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Money Magnet

Internalize The Ideas, Beliefs And Behaviors To Attract Real Money Into Your Life

We all want money.

But at the same time, we have some messed up beliefs about money.

Finding money on the street is a fantastic feeling.

When you're strolling down the way, something catches our eye and you see a hundred dollar bill.

This is pure happiness.

A pure, and all to rare, lucking feeling.

In this situation, money is good.

Purely good.

You immediately think of all the things you can get with this.

There is zero conflict.

When you reach down to get this, you are one hundred percent congruent.

Other times when we talk about money, it's frustrating, angry.

Balancing your budget with your partner or spouse.

Trying to convince your boss why you deserve a raise.

Trying to convince the salesman to sell you something for less money, while he's trying to convince you to pay more.

Nearly always, when we are discussing money with others, there is conflict.

Confusion, frustration, even anger.

This means in order to truly become a true money magnet, you need to understand everything you can about money.

Not just what money is and what it represents, but exactly where all our common money frustrations come from.

Because until you get rid of those incorrect and largely subconscious ideas about money, being able to get more money will always be difficult.

Luckily, that is exactly what you will get with this course.

How to understand money from the inside out.

How to eradicate all your negative beliefs about money.

And how to program your deep mind to release negative money beliefs and embrace positive money beliefs.

Top down conscious training and understandings.

Bottom up reprogramming and belief shifting.

Both designed with one outcome in mind.

To turn YOU into a money magnet, capable of earning more money, creating more income streams and building more wealth for the rest of your life.

This course is presented in seven specific sections.

Each section is on one topic related to money.

Each section contains a short coaching session.

No fluff, no lengthy metaphysics, we get straight to the point.

Each section also contains a guided visualization.

A money based, subconscious imagination to focus your mind on while you listen to the subliminals.

Each subliminal comes in three versions, two theta versions and one gamma version.

The theta versions to bring your mind, down to the level between conscious and unconscious.

When your mind is in the ideal state for reprogramming.

With a conscious understanding of the topic within that particular session, and the imagination provided by the guided visualization, your mind will be in the perfect place to absorb the new money beliefs and eject the old ones.

Session Descriptions

Money Love

In this section you'll learn why, without question, money is one of the best things we humans ever created.

You'll know precisely why in an ideal world, more money equals more happiness, and more money only comes from selfless, voluntary exchanges.

You'll understand why evil is not due to money, or even the love of money, but money corruption, which is unfortunately very prevalent today.

But since money is a deep instinct, it doesn't matter where you live, what you do, or what you want to do, this will blast open your deep money love that lives inside you, right now, at the genetic level.

Along with your new understandings about money, you'll not only have the subliminals to program these ideas in, but some very powerful money exercises you can begin doing today, so you can find money love everywhere around you.

Money Beliefs

In this section we'll uncover why we are so conflicted about money.

About why most of these are built long before we even have a conscious understanding idea of money, we have plenty of negative money beliefs already programmed in.

You'll know why this happens, how this happens, and how to begin to eradicate any negative money beliefs you have.

Both daily exercises and subliminal programming sessions to obliterate all your negative money beliefs and turn you into a fine tuned, subconscious money magnet.

Money Streams

The more money streams you have, the better.

This section will help you get rid of outdated thinking that involves trading time for money.

You'll learn the strategies and structures that come with creating as many streams of money as you can.

Some may be a trickle, some may turn into gushing flows of massive piles of money into your bank account every week.

This requires you re-calibrate how you feel about money and how to best think about setting up income streams in places you may never have thought of before.

Creative Thinking

Most people wander their world, hopelessly lost and waiting for somebody to tell them what to do.

But a real money magnet has creative thinking powers that let them see what others can't.

Let them do what others won't.

In this section, you'll learn some powerful and easy exercises to turn on your already creative mind so you can become a never ending explorer for more money opportunities.

If you are brave enough to leave the crowd of comfortable mediocrity behind, you will learn how to blaze your own trail, and you ceaselessly and enjoyably turn over every stone looking for as many money opportunities as you can.

Natural Learner

It's been said that we are all born geniuses, but 99% of us are de-geniused by the time we finish elementary school.

But guess what?

Inside you is a natural learner.

The same natural learner that was in some of most creative geniuses who ever lived.

The natural learner that drove them to invent themselves a fortune, not just once, but over and over and over.

Leave the textbooks and the step by step tutorials behind, and begin to see the entire world as your playground, your workshop, your money laboratory.

Get in the game, and leverage your ancient natural learner to find and leverage the opportunities that are perfect for you.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

There is one small shift that will turn you from a creative thinker to a problem solver.

If you solve people's problems, they will happily pay you.

The more problems you can find, and solve, the more people will happily pay you, and continue to pay you.

This section will teach you the ideas and concepts, the exercises and drills, and the powerful subliminal programming to fire up your entrepreneurial mindset.

The stronger your entrepreneurial mind becomes, the more of a money magnet you will become.

Wealth Building

In this section you'll understand the difference between money and wealth.

Productive wealth and non productive wealth.

And why wealth multiplies, almost on it's own.

Once you wrap your mind around this ancient concept, and begin to build real wealth, not just stacks of cash, you will on your way.

Once you break through the upper levels of wealth creating, you will see the brightest future possible.

When you get to the point that your wealth is creating even more wealth, you'll never look back.

Straightforward explanations, powerful guided visualizations and power brain blast of subliminal programming to turn you into a wealth building machine.

Bonus - Master Mix

Of course, included is this is a master mix.

A combination of all sessions in one.

The master mix also comes with its own guided visualization, where you imagine the best possible financial future.

As you continue to move into your financially prosperous future, you can look back into your past, and see connections that you may not have considered before.

Seven Coaching Sessions, Eight Guided Visualization Sessions and 24, hour long subliminal sessions.

All to strengthen your money magnet skills as strongly as possible, to make earning money a natural outcome of who you are.

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