Sex Energy

Tap Your Most Relentlessly Powerful Energy Source

Power Your Ambition

Power Your Ambition

Sex Energy

Tap Your Most Relentlessly Powerful Energy Source

Life is not fair.

No matter how much they try and make it fair, it never is.

You try hard, and get paid a little bit.

Others try a little bit, and get mad success.

Sure, if you're born with good looks, athletic skills or talent, you can get rich.

The people who cheat, get rewarded.

The people who do the right thing, don't.

Often, the people who play by the rules get left behind.

By a system that is becoming more corrupt by the day.

But guess what?

This is nothing new.

If you study the world's religions going all the way back, one question is why do some succeed, while others don't.

Why do evil people never get punished, while the rest of us do the right thing, yet can barely pay the rent?

Some things are pretty clear, and require a lot of practice.

If you want to bake a cake, and you suck the first time, keep going.

If you only make three out of ten free throws, practicing will improve your percentages.

But real success doesn't come from baking cakes or making free throws.

Napoleon Hill had the same question, nearly a hundred years ago.

The first scientific study of successful people, and unsuccessful people.

Most self help books and courses are filled with flowery metaphors about your massive potential.

But they fall short on how to get there.

Napoleon Hill came close, but he didn't go all the way.

He described successful people.

He explained what their habits were.

He described unsuccessful people.

He explained what their habits were.

That's a good start, but we need a little bit more.

We want to dig deeper into those good habits, and find out precisely WHY they are good.

We want to dig deeper into those bad habits, and find out precisely WHY they are bad.

This is exactly what you will learn in this course.

You'll learn exactly why our modern society is such a train wreck.

You'll learn exactly what you might be doing wrong, and how to correct yourself.

You'll learn exactly what you might be doing right, and how to do more.

You'll learn to separate fact from metaphysical hooey.

Instinctive Humans

You have a huge amount of instincts.

And a massive amount of learning potential.

But we are expressing some instincts the wrong way.

We are learning the wrong things.

In this course, you will learn a step by step process to re-calibrate your ancient and relentlessly powerful instincts to succeed.

The one thing missing from our modern world is constraints.

If you live a life of hedonism, doing only what you want, when you want, only because it feels good, you might not end up in a good place.

On the other hand, if you shun all pleasures completely, and become a monk, that won't help much either.

The trick is not to go all the way into sensual pleasures, or all the way out to the wilderness and eat locusts and wild honey.

You were given your drives for a reason.

Your hunger, your sexual urges, your desire for status.

They aren't there to tempt you.

They are there to motivate you.

To drive you toward bigger and bigger success.

But only if you know why they are there.

How they were intended to be used.

When you re-calibrate your ancient urges, you will prosper.

More than the lucky few who are gorgeous and talented.

More than the lucky billionaires who were in the right place at the right time.

You were meant to be an empire builder.

A continuous dominator.

That is why you have those relentless drives.

Not to be consumed through mindless gluttony, but not to be ignored either.

Your food instinct drives you to dream of the best possible meal.

Your sex instinct drives you to dream of the best possible sexual partner.

Your never ending desire for real status, not fake social media status, drives you to dream of doing great things and getting great rewards.

These are part of you.

These ARE you.

They aren't to be obeyed.

They aren't to be ignored.

These ancient drives are meant to be understood.

To be managed, harnessed, tamed.

To drive you to achieve all your dreams.

The most powerful of these is your sex energy.

The relentless reminder of the great rewards that await you.

Let your sex energy drive your creativity and thinking powers, and your mind will be unmatched.

Let your sex energy drive your social skills, your communication skills, your social energy, and your social presence will be unmatched.

Let your sex energy drive your ambition, and your future will be unmatched.

This course will teach you how.

How to understand, recalibrate, manage and leverage your sex energy.

How to point this toward your greatest desires.

Your greatest dreams, your greatest accomplishments that will get you more social recognition and admiration than you can possibly imagine.

And with that comes massive sexual choice.

This is your purpose.

Recalibrate and use these ancient drivers of all human achievement, and master your life.

Sex Energy Promise

Once you learn how to manage and harness your sexual energy, everything will change.

Fear will vanish and be replaced by motivation and determination.

Short sighted thinking will be replaced by a long game, crystal clear view of your future.

Hesitant speech will be replaced by powerfully spoken words, in conversations or from the stage.

You will learn to use your words as laser guided thoughts of charisma.

Most people need excitement from the outside.

If they don't have constant stimulation, they get bored, act bored and become boring.

You will have a never ending energy source within, to make every single word, every single pause dripping with sexual potential.

They will have no idea why you are so compelling.

They will have no idea why they can't keep their eyes off you.

Why they can't keep their mind off you.

Why the simple words you are saying, and the magical pauses in between them are so captivating.

So mesmerizing.

So compelling.

Why you have so much irresistibly attractive charisma and magnetism.

But you'll know exactly why.

And in exactly how many ways you can use your sexual energy.

Course Structure

This course is broken down into four large segments.

Each segment has seven sections.

Coaching Segment

The coaching sessions are designed for your conscious mind.

A basic overview of sex, sexual reproduction, and the critical component sexual urges played in our evolution.

Seven sessions about raw sex, metaphorical sex, sex energy, how to channel your sex energy and common sex energy mistakes.

Conscious ideas and exercises to help you reclaim and channel your sex energy to live the most powerful life possible.

Hypnotic Storytelling Sessions

These storytelling sessions are calibrated to the coaching sessions.

Each story delivers to your subconscious the ideas from the coaching sessions.

But in a much more personal, much more subconscious and much more hypnotic way.

Listen to these while driving, doing other things, like you would any spoken story.

These stories will wake up your appreciation for your ancient sex power to give you an edge over any possible competitor for any possible outcome.

Guided Visualization Segment

These are eyes closed, guided inner journeys through each of the seven topics.

An exploration and experimentation in the laboratory of your mind.

These are created to prepare you for the subliminal sessions, but they can be used on their own as powerful subconscious training.

Subconscious training to program ambition, delayed gratification, long range thinking and the genuine self belief of how much power you really have.

Subliminal Segment

Each of the seven subliminal sessions has three, one hour subliminal programming sessions.

Two theta sessions, for your deep and unconscious mind.

One gamma session for your wide awake, active and higher mind.

The gamma sessions are perfect when doing any wide awake activity, like reading, brainstorming or visualizing your ideal future.

When listening to these, keep your mind focused on the imaginations from the guided visualization.

This combination will rapidly accelerate the real power of your sex energy that you will learn to manipulate and leverage any way you like.

Session Descriptions

Sexual Inheritance

Why sex energy is the secret to life on Earth.

How sexual reproduction is responsible for the massive diversity of life on Earth and why this isn't an abstract concept, but a driving force of individual lives.

Why sex energy is the metaphorical buffer between male behavior and female behavior.

Why modern sexual urges and drives are complex, and how to simplify them for immediate benefit.

Metaphysical Sex Power

How to build your own metaphorical sexual exchange chamber.

Why sex energy is the driving force of all human creativity and innovation, and how to leverage this for your maximum personal benefit.

How to maximize and transform your sexual energy for maximum ambition and motivation.

How the combination of collective human memory and the metaphysical sexual potential drove humans to create and invent everything that exists today.

Self Constrained Human

How to maximize the benefits of modern life while minimizing the negative aspects.

Why dating and diets are disastrous today, and how to recalibrate your powerful instincts.

How to easily generate mental constraints to channel your sex energy to greater achievements and accomplishments.

Why living life based on short term pleasures will inevitably end in disaster.

Infinite Ambition

How to consistently and continuously build your ambition, your greatest asset.

How your ambition is a combination of both sex, money and social energy and how to build it so strongly it will always serve you.

The mistake nearly everybody makes and how to avoid it.

Recalibrate how you think about sex, money, and social energy so your ambition will naturally grow to monumental heights and propel you to greatness.

Future Rapport

Simple exercises to not only feel but see your future further and further out.

Daily exercises to eliminate all sexual waste to maximize your long range thinking skills.

How to avoid the ancient and modern trap of daily hedonism that robs you of your powerful future.

A simple money meditation exercise that when combined with sex energy, will turn your mind into a relentless wealth generating machine.

Sexual Reserve Generator

How to decouple sexual energy from wasteful and distracting sexual thoughts and fantasies.

How to shift your sexual energy into pure charisma and subconscious ambition.

The simple anchor shifting technique that will have an immediate impact on your interpersonal sexual charisma.

Why you'll start to feel, sense and appreciate your biological sex energy as a precious resource reserved only for highly qualified people.

Sexual Communication

How to embed deeply persuasive and seductive sexual energy into your daily language, making you much more charismatic than anybody they've ever met.

How to use simple linguistic techniques, that, when combined with sexual energy will make you the most compelling speaker they've ever seen.

How to combine embedded commands with sexual energy to deliver the most powerful and compelling statements they've ever heard.

Combine your sexual energy with public speaking and lead any crowd anywhere you want.

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Master Mix

This course comes with a powerful master mix.

All statements from all subliminal sessions combined into one resonating brain bomb of irresistible sex energy.

Combined with the carefully calibrated guided visualization, a mental trip through time through three metaphorical characters who leverage their sexual energy to build powerful empires, this will help you define and live your purpose.

That of a future empire builder destined for greatness.

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Power Your Ambition