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Pre Framing - Maximum Social Dominance

Pre Framing

Subconscious Training

Pre Framing - Maximum Social Dominance

Pre Framing

What Will You Learn?

Pre Framing - Maximum Social Dominance

Course Curriculum

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  Human Thinking Overview
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  Surface Frame Techniques
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  How To Find And Eliminate Limiting Beliefs
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  Long Game Strategies
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  General Frame Building Exercises
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  Review and Final Words
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  Subliminal Sessions
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Pre Framing - Maximum Social Dominance

Pre Framing

Resonate Like A Magnetic Tuning Fork and Dominate All Social Situations

A wise man once made a very astute observation: There are very tiny minority of people who make things happen.    

There is a slightly larger group that watch things happen.    

Then there is everybody else who asks, “What happened?”

People Are Clueless

It doesn't take much to control others.    

Most folks are desperate for somebody to tell them what to do.    

If you can find anybody who is brave enough to pull their attention away from their device, chances are they’ll have a blank stare.

Human Hierarchies

The idea’s been around for a while.    

Humans as hierarchical social creatures.     

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that the higher up you are on the pecking order, the better life will be.    

The more money you’ll make, and the better relationships you’ll enjoy.

Social Status Yard Stick

They’ve repeated this famous social experiment tons of times.    

Stick a bunch of people in a room, and before a few minutes pass, they’ve self-organized into a pecking order.    

This is normal.    

This is natural.    

We humans love our hierarchies.    

Companies need bosses.    

Teams need captains.    

Countries need leaders.    

Families need heads of household.

How It Happens

Everybody knows about social status.    

It’s the oldest game in the book.    

Machiavelli didn’t invent the idea of using manipulation to get ahead.    

He just wrote it down.    

Primates have been stabbing each other in the back since the dawn of time.    

All to climb over each other on the social status ladder.

But us humans are different.    

In those studies where people self-organize, there are no fights.    

There’s no TV style smackdown to see who is the biggest alpha.    

In real life it happens quickly.    

It happens naturally.    

It happens subconsciously.    

As soon as people realize they need to self-organize, everybody looks around and without even uttering one word, it’s done.

Frame Strength

This happens because we all have a very powerful, very innate ability to measure frame strength.    

We walk into a room, and without even thinking about it, we know.    

 Who has the strongest frame, and who has the weakest frame.    

Since the dawn of time, the rule has been simple.    

Whoever has the strongest frame is in charge.    

Whoever has the strongest frame leads, and everybody else follows.

Frame Strength Muscle

This is something most people will never understand.    

For most folks, so long as they’ve got somebody in view to tell them what’s what, they’re fine.    

Most people are happy to show up, be told what to do, and get to work.    If that describes you, please stop reading now.

Building Frame Strength

Still here? 


Because you can build frame strength just like a muscle.    

With consistent practice, you can build your frame as strong as you want.    

The stronger your frame, the more naturally people will follow you.    And what do those with the strongest frame get? Anything they want.

Frame Understanding

First you’ll understand exactly what frame strength is.    

What pre-framing actually means.    

Frame and frame control are buzzwords everybody likes to toss around, but few understand.    

Just understanding what frame is will give you an edge.    

Your understanding will be absolutely devoid of any metaphysical mumbo jumbo.    

Pure Science

Once you get a handle on what makes up frame, we’ll go over some very powerful exercises that will let you build it.    

Simple exercises you can do at home.    

And just like any other exercise, the more you do, the better you’ll get.

Massive Advantage

Once you see the relationship between this secret practice and how you can literally control the emotional state of those around you, you will be hooked.    

Luckily, this is one of those skills where the more you practice, the better you’ll get.    

This means you can out-frame any group you like.

Emotional Resonance

You’ll learn some practice techniques to stand in line, not utter a word, and create any emotional state in those around you.    

How to ask for the time and get people to bust out laughing without knowing why.    

How to create ANY frame you want, and how to easily control and lead the state of others.

Monkey See - Monkey Do

This isn’t magic.    

This is pure science.    

Humans naturally get into rapport with other humans.    

The stronger your frame, the more they’ll naturally, automatically and subconsciously get into rapport with you.    

If you create a frame of getting a name and a number from somebody, that’s what will happen.

Tuning Fork Theory

One metaphor of pre-framing is to create a strong blend of emotions that radiate like pure music to others.    

Since most people are shuffling along with a weak mix of haphazardly chosen emotions, they will naturally be drawn to your frame of emotional resonance.    

They will start to feel those same emotions.    

And since those emotions you are creating in them will be much more pleasurable than theirs, they will follow you everywhere.    

They will do anything you ask.

Not Magic

This is not magic.    

This is not metaphysics.    

This is not PUA baloney.    

This is hard science.    

Biology, evolution and communication.    

All measurable and testable.    

Start as simply as you can, and work your way up.    

There is no limit to what you can achieve with a strong enough frame with the proper content.

Social Situations

Show up and everybody will want to hang out with you.    

Everybody will want to be in a conversation with you.    

Whatever you suggest will seem like the most natural thing in the world.

Work Situations

So long as the content of your frame is consistent with your business model, they’ll go along with it.    

Hiring managers will beg to hire you.    

If you’ve got the basic skills, they’ll be eager to pay you whatever you want.

Make A Mint In Sales

If you’ve ever considered a career in sales, this is your golden ticket to fat paydays.    

Having a strong frame is probably the easiest place to apply this technology.    


Because once you’ve got the right frame calibrated for the right situation, then you’re done.    

Set and forget.

Become A Social Experimenter

Once you get past the first few exercises (done safely in your home) you can unleash your powers on the world.    

Most of them don’t involve even making eye contact with others.    

Just showing up, radiating the frame you’ve chosen beforehand, and watching the magic.

Surface Level Communication Is Least Important

After you’ve done enough practice, you’ll learn the secret of human communication.    

That the surface structure, the words, are the least important.    

Once you’ve got the deep energy calibrated and worked out, the words won’t matter.    

Show up, smile and say, “hi,” and they’ll be begging to obey you.

Short Game Frame

The ability to create and hold any frame for any situation.    

Dominate any social situation.    

Gain any outcome.    

Master any crowd.    

Theory and exercises to maximize your short game frame domination.

Long Game Frame

Create a long game plan for your life.    

Once a long game plan is established, each short term situation will be free from any outcome.    

Complete outcome independence will be natural, allowing you to use any situation to achieve your long term frame.    

The stronger your long game is, the more readily you can use any short term situation for your advantage.

Control Any Environment

Show up, radiate your frame and sit back and wait.    

Learn how easy it is to radiate a frame of absolute dominance and social confidence.    

Get this course now and become a leader.

Eradicate Self Sabotage

Find and destroy all limiting beliefs holding you back.    

Develop the deep knowing that you can create anything you like.    

Get this course now and conquer your world.

Long Game Power

Whoever has the longest game will prevail.    

Understand the secrets of long game frame development and outframe any situation, any individual, any group.    

Get this course now and lead your life.

Pre Framing - Maximum Social Dominance

Pre Framing

Subconscious Training

The conscious training in this course will teach you the skills you need to significantly and consistently improve your frame strength

But even that is only scratching the surface.

On top of the three hours video training to teach you frame strategies, techniques and concepts you won't find anywhere else, are over twenty hours of deeply hypnotic, brainwave assisted subliminal programming.

Each session comes in three versions.

Two Theta Versions

Your mind will be taken down to a deep theta level, half awake, half asleep, perfect for reprogramming your subconscious.

Each session is an hour in length, comes in two versions, and has more than four hundred individual statements to fill your deep mind.

Statements leveraging powerful beliefs, ideas, strategies and unconscious behaviors to help you develop the strongest frame ever.

Gamma Versions

Listen to the gamma versions while awake and alert.

Whenever you want a quick confidence boost to before any event where you need maximum event based frame control.

Listen to or watch the video sessions for your conscious mind.

Listen to the subliminal sessions for your unconscious mind.

The two will combine to give you the most powerful frame around.

Session Descriptions

Session One - Flexible Thinker

Develop conversational fluency and never run out of things to say.

Easily respond in the moment to all frame tests.

Leverage in the moment thinking skills and maintain interpersonal frame dominance.

Session Two - Long Game Planner

Outframe anybody you encounter.

See each event as it exists within your long game frame.

Program your subconscious with the paradoxical powers of outcome independence.

Session Three - Reality Controller 

Be the one who determines the meaning of events.

Re-define your reality in real time to maximize your benefits.

Never get outframed by anybody ever again.

Session Four - Natural Authority

Radiate true leadership energy and lead people wherever you want.

Naturally dominate social situations.

Be the one people seek to follow.

Session Five - Emotional Confidence

Embrace, appreciate and leverage all your emotions for maximum benefit.

Radiate the best combination of emotions and make others feel wonderful simply because of your presence.

Use your emotional state like a beautiful instrument that will be enjoyed by everybody around you.

Session Six - Negative Belief Crusher

Find and eradicate all limiting beliefs holding you back.

Root out and obliterate all causes of self sabotage.

Release the brakes and continuously improve your results in all areas.

Session Seven - Outcome Generator

Embrace the paradox of outcome independence and leverage spooky frame influence.

Use only your frame energy to make people laugh, smile, or feel anyway you like.

Leverage the rapport instinct and people will follow you everywhere

Master Mix

All statements from all sessions mixed in one powerful brain bomb of unbreakable frame strength.

Flood your brain with positive statements to build yourself the strongest frame possible. 

Over three hours of conscious training, over twenty hours of subconscious reprogramming.

Get this course now and turn yourself into a natural leader who easily elicits the appreciation, obedience and loyalty of whomever you choose.

Pre Framing - Maximum Social Dominance

What Will You Learn?

Short Game Frame

The ability to create and hold any frame for any situation. 

Dominate any social situation. 

Gain any outcome. 

Master any crowd. 

Theory and exercises to maximize your short game frame domination.

Emotional Resonance Exercises

Dominate All Conversations

Get Any Outcome

Conquer Any Room

Rock Solid Confidence

Subconscious Emotional Resonance

Change People’s Moods Without Words

The Coffee Shop Strategy

The Time Strategy

Alter Any Of Their Emotions Wordlessly

Gain Instant Obedience

Pre-Frame Any Situation

Become A People Magnet

Become A Rock Star In All Environments

Resonate Existing Emotions

How To Leverage All Memories

Secrets Of Emotional Purity

Techniques For Emotional Congruence

Deep Game Frame

Obliterate self-sabotage. 

Eradicate all limiting beliefs. 

Create a solid founding of positive and supportive beliefs upon which to build your success. 

When you merge deep game frame and short game frame, all you need to do is show up

Your personality will do the rest.

Find Hidden Beliefs

Ancient Emotional Strategies

Breaking False Cause - Effect Patterns

Root Out Self Sabotage

Destroy Enemy Beliefs

Build In Positive Beliefs

Believe Money is Easy

Believe Love Is Guaranteed

Believe Romance Is Natural

Erase Ell Emotional Pain

Develop Rock Solid Congruence

Unbreakable Conversational Power

Destroy Others’ Limiting Beliefs

Become A Party Super Hero

Establish Natural Magnetism

Create Unstoppable Charisma

Understanding Instinct Mismatch

Resonate Frame Duration

Long Game Frame

Create a long game plan for your life. 

Once a long game plan is established, each short term situation will be free from any outcome. 

Complete outcome independence will be natural, allowing you to use any situation to achieve your long term frame. 

The stronger your long game is, the more readily you can use any short term situation for your advantage.

The Truth About Goal Setting

Why Goal Setting Guarantees Failure

Why True Goals Should Be Vague

Goal Setting Chaos Theory

The Deterministic Paradox

The Cost - Benefit Paradox

The Pain - Pleasure Continuum

Ditch The Need For Motivation

Why Your Future Will Pull You Forward

How To Maintain Complete Control

The Paradox Of Knowledge

Balancing Conscious - Unconscious Knowledge

Developing Mental Flexibility

Establishing Intangible Articulation Powers

Awaken Your Ancient Nomadic Hunter

The Perfect Balance Of Success

How To Always Be Becoming

The Equilibrium Of Momentum

Get this course now and learn the secrets of setting and maintaining a strong frame in any situation, and become a natural leader that will eagerly follow.

Pre Framing - Maximum Social Dominance