Seductive Eye Contact

Generate Deep Feelings Of Love In Complete Strangers

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Seductive Eye Contact

  Seductive Eye Contact
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Seductive Eye Contact

Generate Deep Feelings Of Love In Complete Strangers

For most of us, eye contact is terrifying.

It's one step on the long road away from social anxiety.

Towards social comfort.

One very few people make.

Studies have found that extended eye contact means one of two things.

Sex or violence.

If you were a sociopath, and you wanted to pick a fight, you wouldn't need words.

Just find somebody and glare at them long enough.

In fact, the short statement, "look at me when I'm talking to you" is a statement of dominance.

The idea of NOT making contact feels very much like an escape.

Especially sexual eye contact.

Even powerful boardroom alphas run way from sexual eye contact.

They stop and stare at an office worker when she's talking to somebody.

Feeling that deep, barely conscious feeling of attraction.

Then the lady looks at the guy, and the guy feels like he's got his hand in the cookie jar.

Even the phrase, "take a picture, it will last longer" is used with unwelcome eye contact.

Eye contact can be both terrifying and the most wonderful thing you can ever experience.

For example, imagine you've finally found the ideal partner.

You've finally made it in between the sheets and have just finished a sex marathon.

You are both FILLED with extremely rare and positive chemicals, neurological impulses and hormones.

Softly and openly gazing into each others eyes is HEAVEN.

Just this idea presupposes a ton of wonderful experiences.

All the things that MUST be true to enjoy that eye contact.

Yet, most of the time, we fear the famous, "you lookin at me?" response.

Now, we need to talk about something uncomfortable.

An uncomfortable truth, that unfortunately isn't thought of as a truth.

And that is people don't like attention from some people, but they very much crave attention from others.

When this idea pops up, the tendency is to get angry at those other people who don't let us give them our attention.

That feels good, but it's not helpful.

Instead, consider another approach.

To understand HOW to be more like the people whose attention is CRAVED.

To be the guy or gal whose attention, and more importantly EYE CONTACT is enjoyed.

Even between strangers.

How is this possible?

CAN this be possible?

Yes, yes it can.

First we need to eliminate the very natural fight or flight most of us feel from regular, unexpected eye contact.

This is a quick and subconscious assumption.

It's from a long, long time ago, when life was very dangerous.

When it was assumed that any eye contact from a STRANGER, meant DANGER.

This is a very, very old instinct.

But it's easy to de-couple.

And not by brute force eye contact, but from an inner meditation practice.

An inner meditation practice that WILL remove all IRRATIONAL fear.

We need to be careful.

If we remove ALL fear, we might think we can jump off buildings.

Make no mistake, being afraid is a very, very helpful response.

It keeps us out of fights.

It keeps us making enough money to pay our rent.

It reminds us to pipe down when we'd like to get into somebody's face.

But eye contact?

There is no reason why eye contact should AUTOMATICALLY create fight or flight.

Sure, if some angry guy is eyeballing you, it might be a good idea to avoid a staring contest.

But an ATTRACTIVE person?

Not dangerous.

Now, we don't want to stare like a creep.

We want to softly gaze in a way that will demonstrate the IDEAL frame.

The reason some people, particularly ladies, don't like being checked out is the SAME REASON those same ladies don't like nice guys.

Nice guys have some deep, non-congruent emotional issues.

Guys that secretly stare, but turn away as soon as they get "caught" have those same deep and non-congruent emotional issues.

But with some very powerful meditation exercises, you will be INSANELY congruent.

The SAME level of congruence you feel with extended eye contact AFTER a marathon sex session.

For normal people, that eye contact comes AFTER you've slowly gotten to know each other.

Only AFTER you've slowly and carefully passed each others tests.

Only AFTER you've given each other a few orgasms.

But what if you could create that SAME effect BEFORE you even speak to them?

This comes from a DEEP ACCEPTANCE on all levels of yourself.

And a deep acceptance, on all levels of THEM.

This goes WAY beyond the common, "Wow, she's hot, I'd like to have sex with her!"

This rare and powerfully attractive eye contact is one human reaching out in a pure, mutual acceptance, on ALL levels.

Zero judgment of yourself.

Zero judgment of them.

With one second of THIS kind of eye contact, you'll send them a very RARE and very WONDERFUL feeling.

That you accept yourself completely and absolutely.

That you accept them completely and absolutely.

This does not require you create a relationship with them.

This does not require you even speak to them.

Only that you see them in a crowd, and decide to make this connection.

For most people, this ONLY happens in the movies, or romance novels.

The guy or gal SO SURE of themselves, they unwaveringly gaze while holding a calm, honest smile.

This will be you.

With enough of the deep and energetic meditations you'll learn in this program, this will be you.

Once you de-couple your fight or flight response, eye contact will be a very powerful tool.

Almost like a weapon, but it won't be to harm people.

It will be a weapon of love.

You will have the power to GIVE PEOPLE the gift of love at first sight.

Most people approach timidly, with nervous and fleeting eye contact.

Words are used to make the case WHY the conversation should continue.

As to WHY a relationship MIGHT be possible.

But with your deep inner acceptance, your love powers of eye contact, words won't be necessary.

They'll only wonder who you are.

Their mind will stop.

Their breath will temporarily freeze in their throat.

They'll be hit with a burst of SOMETHING most people NEVER experience.

Well, not one we remember.

Because it's common to look at BABIES like this.


Nobody feels threatened by children.

Nobody worries about being judged by children.

Everybody, except sociopaths, look at kids with pure self acceptance.

Pure kindness.

Look at adults this way, and they will MELT.

Look at adults this way, and they will DO ANYTHING to stay within your sphere of influence.

What's Included

This program comes with a coaching session.

This coaching session describes why most normal people are TERRIFIED from eye contact, at least from attractive people.

You'll learn some very powerful, inner energetic exercises to REMOVE this terror.

To look inside yourself and accept EVERYTHING you find.

Once you are capable of this, you'll be able to look at EVERYBODY the same way normal people gaze at happy children.

With openness, love, appreciation and kindness.

Give adults this kind of eye contact, and they will be yours.

This course also comes with a deep hypnosis session.

A guided visualization followed by a dual mind deep training session.

To train your subconscious mind to be an emissary of love and acceptance to anybody you care to.

These two will combine to you ADORE eye contact with attractive strangers like kids adore playgrounds.

Existing relationships will be deeper.

Conversations will become more profound.

New friends will happen automatically.

New lovers will happen whenever you want.

This is just the beginning.

When you learn and practice the key exercise in this course, life will never be the same.

Get this now, and remove the hold of ancient programming on your life.

Get this now, and give anybody you like a gift they'll cherish forever.

Get this now, and make attractive people fall in love with you in an instant.

Get this now, and never fear social situations ever again.

Get this now, and become an assassin of fear, creating deep feelings of attraction and acceptance in whomever you like.

Get this now, and instantly create that post sexual, mutually bliss gaze of love in anybody, anywhere, any time. 

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