Personal Magnetism

Re-Calibrate Your Interpersonal Game And Become A People Magnet

Social Super Hero Training

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Social Super Hero Training

Personal Magnetism

Re-Calibrate Your Interpersonal Game And Become A People Magnet

Being around friends is better than being alone.

Solving problems with a crew who's got your back is much better than rolling solo.

Walking into a party with happy people glad to see you is one of the best feelings there is.

But for most of us, between where we are and this happy situations is a whole slew of social anxiety.

Most of us don't feel comfortable strolling over to a stranger and saying hey.

Even if we do, we are kind of reserved, and there're always a few worries in the back of our mind.

There are two things battling in our mind when after interpersonal pleasure.

One is we want them to like us.

To like being around us.

To like talking to us.

Otherwise, we wouldn't have approached them.

But right behind that common human desire is a fear of revealing too much too soon, and getting outright rejected.

We go too slow, play it safe, and we'll be boring.

We go too quickly, come on too strong and we'll be creepy.

Lucky for us, both of those are not true.

One is based on a false belief.

The second is based on a ridiculous strategy based on that false belief.

Get rid of both of these, and you'll be a fearless social butterfly everybody is desperate having around.

You'll be the guy or gal who shows up at the party and makes everybody better.

Dude, everything was super boring until YOU got here!

How do you do that man, just show up like that and get everybody hopping!

You'll learn how to do that in this powerful dual layered system.

A short powerful coaching session that gets straight to the point.

The easiest interpersonal strategy that kills two birds with one stone.

The first is it will destroy the same common fear everybody has that keeps them safely on the boring sidelines.

The second is a dead simple conversational strategy that will make you the most popular party person they've ever met.

Accompanying this is a specially calibrated, dual induction hypnosis session.

One that targets both halves of your brain at the same time.

Giving you the ideas, specific instructions and behavioral patterns to your logical thinking brain.

And telling you a rich metaphorical story to the other side.

The end result is you will be much friendlier and more outgoing and any social anxiety will be a thing of the past.

Talking to strangers will be easy.

Knowing what to say, how to say it, what to ask, will happen automatically like it should.

Humans have been hooking up since the dawn of time.

That's why there's seven billion people on this planet!

Starting conversations, making friends, that's what we DO.

And that's what YOU'LL be doing once you get this information into your brain.

The conscious coaching for your conscious mind.

The dual layered, hypnotic storytelling for you're unconscious...


Listen to the coaching session whenever you want.

The hypnosis session comes in two versions.

One to drop you down, fill your deep mind with powerful beliefs, and then bring you back up to wakey wakey.

The other version is when you want to go down for the count.

To carry these ideas down into sleep, where you can let your dreaming mind do most of the work.

Either way, this powerful one to combo will turn you into a outgoing player, making people smile, and being welcome everywhere you go.

All for only nine bucks!

Get this program now and turn your social life into a non stop party!

Get this program now and become the social magnet you've always dreamt of!

Get this program now and turn bedtime into a relaxing mental experiment of brain re-engineering!

Thank you for watching and I'll see you in your DREAMS!

Social Super Hero Training