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Unleash Your Natural, Ancient Communicator and Never Rely On Words Again

If you were a highly trained athlete, you would have something called "situational awareness," at least with regard to your sport.

Your peripheral vision would be much wider.

You'd be much more aware of all the events happening around you.

We accept that only trained athletes, martial artists and soldiers have this kind of capability.

In fact, it's very easy to train yourself to see who has this heightened, intuitive sense of communication who doesn't.

This is exactly how pickpockets and muggers make their living.

They purposely sort for people with very little situational awareness.

People who are not confident, not outwardly focused and exhibiting fearful body language.

They can scan a crowd and within seconds, pick out the most likely victims who'll be too terrified to remember what they look like.

But all of us, long ago, had much, much more powerful subconscious communication skills

Much more powerful and calibrated intuition.

We had to.

If we didn't, we wouldn't have survived.

This wasn't just for danger signals.

But for the massive amounts of social signals being passed back and forth.

Not picking up on these was just as dangerous as not seeing a lion sneaking up behind you.

This type of situational awareness is very, very today.

So rare, that people that still have this natural form of deep communication are thought to be magic.


Humans have been humans for a couple hundred thousand years.

We've only started playing around with science for a couple hundred.

This mean we are just barely scratching the surface of what we don't know.

And as you likely know, anything that is beyond our scientific understanding will be perceived as magic.


Psychic, even.

But we live in a universe bound by science.

Bound by laws.

Sure, we can't understand most of them.

Not now, and probably not ever.

But when it comes to human communication, there is much, much more going on here than most people will ever know.

And with some basic understanding, and some basic exercises, you will re-awaken your ancient and natural intuitive communicator.

You'll be able to walk into any room and instantly read, feel and interpret the emotional state of anybody you want.

You'll start a conversation with them, toss out a few, surface level words to break the ice, and use your powerful intuitive skills to lead them anywhere you want.

You'll become a natural, subconscious tuning fork, capable of knowing their thoughts, fears and desires based only on an intuitive understanding.

Make no mistake, this is not magic.

This is pure science.

This will take practice.

But you will be practicing and increasing a level of communication few people know exist.

To all your friends, colleagues and potential lovers, you will seem to have paranormal, telepathic communication skills.

Spooky skills of reading people, predicting responses, and knowing who is going to say what.

This will allow you to start a conversation with anybody, and within just a few short minutes, create a level of rapport so deep they'll trust you with their deepest secrets, fears, desires and fantasies.

Seven Sections

This course is broken into it's most basic components.

Basic ideas, visualization recommendations and powerful subliminal programing sessions to awaken your powerful intuition.

Each section has a short coaching session to help you wrap your mind around the concepts, and recommended practice exercises.

Each section has a short, guided visualization to help you get the most out of the powerful subliminal programming sessions.

Each subliminal session comes in three versions, two theta and one gamma.

When you combine your new understanding, the imaginations you can carry with you everywhere you go, and the subconscious programming sessions, you will become much more intuitive than anybody you know, or will ever meet.

Section Descriptions

Subconscious Communication

Understand the raw depth of communication that exists beneath the poorly described surface area we all language.

How to open your own emotions, and become aware of the emotions around you.

How to become a tuning fork, so you can clear your mind, and through only your peripheral vision, accurately read and feel the emotions of everybody around you.

Not all the time, only when you want to. Turn this on and off like a switch.

Uptime - Out Of Your Head

Learn why the enemy of intuition is unhelpful nervous mental chatter.

Understand the difference between helpful anxiety and useless noise.

Learn some powerful exercises to turn off your mental chatter so you can use your massive brain processing power to understand what is going on outside of you.

Understand how to open your peripheral vision and tap into the massive flow of information going on all the time and never, ever miss any signals ever again.

Emotional Calibration

Most people have no clue what the emotional state of others are.

But once you figure out how to read, and then calibrate and fine tune your emotional perception, you'll see much more deeply into others that they may be able to see into themselves.

The first pass is to see their base emotions. Fear, anger, sadness, loneliness.

Then you'll find tune their emotions and have a very good idea of why, specifically, they are feeling those emotions.

Add some very easy to ask and answer questions to verify, and they'll be amazed at your telepathic powers.

Intuition Feedback

Intuition is a muscle, a skill, and needs consistent feedback. 

You'll understand how to avoid the hindsight bias trap, where we trick ourselves into thinking we knew things we really didn't.

You'll learn some very easy, very simple exercises that will slowly build up your natural intuition stronger and stronger.

This will open your intuition to the natural feedback loop built deeply into our human learning system to slowly increase any skill.

Telepathic Perception

How to keep your intuition on its highest setting within any conversation.

It's one thing to read a room, or guess who's going to say what, but when you can not only read but lead the emotional flow of others, in real time, you'll be a walking wizard.

Easy conversational techniques, easy verification techniques and anybody lucky enough to have a conversation with you will be happily flabbergasted.

You'll understand this as pure science, but they will truly believe you are clairvoyant, with powerfully accurate telepathic, mind reading powers.

Ego Release

Our ego, along with our nervous mental chatter, is another archenemy of our intuition.

Learn what the ego is, why it evolved and how it can still help us today.

Even better, you'll learn how to manage your ego, and like a loyal subordinate, turn it on and off at will.

You'll learn through just a few attempts that once you turn off your ego, your powerful intuition will flood your mind, both conscious and unconscious, with powerful and useful information.

Structural Thinking

One of the curious side effects of modern life with all it's easy access to food, safety and even sex, is our brains don't have much to do.

In ancient times, we had to use our entire brain power to stay alive and find something to eat.

This results in our brains going off on all kinds of wild and unhelpful tangents.

You'll learn how to zero into others with a laser like precision, and see the simple emotional structure of their current state.

Once you flip off, temporarily, or common tendency to over think pretty much everything, you'll see everything in stunning clarity.

Another reason people will believe you to be a genuine telepathic wizard.

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Bonus - Master Mix

This course comes with a powerful master mix.

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