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Party Hypnosis - Subliminal Programming

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Course Curriculum

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  Basic Party Skills
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  Debunking Hypnosis Myths
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  Direct Party Hypnosis
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  Covert Party Hypnosis
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  Meta Hypnosis
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  Advanced Party Tricks
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  Subliminal Sessions
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Party Hypnosis

Slip In Brain Bombs Of Silliness And Become The Hero of Every Party

Parties are fun. We go to parties to relax, unwind, meet new people, and for the great potential they promise.

One thing that's common across all time, all societies and all individuals is the desire to relax and have fun. 

To meet old friends and new, get silly and enjoy each other's company.

Structure Of Humor

Even when we aren't having party, we enjoy jokes. 

They lighten the mood, make tense situations bearable and give us a chuckle to pass the time. Why does humor work?

Humor and Hypnosis

Humor and hypnosis are very similar. 

The are purposely confusing linguistic structures that make our brains feel funny. 

When it's a short burst of carefully constructed silliness, we laugh despite ourselves. 

But when the linguistic trickery is stretched out, it creates a much different feeling. 

A much more mesmerizing feeling.

Different Types of Hypnosis

Of course, not all hypnosis is created equal. 

There's the hypnosis that is out in the open. 

Where you know you're using it, and they know you're using it, and everybody that's watching knows you're using it.

This is much easier to learn and do at parties that most people realize. 

There's a very simple structure, and once you've got a willing subject, it's party time.

Build A Reputation

If you use even some of the simplest inductions in this guide, your popularity will soar. 

Not a lot of people can trance people out at parties. But because it's much easier than people realize, you'll be able to do it in no time.

Secrets Of Fractionation

You'll learn the powerful idea of fractionation, which unfortunately has become a buzzword for top secret seduction techniques. 

But once you understand what it is, and how to apply it, it will become second nature.

Post Hypnotic Suggestions

These are the best. 

You'll learn to give these in a way that will triple your popularity and make getting subjects a million times easier. 

You'll learn the secret post hypnotic suggestions everybody wishes you would give them, but are afraid to ask. 

This will build you a reputation so powerful that everywhere you go, people will be begging to be hypnotized by you.

Instant Celebrity

Once people see how well you can trance people out, they'll be lining up to obey your commands. 

Without question, no party will be complete without you. If you want a couple of easy to learn tricks to improve your social status, look no further.

Going Deeper Even Still

But that's just direct hypnosis. 

Indirect, or covert hypnosis, is much more powerful. 

Partly because nobody but you will ever know you are using it. 

Partly because you can combine some of the techniques in wonderful ways.

Drop Brain Bombs Of Laughter

Most people talk about the same stuff, in the same ways, and tell the same stories, about the same things. 

But with covert party hypnosis, you'll combine covert hypnosis and humor and take even the lamest stories you hear and twist them into mind pretzels of goofiness.

People will just start laughing, not know why, and not really remember what just happened. 

They'll look at you like you're some kind of wizard. 

All you'll need to do is grin mischievously to re-trigger the same response.

Powerful Reframes Of Insanity

Built into the structure of covert hypnosis are some of the most powerful reframes from comedy. 

These are so effective you'll find them in every standup's routine, every comedy on TV and movies. 

But because you'll learn their structure, you'll be able to spit these out in the moment, becoming more entertaining than their favorite comic.

Reality Shifting Patterns

You'll learn a few simple patterns to combine with reframes to turn even the simplest statements into a trip down the rabbit hole. 

And since you'll be using them consciously, you can make any negative statement anybody makes and turn it around into a hysterical fantasy.

Lifetime Of Skills

With just the techniques in this course, and a willingness to practice, you can turn your entire career on it's head. 

You can learn to communicate so powerfully nobody will ever be able to turn you down.

If you ever wanted to shock your friends at your local open-mic night, this course will show you exactly how. 

With the techniques you'll learn in this course, you can put the best routine from the best comedian whoever lived to shame.

Powerful Skills - Party Applications

If you were going to use these for sales or therapy, you'd need to practice a lot. 

You'd need to talk to people, have an intention, and be very careful with your rapport. 

But since you'll be using these to make people laugh out loud, it's much, much easier.

Everybody Loves To Laugh

Since you'll be using these brain-bending patterns to cheer people up, it will be insanely easy.  

Sure, you might not want to drop these in a meeting a work, (but then again, you never know!) but when you are in desperate need to make everybody smile and laugh and have you to thank, these can be your secret weapon.

Become A Happiness Generator

Nobody likes to hang around sad sacks who do nothing but complain. 

Everybody loves the guy or gal who can cheer people up no matter how crummy life is. 

Once you learn the skills in this guide, nothing on TV will ever compare to how good you make people feel.

Deep Trances

Plenty of people love the idea of being hypnotized. 

Once they realize you'll help them feel better, dream better, become more creative, and get a better idea of what's inside their brain, they'll eager close their eyes and do exactly as you want them to.

Hey! There's That Hypnotist I Was Telling You About

People that are known as hypnotists, even as hobbyists, have a certain personal magnetism that few others have. 

They are seen as having the secrets of the mind, of human nature, of human communication.

Once you start to playfully use the techniques in this guide, this will be you. 

The guy or gal that makes everybody light up when you walk into a room. 

The gal or guy that everybody looks at and thinks, "Pick me! Pick me!"

Slippery Slope Inductions

You'll learn some basic and easy-to-use inductions that will get them from awake and alert to being happily slumped over in a chair, their mind and body ready and willing to obey your commands.

Shock Inductions

Handshake interrupts, instant sleep patterns and other shock inductions designed to smack 'em the all the way down into a happy sleep state where your words and commands become their thoughts and ideas.

YouTube Money Maker

You'll even learn a very simple strategy to quickly build up an online reputation which demonstrates the power of your hypnotic abilities. 

After you learn this, the world will become your playground.

For Fun Or Income

If you just want to brighten people up and make everybody love it when you are around, these techniques will do the trick. 

But if you want to dramatically change everything about your life, your work, your relationships, this will do it.

Deep Thoughts - Outer Communication

You'll learn the connection between thought and language, and how understanding the structure of one improves and enhances the other. 

How consciously and slowly altering your language will alter your thoughts. Use these patterns for fun, or to change the very structure of your world.

Explode Your Social Skills

You don't need a party to use these skills. 

Whenever you drop a few brain bombs the party will be wherever you are. 

Get this course now and learn these powerful hypnotic party skills to make the world your playground.

Make Your Life A Party

Learn these techniques and turn even the shortest conversations into enjoyable memories of happiness. 

Make people smile, cheer people up, become a party people magnet. Get this course now and never look back.

A Lifetime Of Skills

Once you learn the secret of communication enhancement, you'll never look back. 

Become more persuasive, more magnetic and more charismatic. 

Take any random statement and turn into the seed of a fantastic experience for you and everybody within earshot. 

Get this course now and change your life forever.

Party Hypnosis - Subconscious Programming

Your training course comes with over fifteen hours of powerful subconscious programming to train your deep mind to become much more fluent and playful with the party patterns.

Listen to the training videos for your conscious mind. 

Listen to these subliminal programming sessions for your subconscious mind. 

The two will synergistically combine to turn you into a non stop, party hypnotizing super hero. 

Each of the seven titles comes in both four voice and 256 voice versions.

The four voice sessions will program you right on the border between conscious and subconscious. 

These are the perfect pre-game sessions to listen to a few hours before any event where you want explosively hypnotic social power.

The 256 voice versions are perfect to listen to before going to sleep at night, so you can slowly transform your personality into a socially outgoing, fearless hypnotist. 

Because both four voice and 256 voice sessions are designed to create a very programmable theta brainwave state, they should not be listened to while driving or operating heavy machinery.

Best Way To Use

The training videos themselves are filled with plenty of reframes and carefully constructed teaching hypnosis to deliver a ton of information. 

Watch through the training videos once or twice with your full attention, stopping to takes notes when needed. 

Then listen through passively, whenever and as often as you can. 

Driving, exercising, or while doing anything else is a perfect time to listen to these training sessions. 

The ideas and suggestions will slowly seep into your conscious awareness.

Then once per day, spend a few minutes journaling on any insights or aha realizations you've had. 

You'll naturally shift your awareness to the types of language used by others, any cause effect statements they may be using which you can learn to playfully reframe.

Then at night, choose one of the seven subliminal programming sessions, based on your daily experience. 

This three way learning system will transform the way you communicate. 

You'll soon learn that party hypnosis is a skill that can be used any time, in any situation, to create happiness and better feelings in friends and strangers like.

Each subliminal sessions is an hour long and each has over four hundred individual statements. 

Each statement is stated from the first person, I and the second person you. 

Each statement and each variation is spoken by a male and female voice.

This will maximize the chances of these statements obliterating and overwriting any limiting beliefs you have about being able to use the techniques from this course.

Subliminal Programming Sessions

Session One - Linguistic Genius

Become explosively articulate. 

Unleash your natural linguistic charisma. 

Master the hypnotic language patterns that will turn you into a party legend.

Session Two- Infinite Frame Power

Become the alpha of any group. 

Hold any silly idea in mind and watch as everybody eagerly and enjoyably melts into your frame. 

Get away with saying the craziest things possible, and sit back and relax while everybody hangs on your every word.

Session Three - Mental Flexibility

Train yourself to think so far outside the box they'll think you are from another planet. 

Come up with the funniest reframes they've ever heard. 

Take any random thought and twist it into a mind bending pretzel of silliness.

Session Four - Social Super Hero

Become the star of every party. 

Be guy or gal that everybody gravitates to. 

Never wonder about what you are doing this weekend ever again. Show up anywhere, and watch all the party people gather around you.

Session Five - Mind Control Confidence

Develop the deep confidence needed to reach inside their minds and lead their thinking wherever you want. 

Start talking and grab the attention of entire crowds. 

Cultivate the hypnotic confidence to get people thinking and doing anything you want.

Session Six - Outcome Independence

Learn how focus on the flow, and enjoy the moment. 

Create a conversational river of pleasure that will carry the whole party to places they've never been to before. 

Experience true outcome independence and savor every moment.

Session Seven - Laughter Generator

Learn to create humor on the spot. 

Take anything anybody says, and flip it around into your own personal comedy routine. 

Take any limiting belief or complaint, and turn it into a reason to have fun. 

Be the guy or gal that everybody loves to be around.

Master Mix

Your course also comes with two master mix sessions. All the individual sessions mixed into one. 

The four voice sessions will be mixed into a master mix session with 28 voice speaking at once.

The 256 voice sessions will be mixed into a master mix of 1792 voices all speaking at once. 

This will flood your brain with a fire hose of positive beliefs about your party hypnosis skills.

Over three hours of training video.

Over fifteen hours of mind programming.

Get this course now and get started on your hypnotic journey. 


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