatever you want to your door. 

Even if you never want to leave your house again! 

Get this course now and start getting paid.

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Hypnotic Copywriting 

Subconscious Training

The conscious training in this course will teach more than any other copywriting system ever created.

But even that is only scratching the surface.

On top of the three hours of skills, drills, and linguistic powers of income you won't learn anywhere else, are over fifteen hours of deeply hypnotic, brainwave assisted subliminal programming.

Your mind will be taken down to a deep theta level, half awake, half asleep, perfect for reprogramming your subconscious.

Each session is an hour in length, comes in two versions, and has more than four hundred individual statements to fill your deep mind with powerful beliefs, ideas, strategies and unconscious behaviors to give you an advantage over every other copywriter on Earth.

Listen to the video sessions for your conscious mind.

Listen to the subliminal sessions for your unconscious mind.

The two will combine to make you the most persuasive, most in demand, highest earning copywriter on Earth.

Get this course now and live the life you've been dreaming of.

Session Descriptions

Hypnotic Language Generator

Turn your fingers into a tool of mass mind control and write words that generate action all over the planet.

Drop people into a deep trance with only your written words and write yourself a fortune.

Create sales pages so compelling people won't get able to click the buy button fast enough.

Become a master of language, a shaper of thought, a driver of action using only your brain and your words.

Scarcity Generator

Easily generate the most repeatable buying trigger that has ever existed.

Create massive and unconscious desire to buy no matter what product you are selling.

Move people to action, get people to buy, and make them grateful for the opportunity to buy.

With enough scarcity, you can sell shiny blocks of metal for hundreds of dollars a piece.

Learn to create this instinctive compulsion at will.


Make words come alive and create wonderful images and thoughts in your readers.

Send your readers on an epic journey all the way your slippery slope sales pages to the big fat buy button on the bottom.

Help them overcome the villain of buying resistance as they heroically click on the buy button and live to fight another day.

Get your readers excited enough with your words to want anything you are selling, and feel like heroes for buying your products.

Value Explosion

Build infinite value for whatever you are selling.

Take any mundane product and make it as compelling as a glass of ice water in the desert.

Create such massive buying desire that everybody feels like that absolutely must buy this.

Generate such unstoppable buying compulsion that your products will seem like a steal for whatever price you're asking.

Objection Obliteration

Destroy objections before they make their way into their conscious minds.

Become a reframing ninja and turn any stray doubt into a compulsion to buy.

Turn obstacles into stepping stones all the way down your slippery slope to the big fat buy button at the bottom.

Take what most salespeople dread and turn each one of them into big fat income streams, going eagerly from their wallets into your bank account.

Infinite Trust

Pace their pain, pace their fears and make them feel like they've known you for years.

Obliterate all hesitancy and turn any random shopper into a loyal life long customer, eager to buy whatever you are selling.

Become a beacon of hope in a world of corruption, and get them lining up to buy whatever you are selling.

The more trust you build, the more things you'll sell. Build enough trust and never worry about money again.

Copy Income Generator

Create a near magical connection between your brain, your laptop and your bank account.

Create a six or seven figure income from wherever you can find an internet connection.

Tour the world, writing blistering sales copy from every internet cafe on the world.

Get this guide now and become a globe trotting, jet set copywriter with income streams coming from all over the world.

Over three hours of conscious training, over fifteen hours of incredibly powerful subconscious programming.

Get this guide now and turn you fingers and your brain into a relentless income generating machine.

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