Nice Guy Killer

Ditch False Nice Guy Ideas And Claim Your Sexual Destiny

Conquer Ladies - Conquer Life

Conquer Ladies - Conquer Life

Nice Guy Killer

Ditch False Nice Guy Ideas And Claim Your Sexual Destiny

Being a nice guy sucks.

You don't get laid, you hardly ever get paid.

Even worse is those people who are clearly NOT nice are getting all the good stuff.

All the sex, and all the money.

This can't be the way things work.

This can't be the way people are wired.

How can we possibly live in a society where the aggressive bullies get all the good stuff, while the nice guys get leftovers?

Luckily, there is another way.

A much better way.

A much easier way.

But it requires we look honestly, and I mean brutally honestly, at this so called nice guy behavior.

It's not really nice.

It's based on a collection of false fears and beliefs.

Blow away these false ideas, and you'll get all the money and sex you can possible want.

Without EVER needing to be a bully.

Fear of Judgment

Most of us have a lot of baggage from childhood.

Even before our self awareness was finished cooking, we were told no a kajillion times.

Teachers, parents and everybody we thought had what we wanted.

This creates false fear number one.

That WE, at our core, is somehow deficient.

That if we ask for something, we'll be told no.

This creates false solution number one.

And that is to simply grab your balls and muscle your way through the fear.

Maybe people preach this.

But this is hard.

I mean, really, really hard.

To force yourself to face rejection over and over and over.

No matter how many times you stick your hand in the fire, you'll get burned.

Every single time.

Most people know this from experience.

So the most common fix is the nice guy fix.

To show up, be super nice, and they will reward your niceness.

But, this is not really nice behavior.

This is manipulative behavior.

This is manipulative behavior to cover up what you THINK is the problem.

This isn't any different that somebody stepping in your path and handing you a flier.

This isn't any different that sleazy sales manipulations.

They can work, but ONLY in the short term.

In, fact, and short term manipulation can ONLY create short term results.

This has the insidious effect of VERIFYING those deep fears, which are false.

You are afraid people will reject you if you express the real you.

So you use nice guy manipulation.

Or any kind of pick up manipulation.

But this ISN'T the real you.

If it works in the short term, the real you will EVENTUALLY peek through that slowly crumbling false exterior.

And they'll reject you!

This, in a bad karma kind of way, VERIFIES what you fear the most!

What's the answer?

Be Yourself?

Isn't that the worst advice ever?

That, believe it or not, is another misdirection.

It turns out that there is a much easier way.

To get laid, to get dates, to get jobs, to get whatever you want.

And it is not based on ANYBODY ever needing to ever "know" the real you.

For one, because the REAL YOU is always changing.

But more importantly, people judge you on the value you provide for them.

And this value is subjective, and always up to them.

And it's not based on you just standing there hoping they'll accept you.

This is based on how you behave around them.

Here's a quick example.

Suppose you're standing in a very slow moving line at the supermarket.

You turn to the lady behind you and make a quick, non-mean joke about the old lady taking her sweet time with her coupons.

She laughs and smiles.

You smile back.

A quick, easy, normal human interaction.

Is it your inner true self that made her smile?

Was it your inner game or outer game?

Or was it your natural, spontaneous, in the moment behavior that made her smile?

Let's take a look at what just happened.

You and her knew nothing about one another.

Then you created value out of thin air, and made her smile.

You created value FOR HER, she enjoyed it and naturally reciprocated.

This quick and natural exchange is the secret to everything.

This what makes bees and flowers best buddies.

This is what drives little kids to naturally trade their Halloween candy after going trick or treating.

This is why they make things called trading cards.

We humans love to trade.

This simple idea, of value exchange, is behind Adam Smith's books about economics.

The more you can easily provide real value through your natural and spontaneous behavior, the more people will value you.

This is how adults operate.

This is how YOU operated when you were a kid, surrounded by non-family members.

This sounds like you've got to do a lot of work.

This sounds like you've got to run around being a dancing party clown.

Luckily, that is not true in the least.

Think about it this way.

If you were kid, getting ready to trade with your buddies after Halloween, or getting together to trade some trading cards, would you give your cards away?

Or would you have the following attitude:

Hey, this is what I've got, what do YOU got?

Just having this attitude will make you more attractive.

Most dudes today are like that little kid who's running around begging people to be their friends.

They see a hot girl, and their biases go into overdrive to convince themselves that she's not only got a perfect personality, but she is perfect for him in every way!

Nice Guy Disaster!

On the other hand, you show up with the little kid trading model.

Here's what I got, what do YOU got?

Just letting this be the subtext of your conversation will make her qualify herself to you.

Compared to all other guys, who assume, just because she's hot, that she's good enough.

But you roll up, and aren't satisfied until you get to know her.

Just this simple mind shift will make you the qualifier.

The sorter.

The one with high standards, boundaries.

The guy who values his time.

And guess what? 

If you value yourself, your time, your precious resources, so will everybody else.

Polarity Shift

What you'll learn in this course will completely change how you see the world.

How you view dating, sex, relationships, job interviews, and any kind of communication with somebody you don't know.

The best part is this is natural.

This is embedded into nature itself.

Co-evolution, overlapping selfishness, call it what you want.

But when you see how much more natural this interpersonal communication operational model is, you'll never worry about "being yourself" ever again.

You'll never worry about silly ideas like inherent value or any other goofy metaphysical ideas.

You'll be able to create value, offer value, and then see what kind of value they have or can create in exchange.

This will be familiar to you, and it will be familiar to anybody with half a brain that you speak to.

Become A People Collector

Once you re-discover this ancient human operational system, which already exists deep inside your DNA, you can become a people collector.

You'll interact with people regularly and normally.

Some people you'll like, some people you won't like.

Some people you'll click with, and some people you'll really click with.

This will be true no matter who you are, even if you've never left your house before.

Because this interpersonal operational strategy exists in your DNA, you don't have to worry about complex ideas or processes.

Just start slow, go through the recommended exercises and journaling sessions, and slowly expand only as much as you want.

When the results you start getting in the world match with your ancient instincts, you'll be on auto pilot.

That's when you can find your own preferred, social equilibrium.

Become a super extroverted party person, needing to fend off all the sexual advances.

Or feeling confident knowing you can make a positive impression if you need to (like job interviews or a sudden meeting with your dream lady).

Otherwise, just chill on your own in your won way.

Once you get out of the false nice guy trap, the world will be yours for the taking.

After all what is the world except for all the other people?

All the other people out there who are desperate for a guy like you to trade with.

Like you were meant to!

Course Structure

This course is broken down into four large segments.

Each segment has seven sections.

Coaching Segment

The coaching sessions are designed for you conscious mind.

To teach you the why's and the how's of transforming your personality into that of a high valued sorter.

Seven sessions about human nature, relationships, love, sex, romance and friendship.

Conscious ideas and exercises to destroy all nice guy energy, escape from the nice guy trap and become a creator of mutually enjoyable romantic and sexual relationships.

Hypnotic Storytelling Sessions

These storytelling sessions are calibrated to the coaching sessions.

Each story delivers to your subconscious the ideas from the coaching sessions.

But in a much more personal, much more subconscious and much more hypnotic way.

Listen to these while driving, doing other things, like you would any spoken story.

These stories will deliver to your mind the powerful ideas to subconsciously eliminate all nice guy behavior and turn you into a powerful force of interpersonal love generation.

Guided Visualization Segment

These are eyes closed, guided inner journeys through each of the seven topics.

An exploration and experimentation in the laboratory of your mind.

These are created to prepare you for the subliminal sessions, but they can be used on their own as powerful subconscious training.

Subconscious training to program in self confidence, self esteem, qualifying techniques and several metaphorical practice sessions for love, friendship and everything in between.

Subliminal Segment

Each of the seven subliminal sessions has three, on hour subliminal programming sessions.

Two theta sessions, for your deep and unconscious mind.

One gamma session for your wide awake, active and higher mind.

The gamma sessions are perfect when doing any wide awake activity, like reading, brainstorming or visualizing your ideal future.

When listening to these, keep your mind focused on the imaginations from the guided visualization.

This combination will rapidly accelerate your path from nice guy wallflower to outgoing social killer.

Session Descriptions

Self Driven Human

Learn how to make the transition to the most powerfully attractive personality.

Be the chooser, the decider, and fill your life only with those willing to follow you.

Embrace the true attractive nature of assertiveness, and ditch unattractive passive-aggressive behaviors.

Re-calibrate your mind so everything you do, and all the people you interact with are your choices, making you the most attractive guy in any room.

Bad Trait Eliminator

Understand which traits are keeping you from being a naturally attractive and seductive man, and ditch them as quickly as you can.

Understand the two phases of life and why the first phase is responsible for all frustration and lack, and leave it behind for good.

Reframe how you see nice behavior, and ditch unattractive nice, and become compellingly nice, seductively nice, and romantically nice.

Status Generator

Women are attracted to a man of status, but not the kind of status most people think about.

Develop the kind of status among men that has existed long before any modern ideas, and easily dominate the competition.

Learn simple exercises to slowly build your status higher and higher, so you become more and attractive, regardless of your job, income, wealth or even looks.

Why the status she is attracted to must be unconscious, therefore cannot be anything that anybody can describe consciously.

Attraction Generator 

Understand the deep movements, behaviors and mindsets that create attraction.

Embrace the idea that attraction must exist, and it must be subconsciously generated, not through any logic or language.

Learn the simple mind shift that will allow you to easily and consistently build this instinctive attraction that all ladies are dying for today.

Learn the simple model to become the qualifier, to ask her simple questions that demonstrate that looks are nearly enough for you, making her desperate to pass your criteria.

Relationship Enhancer

Learn the secrets of healthy relationships, and why this structure is the same for all human relationships, not just romantic ones.

Give yourself a huge advantage over all the other slobbering thirsty dudes out there begging for approval.

Embrace the overlapping selfishness model that has been part of life on Earth for millions of years, and leverage this for romantic bliss.

Easily apply this model with friends, lovers, bosses, and everybody else you want to leave a lasting impression on.

Self Maximizer

Why simple, confident, take it or leave it assertive behavior will significantly increase your attraction before she knows anything about you.

Ditch the twin demons of passive and aggressive behaviors that spell doom to any healthy attraction before it begins.

Why confident assertive behavior is something you are already familiar with, already know how to do, and simply need to mix in with your current communication style.

The deep psychological factors that make an assertive person with strong boundaries the most attractive person they'll ever meet.

Prospect Collector

Learn why the holy grail of human behavior is to live life through a subconsciously driven sales funnel, where better relationship opportunities will happen organically and naturally.

Understand the chase model of social interactions so the only people who are allowed into your life are the ones who do all the work to stay there.

Apply the ROI social model to all new relationships, so you can maximize your benefits while absolutely minimizing your costs and efforts.

How to become a subconsciously driven, social entrepreneur who naturally attracts only positive and healthy people into your life.

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Master Mix

This courses comes with a powerful master mix.

All statements from all sessions blended into one powerful brain from of nice guy obliteration energy.

This comes with a carefully calibrated guided visualization, which guides you, within three distinct points in human history, from a young helpless receiving child to a dominant and widely respected leader.

When combined with the powerful subliminal session, this natural transition will resonate in all areas of your life.

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