Obstacle Obliteration

Re-Calibrate Your Genius Mind And Use Obstacles As Teaching Tools To Catapult You Toward Success

Blast Through Resistance

Blast Through Resistance

Obstacle Obliteration

Re-Calibrate Your Genius Mind And Use Obstacles As Teaching Tools To Catapult You Toward Success

We all want stuff.

But most of us go after far, far fewer things than we'd like.

This is such a common state of modern human affairs, we start to pretend to believe we really DON'T want that stuff.

This is generally thought to be the human condition.

Of wanting, and not getting.

Of wanting and not getting, then re-calibrating where we are.

Our redefining our place in the world.

We even come up with metaphysical truths about how AWESOME and insightful we are!

Happiness isn't getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you have!

Um, sure.

Let me ask you a question.

A serious question, just between us.

Think of your current levels of happiness with regards to sex and money.

Are you happy?

Have you convinced yourself you WANT what you have?

Now imagine a couple of super hot porn stars showing up to your house.

Or any fantasy person you could conjure up in that dirty mind of yours.

Imagine they offered you, no strings sex, for as long as you wanted.

However you wanted!

Let's imagine this is a really messed up experiment, and they chose your house randomly.

And, after you had a few weeks of uninhibited sex with a few of your favorite porn stars, they'd give you a HUGE sack of CASH!

Tax Free!

What would you say?

Uh, yeah, uh, no....

I'm happy with my current sex life and financial situation.

I think the dude next door might not be interested!

Very, very people would turn down FREE sex or FREE money.

Really free.

(Not like in Monkey's Paw type stories, like after sex they turn into zombies or something....)

So, when they say, "happiness is wanting what you have," that's contextual.

When you think about how much it would COST to get more than what you have.

If you have some stuff, and it's pretty good, that's cool.

And if you imagine what it would cost, in terms of time, social exposure, risk, potential negative emotional benefits, it kind of makes sense to stay where you are.

But here's the thing...

Think about going after whatever it is you want.

Something related to money, or romance, or social skills.

There are some things you'd like if they were EASY.

But because you imagine they'd be hard, you give them a pass.

But what if those imaginations were WRONG?

What if those worst case scenarios your mind tosses up are out of calibration?

This is much deeper than most people realize.

Most people don't even think to question what's inside their brain.

But go with me here.

Just suppose that worst case scenario that pops up is WRONG.

But you believe it's accurate.

And suppose you decided to just muscle your way through that, and go after it anyway.

Maybe a potentially lucrative sales job.

Maybe talking to a gorgeous lady way out of your league.

Or maybe a purely physical endeavor like training for a marathon.

That strategy, of muscling your way through, won't work.


Because that worst case imagination is STILL in your brain!

That creates a TON of anxiety.

No matter WHAT you try, you are trying it WITHIN a state of massive anxiety, it's nearly impossible to succeed.

But when you re-calibrate those worst case imaginations?

Not only will those seem much more in reach, but your anxiety will be much less.

Making it even EASIER to get those things.

This is a purely mental and intellectual exercise.

This will not require you suck it up and muscle your way through the fear.

Because fear and anxiety DOES NOT EXIST.

It is a mental projection.

And just like Mark Twain said, none of those fears will come true.

And you when you understand them, and recalibrate them, you will OBLITERATE them.

That's what this course is all about.

Through some simple scientific basics, you'll learn to much more accurately measure the costs and benefits of any interaction.

We'll take a trip through evolutionary psychology.

We'll learn a bit, just enough, about the economics of decision making.

We'll go over some very basic journaling and observational exercises to RE-CALIBRATE how your brain perceives the world.

And you will understand the true meaning of happiness.

Happiness is NOT getting what you want.

This is only temporary. 

You know this.

Because as soon as you GET what you want, you want more!

That's why we're all fat with tons of credit card debt!

But happiness is also NOT wanting what you want.

What if all you had was a sack of dirt?

Happiness is a RESULT.

Of being on the path.

The path of bigger and better things.

Bigger and better relationships.

Bigger and better social skills.

Bigger and better communication skills.

Bigger and better money making skills

Bigger and better health and physical skills.

Life is, indeed a journey.

But unless you have an accurate picture, in your mind, of the positive motivational factors to keep you moving, and an honest picture of the negative things to look out for, you'll stay stuck.

In this course, you'll learn exactly what those imaginary obstacles are for.

Those big dreams are directional motivators.

They tell you WHERE you do.

Those obstacles are kind of like rail guards on a mountain road.

They tell you where NOT to go, so you can stay on target.

In this course, you will learn to recalibrate both of them so you will enjoy the maximum benefits of being on the path.

The path to bigger and better things.

The path where true happiness and self actualization lives.

Seven Sections

Each of the seven sections comes with three sessions.

A short, to the point coaching session, filled with necessary ideas and exercise recommendations.

Three, one hour subliminal sessions to program your deep mind with beliefs, strategies and thinking patterns to calibrate your ancient brain to the modern world to more easily achieve everything you want.

A deeply hypnotic, guided meditation session to prep your mind for the subliminal sessions.

All three will combine in a very powerful way to calibrate your mind to thrive and maximize your progress toward everything you desire.

Section Descriptions

Maximum Motivation

How to break out the common trap of being paralyzed by imaginary obstacles.

The correlation between the stories we tell ourselves and ancient myths.

How to see the valuable truth within both myths and self generated stories.

How to leverage that valuable truth to move forward as effectively and powerfully as we can.

Modern Master

Why the source of most modern pain is something called instinct mismatch.

How re-calibrating your miraculously genius brain for the modern world will catapult you toward your deepest desires.

How to map any common desire to an ancient instinctive, to best leverage your ancient programming.

How the modern mind calibrated to your deepest instinctive desires will create your most powerful, most enjoyable life possible.

Outcome Generator

What happens after you adjust your time frame view with regards to any unknown obstacles that show up on your path to success.

Why the dismal science, when applied to ancient thinking, will give you a clear advantage.

How to train your mind to see not only obstacles, but opportunities far off into the future.

Why the more slowly you move into your future, the faster it will manifest.

Action Calibration

Why most people are flying blind today, and how to cure yourself from this common, self imposed trap.

Why a widen open view of your future will give you more time, and more resources, to handle anything that is coming your way.

Why your mind will be more intelligent, more resourceful, and more creative once you ditch all those false fears that will never come true.

Dream Life Generator

The truth about happiness, both in the short term, and the long term.

Why most pursuits of happiness are a trap that will keep you stuck in short term thinking.

How to build your forward path that will give you the best of both worlds.

The metaphorical feast celebration that still exists in modern mythology, and how to leverage this for your custom built, ideal future.

Consistent Improvement

Why no matter who you are, what you've accomplished, you can and will do better.

Why being in a constant state of becoming better than now in all areas is the secret to self actualization.

Why going slower will allow for a much deeper appreciation of every single second of your wonderful life.

Understand and embrace the paradox of modern life and live fully on purpose, deliberately and consistently making every single day better than the last.

Obstacle Mastery

Discover and embrace the truth about mental obstacles, that they are there to propel you even faster to the future.

Why well calibrated obstacles are always a product of your subconscious mind, your life long helper on your journey to better and better success.

How obstacles are your subconscious minds' way of dealing with mathematical chaos theory in real time, something even the most powerful supercomputers will never be able to do.

Why well calibrated mental obstacles, along with your deepest and long term desires, are the twin engines of your ultimate success.

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Bonus - Master Mix

This course comes with a powerful master mix, a combination of all statements from all session.

This, along the specially calibrated master mix guided visualization, will turn your mind-body system into a relentless success seeking, guided missile of ancient instinctive pleasure.

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Blast Through Resistance