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Love Magnet

Re-Calibrate Your Love Instinct And Maximize Your Magnetic Love Powers To Attract Your Ideal Lover For Your Ideal Relationship

Love is the most important emotion.

The most wonderful feeling.

An absolutely critical element to human survival.

Not just individually, but as a species.

See, we haven't been living in large societies for very long.

For the longest time, life was harsh.

Life was dangerous.

But we made it.

We, as a species, conquered the world.

And in a very real way, love was the driving force that helped us do that.

Now, before you think I'm going to get all sappy, hear me out.

Our main feature is our brains.

What do our big brains let us do?

They let this think, imagine, create, dream, and conquer.

They allowed us to use language both written spoken.

This allowed for collective learning, the transmission of complicated scientific, mathematical and philosophical ideas throughout the generations.

None of this would be possible without our big brains.

What does this mean?

These big brains make us humans very, very expensive.

Hard to raise.

Fish are born, and they can swim.

Horses are born, and they can stumble around on four legs.

But humans? 

Our brains are so necessary, that we are born long before we can walk.

Long before we can speak.

Long before we are capable of fending for ourselves.

What, exactly, does this mean?

This means we need at least two people to raise us.

To help us survive and later thrive.

This is where love pops in.

From a scientific standpoint, love is simple

An unexplainable, yet utterly critical emotional finding force between two people.

Two people that NEED to stay together long enough for junior to grow up and enter the harsh world of adult living.

This is an instinct.

It is not a choice.

Hunger is not a choice.

Fear is not a choice.

The satisfaction of seeing and hearing your lover after a long absence is not a choice.

It is a necessary, deep compulsion.

A feeling that makes you absolutely crave the one you love.

A feeling that makes the one you love crave you.

To leave for days, finding necessary food for survival, and to finally come back home.

Love is, without question, the most critical emotion upon which modern society was created.

But today, love is not critical.

Love is optional and often elusive.

Love is hoped for, but rarely found.

And when it is found, it vanishes quickly, unexpectedly, and without trace.

In this course, you will learn all about love.

But most importantly, you will learn some techniques, ideas, daily practices and some very powerful subliminal programming sessions to attract love.

Not the temporary modern love.

But real, lasting, deep, life long love.

This course is broken down into seven sessions.

Each session has a short coaching session.

Short on the metaphors and metaphysics, but contain the most powerful, most essential journaling exercises to maximize your ability to attract your ideal lover for the ideal relation.

This course is not based on magic or any false promises.

You'll learn that the only way to attract your ideal lover is to become their ideal lover.

Romantic fantasies are fantastic, but we live in the real world with real people who are just like us.

Trying to survive, knowing it will be much easier once you find true love.

Each section contains a short guided visualization to help you get the most out of each subliminal session.

Seven coaching sessions, seven guided visualizations, and seven powerful subliminal sessions, (each one in three, one hour versions) to maximize your love attracting power.

Session Descriptions

Ideal Lover Generator

Why modern love often fizzles, and how to ensure that the ideal lover you are attracting will be the most compatible.

The necessary daily journaling exercises and social meditations to help you get closer and closer to your perfect match.

Why you may be focusing on the wrong criteria, and how to build a much more robust visualization of your ideal lover.

A short guided visualization to help you visualize your magnetic love power getting stronger and stronger, while you move through the world getting closer and closer to your ideal lover.

Three subliminal sessions of an hour each.

Hold on to the recommended visualizations while letting the subliminal sessions slowly move your mind down to the theta level for maximum programming.

Infinite Social Confidence

Attracting your ideal will be much easier if you can get out and mingle. 

Not just once or twice but as natural and enjoyable habit.

In the coaching session, you'll understand why we all have social anxiety to one degree or another.

You'll learn why this is based on a collection of false beliefs, and how to eradicate them with a twin daily exercise to destroy any social anxiety you have in the quickest time possible.

With social anxiety out of the way, you'll significantly accelerate your ability to attract your ideal lover.

The recommended visualizations and imaginations, combined with the powerful subliminal programming, will quickly accelerate your social confidence.

Conversational Genius

Once you're comfortable out and interacting with people, you'll need some simple conversational skills.

This only requires a small shift in how you think about having conversations.

But this small shift will turn you into a real people person, somebody who lights up a room, makes people feel better simply because you are around, and makes you much, much more attractive.

The guided visualization, combined with the subliminal programming, will train your deep mind to easily and naturally help others open up.

This simple technique will be programmed on a deep, subconscious level to become part of who you are.

The combination will turn you into a conversational powerhouse, capable of turning even the shiest wallflower into a openly happy human.

Rejection Obliteration

Everybody is afraid of rejection. Everybody is nervous asking for what they want from others.

You'll learn in the coaching session why this is also based on false beliefs.

You'll learn the differences between two critical mindsets, and why once you shift mindsets, rejection will be impossible.

The guided visualization will teach you a much easier and much more effective way to treat conversations with strangers.

Even if this stranger is the most gorgeous stranger you've ever laid eyes on.

Combined with the subliminal sessions, you'll be transformed to never fear rejection again.

You'll feel comfortable in crowds, comfortable approach and conversing, and most importantly, you'll feel comfortable closing for any reason.

Emotional Intelligence Enhancer

Being able to read the crowd is essential.

Read the air, read between the lines, know exactly what they really saying regardless of their words, all these are foundational elements of a ideal romantic lover.

The ideal romantic lover you will be becoming to more and more people as you apply the concepts, practices and subliminal sessions in this course.

You'll learn a very powerful exercise that will make reading people a snap.

The information will flow from their subconscious to yours, and from your subconscious mind to your conscious mind.

This means you'll know what they are thinking, what they are afraid of, and the right words to say at the right time to make them gush with appreciation.

When you combine the guided visualization with the subliminal programming, you'll awaken yourself to the massive flow of information few people even know exist.

Sexual Desire Generator

What is love and romance without powerfully attractive sexual magnetism?

You'll learn precisely why your sex energy is your most precious resource, one you may have been spending on all the wrong people.

Once you recalibrate how you view your own sexual energy, and what it truly represents, you will become the prize.

The one many want, but may not get.

This will not only skyrocket your sexual magnetism, and subconsciously radiate your sex energy through your gestures, words, and movements, but it will give you creative thinking and financial powers you have yet to tap.

When you combine the visualizations with the subliminal sessions, you will become a sexual powerhouse, radiating unstoppably attractive sex energy to everybody around you.

Subconscious Love Energy

This is the one thing that is missing from most modern relationships.

This one that people most often seek in others, is right inside you.

Right now, as you listen to these words, is within you a power much more profound than most people will ever experience.

The few that do understand and embrace this power know, and everybody knows that they know.

Unlocking this power will shift how you see everything, most importantly your true value to your future ideal lover, giving you much more choice than you may now believe possible.

This guided visualization will lead you to feel this glowing ball of energy radiating from your heart, as you move through the world, and feel the truth of the most powerful love that can possible exist.

Seven coaching sessions.

Seven guided visualizations sessions.

Seven powerful subliminal programming sessions, each in three versions of an hour each.

Bonus Sessions

Master Mix

This course also includes as master mix, a master sessions including all statements from each individual session.

Master Mix Guided Visualization

This very powerful guided visualization asks you several open ended questions about your ideal lover and your ideal relationship.

This will help you explore many different aspects of your ideal relationship to help you become much more specific of what you are looking for.

Simply let this questions linger in your mind as you slowly create your ideal lover in mind, so you can much better find them out in the world.

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