Metaphor Mastery

Dominate The Metaphorical Structure Of Language and Control Thinking, Desires, and Behaviors of Anybody You Want - Including Yourself

Become A Thought Master

Become A Thought Master

Metaphor Mastery

Dominate The Metaphorical Structure Of Language and Control The Thinking, Desires, and Behaviors of Anybody You Want - Including Yourself

Words are powerful.

Voltaire famously said that all he needed was ten minutes to talk away his ugly face and he'd bed the queen of France.

Marcus Aurelius used his power of words to become the most compelling orator of all time and the Emperor of Rome.

The idea that words and language are powerful is as old as time.

The idea that words are an outward expression of inner thought is also common and familiar.

But what, words, specifically?

A random stream of noun phrases?

Chomsky demonstrated that you could come up with a completely meaningless yet grammatically correct sentence:

Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.

Words, themselves, are metaphors.

You have a thought, which itself, is a metaphor.

A firing sequence of perhaps a few million neurons.

This creates an idea, which you turn into a stream of sounds.

Those sounds make your friend's eardrums vibrate at certain frequencies.

Then a Fourier transform separates out all the different frequencies within that stream of sound.

And somehow, that same neurological sequence happens in their brain.

Now, this sounds pretty interesting.

We can dig deep down the rabbit hole of minds and metaphors and meanings.

But we want to use metaphors.

Not just for fun, but for their wonderful effects.

To persuade, to make money, and to create love.

If somebody told you to build a house, and you asked how, would it help if they told you to use some tools?

Yeah, thanks!

You'd need to know which tools, and in which order, and what specific method.

Unfortunately, nobody ever tells us HOW, specifically to use language.

But if you learn what language really is, a stream of metaphors, you can become a word magician.

A master of metaphor.

When it comes to metaphors, people usually think in terms of poetry, or musical lyrics, or grammar.

But in reality, nearly everything we think about our reality is a metaphor.

A map, that describes a territory that science scarcely understands.

Sometimes these maps can be gorgeous.

More wonderful than the territory they describe.

But the right metaphors in the right order can create desires in their mind.

Desires that will spur them to action.

Metaphors and Stories

Metaphors are short descriptions, sometimes single words, to describe something complex.

But stories are much, much longer, filled with metaphors and archetypes, and heroes and villains.

If you understand neither the structure of metaphors or the structures of stories, you will be a passive observer of life.

But if you can not only master metaphors and the stories they build, you can be the definer of life.

The definer of reality.

Not just yours, but everybody you know.

Everybody you want to know.

Since the dawn of time, humans have been telling each other stories.

Every culture has a metaphorical description of the stars, the moon, the sun, and the thunder.

We have a deep need, a deep drive, to describe things in terms of us.

Of who we think we are.

We've turned the sound of thunder into gods, happy or angry with our behavior.

The Egyptians saw the day and the night, the light and the dark, as engaged in an eternal battle good vs. evil.

We humans cannot help but describe things in terms of these rich and colorful metaphors.

Master this language, and you will master their emotions.

You will master their desires.

Master this language, and you will master their heart.

And if you like, you can even master their soul.

In this course, you will learn about the real purpose of language.

The real purpose of storytelling.

How both are inextricably connected to our deep, ancient and relentlessly powerful instincts.

You'll learn exactly why Joseph Campbell's hero's journey myth structure is found in all cultures.

You'll learn how and why this simple story morphed into much more complex religious stories as ancient societies progressed.

You'll understand the relationship between the structure of our mind, and these ancient and modern stories that make up who we are.

You'll understand your own stories, that make up who you are, why you do the things you do, and why you don't do the things you want to do.

Understanding the structure of your own stories will allow you to change them, alter them, rewrite them.

So your resulting behaviors, the actions you take to get what you want, will also change.

Master the stories of your mind, and master your life.

Master the stories of their minds, and master their lives.

Become a storyteller, a master of metaphors, and be the definer of reality.

Yours, theirs and whoever else you want.

Course Structure

This course is broken down into four large segments.

Each segment has seven sections.

Coaching Segment

There is a coaching segment.

Seven sessions describing metaphors, all the way from simple stories we tell ourselves, to the stories we use to describe our world, our gods, and our future.

Storytelling Segment

There is a storytelling segment.

These are calibrated to the coaching sessions.

Each story delivers to your subconscious the ideas from the coaching sessions.

But in a much more personal, much more subconscious and much more hypnotic way.

Listen to these while driving, doing other things, like you would any spoken story.

Inside these stories will be powerful truths not meant for your conscious mind, but for your deep mind.

In the same way the ancients created and told powerful stories to deliver powerful messages.

Guided Visualization Segment

There is a guided visualization segment.

These are eyes closed, guided inner journeys through each of the seven topics.

An exploration and experimentation in the laboratory of your mind.

These are created to prepare you for the subliminal sessions, but they can be used on their own as powerful subconscious training.

Subconscious training to become a world class metaphor master, capable of eliciting any emotion you'd like in others.

Subliminal Segment

There is a subliminal segment.

Each of the seven sessions has three, on hour subliminal programming session.

Two theta sessions, for your deep and unconscious mind.

One gamma session for your wide awake and active mind and higher mind.

Session Descriptions

Metaphorical Mind

The secrets of storytelling and why it is our most vital instinct.

Why the stories we tell ourselves are just as important as ancient stories told around the campfire.

How unlocking the structure and purpose of these stories will allow you unlock the structure and purpose of your life.

How understanding the mind as metaphor maker will give you deep insight into your own thought processes and all those you care about.

Metaphorical Motivation

Why the main purpose of metaphorical archetypes are to motivate us and to keep compelling us forward.

How to create your own custom archetypes to create any motivation you need, for any purpose.

The relationship between story structure and life structure, and how being a master of your metaphors will make you a master of your life.

How to find the best archetypes, or build your own, so they match your ideal life and will help you achieve it.

Metaphorical Communication

Why all words are themselves metaphors, and how to master the complexity of human language.

The interactivity between human thought and human language, and how to easily switch between the two.

How to create better calibrated metaphors so your communication will be much more elegant, much more precise, and much more enjoyable.

How to use the metaphor model of language to more easily overcome mutual obstacles with those you care most about.

Never Ending Human Desires

The model of humans as never ending desire seekers, and how to use this to motivate others and keep yourself on purpose.

Why all our desires are functions of our ancient instincts and how to leverage these to your benefit.

Why modern humans strive for exactly the same things ancient humans strove for, and why seeing this brings immense clarity to our modern, chaotic existence.

Metaphorical Persuasion

How to leverage the power of metaphorical communication to inspire deep desires and get them to easily and eagerly do whatever you want.

The mind map and story model and why the more you focus on their map and their stories, the more they'll eagerly melt into your frame.

How to easily and effortlessly lead their mind map driven stories to any outcome you want.

How to set your intention and outcome so your carefully calibrated questions will lead their mind map driven stories to discover it, own it and want it on their own.

Metaphorical Love

How attaching their deep desires to you requires a very simple shift.

The absolute fastest way you can get anybody to fall in love with you.

Why transparency of your emotions and open appreciation for them, their answers, and this process will make you the most romantic person on Earth.

How to significantly turbo charge any relationship no matter how old or stale it may have become.

Metaphorical Spirituality

The meta purpose and structure of all spirituality.

How our stories are both an effect and a cause in our lives, and how to create the ideal spiritual beliefs.

The slow and organic evolution of campfire stories, to ancient myths to modern religions and why these stories are just as important today as they were tens of thousand of years ago.

Deeply contemplative questions to dig deep inside your own mind and discover your own spirituality that exists both inside your mind and outside of time.

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Bonus - Master Mix

This course comes with a powerful master mix.

All sessions blended together to resonate your mind into a metaphor generating, purpose creating, self actualizing machine.

This Master mix comes with a very powerful guided visualization.

An imaginary journey through the creation of the universe, the creation of thought, and several metaphorical permutations designed to expand your metaphorical mind as infinitely as possible.

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