Social Charisma

Eradicate False Fears and Re-Awaken Your Social Charisma

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Get Social Charisma

Social Charisma

Flip Polarity From Fear To Playful Expressiveness and Become Irresistibly Attractive and Admired

When you were a child, you were fearless.

When you wanted something, you let everybody know.

Getting your needs met as a child was simple.

Scream your head off until somebody gave it you.

This worked for a while.

Until you were about two.

They say that when we are between the ages of zero and two, everybody's trying to get us to stand up and speak.

But once we get past two, everybody's trying to get us to sit down and shut up!

This is why everybody has social anxiety to one degree of another.

This is why everybody fears rejection on some level.

This is why everybody talks to their close friends much, much differently than somebody whose approval they crave.

Somebody attractive, somebody with connections, or anybody they'd like to have a favorable opinion of them.

This presents us adults with a problem.

We all have tons of memories of expressing ourselves and getting shot down.

So, we do the natural thing.

The logical thing.

We make sure we don't get what we fear most.

We tone down our natural, inherent charisma to make sure they don't reject us.

Unfortunately a side effect is they won't remember us either.

That's no good!

In this course, you'll learn how to detach from those old, and incorrect fears.

You'll learn how to be a much more congruent, much more natural and outgoing communicator.

No matter whom you are speaking to!

You'll learn the easy shift that will make it much easier to talk to strangers.

Any strangers!

You'll learn some simple exercises that will allow you to let others prove to YOU why THEY should be in YOUR social circle.

Once you realize the infinite value of your time, your brain, and your social network, YOU will be the qualifier.

Everybody else on planet Earth will have to demonstrate their qualifications to you.

To be accepted by you, or not.

This won't be conscious or open.

They will feel this on a deep level.

By the way you communicate, the way you move, and they way you radiate your consistently increasing self love and appreciation.

You'll have an adult body, and adult mind, an adult collection of resources, but the deliciously attractive, open childlike expressiveness that is your natural birthright.

This course, backed by seven powerful sessions, will slowly reprogram the way you see the world and your place in it.

Making friends and attracting lovers will be as fun and enjoyable as running on the playground.

Seven Sections

This course comes in seven sections.

Each section has a short coaching session.

A quick overview the problem, and an easy set of exercises to start rewiring your brain for more enjoyable social situations.

Each section comes with a guided visualization.

An imaginary scenario to help prepare your mind for the powerful subliminal sessions.

Each section comes with three subliminal sessions.

Two theta, one gamma, all an hour each.

The coaching sessions, the guided visualizations and the powerful subliminal sessions will turn you into a powerfully attractive, socially charismatic communicator in no time.

Section Descriptions

Fearless Communicator

Understand why we all fear rejection and have varying levels of social anxiety.

Understand the false cause-effect beliefs programmed into your brain at a young age.

Step by step exercises and journaling techniques to minimize your fears, and maximize your social confidence.

Learn to speak without fear or worry about negative consequences.

Be the one others look to as their social role model.

Unleash The Real You

Understand why the idea of a "real you" is a myth.

Why you are always different, based on your desires, situations and environment.

Learn how to be much more flexible and resourceful with who you are at any given moment, and more readily click with more people.

Re-discover all your memories, resources, experiences and use them subconsciously fluidly to put your best foot forward no matter where you are or who you are speaking to.

Subconscious Attraction

Tap into the most resourceful communicator you have, capable of reading and projecting powerfully attractive emotions, all without uttering a single word.

Simple exercises you can start doing today to become a beacon of social charisma and attraction wherever you go.

Learn to read crowds as your natural strategy, and get a sixth sense of who would be the most open to a conversation with you.

How to consciously leverage interpersonal, non verbal communication to get people to chase you conversationally, deepening attraction you may already be creating.

Detach From Outcome

Learn specifically why, and how, the best way to get any outcome is to simply release.

Where to focus your mind and attention instead to make everybody want to be in a conversation with you.

How to practice anywhere you go, with whomever you are with.

Why you will soon reach a tipping point that makes you feel magnetically compelled to start enjoyable conversation with any stranger you lay eyes on.

Emotional Management

See your body as an instrument and the emotions you display as your own beautiful symphony.

Tap into your childhood charisma, and manage your emotional vibrancy with scientific precision.

Learn the specific emotional structure everybody craves, but few people experience.

Know exactly which emotions to play with your instrument as brightly and loudly as you can for best possible results.

Party Everywhere

Learn the true secret of social charisma is where you are, that is where the party is.

Forget going places to meet people, learn to meet people wherever you happen be.

Understand why all humans crave positive social interactions everywhere we go and turn any event with people into your own private party.

Unleash your natural social charm and make fast and lasting friends everywhere you happen to be.

Treasure Seeker

Understand and practice the simple conversational shift that will make you absolutely unforgettable.

How to turn the shiest wallflower into an eager conversational partner gushing with excitement.

Find the deep treasure buried within each one of us, and bring it out and make them excited to talk about it.

Create a subconscious connection between their deepest dreams, and you, and never be forgotten again.

Seven Coaching Sessions

Seven Guided Visualizations

Seven Times Three Hours of Powerful Subliminal Programming

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Bonus - Master Mix

The master mix contains all statements from all sessions mixed into one powerful brain blast of continuous social charisma orgasmic ecstasy.

Along with a unique guided visualization, you will see your future filled with happy excited people urging you forward.

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And rediscover your child like curiosity and expressiveness.

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And turn every social situation into a reason to celebrate.

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And express your very best self to create an unbreakable network of friends and lovers.

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