Stage Wizard

Radiate The Power, Authority And Social Proof Of A World Famous Speaker Wherever You Go

Own The Stage

Own The Stage

Stage Wizard

Radiate The Power, Authority And Social Proof Of A World Famous Speaker Wherever You Go

Why do young men dream of being a guitar hero?

A love of music?

An appreciation of the deep symbiotic relationship between the vibrating strings?

The same metaphysical knowledge the ancient Pythagoreans sought within their cult of mathematics?

No, they do not.

Young men want to become guitar heroes because they want to get up on stage.

What will that get them?

The same thing EVERY man wants.

To be admired by men, and desired by women.

This is the most powerful human desire.

The most ancient human desire.

For men and for women.

Being up on stage brings with it magic.

This of course, requires you bring a couple of things with you up there.

If you get up there, become petrified and pee your pants, you won't quite get these rewards.

But if you bring some confidence, a strong frame, and a compelling message, an amazing thing will happen.

Not magic, not metaphysical, but amazing nonetheless.

Something very powerful, and something very ancient.

True guitar wizards like Jimmy Page and Carlos Santana described this power in terms of otherworldly or even occult like forces.

But we know the truth.

We know it's all about biology.

Ancient instincts like social proof, authority.

Things that have driven human kind to feats of greatness since the dawn of time.

Every great war movie has a "battlefield speech."

The speech given by the man who steps up and rallies the troops.

Every great sports movie has a "locker room speech."

A lower keyed, but just as inspiring story to lead the underdogs to a triumphant victory.

This is the holy grail of human communication.

To read the room, read the crowd, read the situation, and come up with the words needed to rise up and win.

To rally the troops to overcome.

If you can talk a good game in one on one situations, you can talk your way into plenty of beds.

You can talk your way into plenty of money.

But if you can talk a good game up on stage?

The World Will Be Yours

Don't want to be a leader of the next revolution?

Don't have a sports team you need to motivate?

No worries.

Because one thing we humans are VERY good at is chasing dreams.

Dreams that are far, far off in the future.

Dreams we KNOW may never come true.

But we chase them anyway.

Because we know the CHASE is where it's at.

It's not the Inn we crave, it's the road.

Because the road is where LIFE is.

The path to a better future is where you discover ALL your skills.

So even if you don't have big dreams of becoming King of the Earth, or leading the next revolution, this still will help.

Just think, for a minute, about choosing to pursue the DREAM of being a stage wizard.

What kinds of "smaller" accomplishments will you achieve on the way?

Public speaking mastery.

Inter-personal charisma.

Easy persuasion and seduction.

A powerfully attractive and dominant frame.

All without EVER needing to get up on stage.

How Can You Do This?

Because great speakers aren't necessarily born.

They CAN be made.

By understanding all the structural ideas that will take you there.

What frame strength really is, and how to practice it.

Why content, the stuff you talk about, is largely irrelevant.

The linguistic structure that makes for compelling communication, and how to practice this.

The one simple category that ALL famous speakers belong to.

Why this model is something you've done PLENTY of times a child.

Which means this model of communication is NATURAL.

What Does This Mean?

That when you re-discover this old, natural part of you, and speak from this frame, it will be easy to captivate crowds.

And when you combine this with linguistic skills at the sentence level, and structural skills at the idea level, you WILL transform your speaking skills.

You WILL transform your communication skills.

You will transform what you think is possible.

Storytelling Secrets

Why nearly all stage based communication is really entertainment, and how to use the most ancient storytelling structure to make any message much more enjoyable by your audience.

How to interrupt the flow of thought so they'll have no choice but to pay rapt attention to you.

How the more you get them to pay attention, the more likely they'll pay money.

To you.

How to shape any idea so it fits perfectly into their ancient desires and dreams.

Four Powerful Sections

Coaching Sessions

Each coaching session will give you the structure, theory and more importantly, the exercises to become a stage wizard.

Inner game ideas, outer game ideas.

How and why to understand things like social proof and authority, and why preparing for the stage, even if you never want to get up there, is the easiest way to skyrocket your interpersonal effectiveness.

The coaching sessions will give you the conscious ideas required to start building your powerful stage presence.

Metaphorical Story Sessions

These are simple stories.

Short, once upon a time stories.

But they are told in a very powerful, lightly hypnotic format, to bypass your conscious resistance, and put in the powerful ideas deeply into your mind.

Powerful ideas to transform your deep personality into a mesmerizing stage wizard, radiating massive confidence.

Because these stories are only lightly hypnotic, you can, and should, listen to them while driving or doing other things.

They are not meant to be listened to with your full attention.

The more you listen, the more their deeper messages will be part of who you are.

Guided Visualization Sessions

These guided visualization sessions are meant to be listened to with your eyes closed.

They are to help prepare you for the subliminal sessions, which target your deep, unconscious mind.

They are to help calibrate the laboratory of your mind, your experimental playground, the place where deep change happens.

Subliminal Programming Sessions

Each section has three hours of powerful subliminal programming.

Two theta for deep unconscious programming.

One gamma session for higher mind, wide awake, journaling or mental rehearsal.

Four Levels For Powerful Transformation

Conscious Coaching for your fully conscious mind.

Storytelling to easily slide in powerful ideas.

Guided visualizations for your deeper, imaginative mind.

Deep subconscious programming for your vast and powerful unconscious mind.

Session Descriptions

Stage Riches

Why having a long term goal of becoming a stage wizard, even if you never want to step foot on any stage, will help you in many profitable ways.

Why stage presence will translate into more profits, more friendships, better job opportunities and much more social respect.

The nuts and bolts of how to develop a stage wizard personality.

Why simply radiating a stage presence in social situations will get you more admiration than riches, Chad like looks, or any amount of game.

Mind Mover

Master the structure of human thought and learn how to move minds.

What directions and emotions to move their minds through to get the best results.

Why moving minds individually is structurally identical to moving minds on the stage.

Understand the most ancient structure upon which to put any message to get it eagerly and readily accepted.

Compelling Message

Learn the most ancient story of human kind and use this as the base for any communication for maximum effects.

The same negative emotions that exist in everybody's brain and how to easily move them to much better places.

The entertainment model of persuasion, education and seduction and how this will help you get any message, no matter how serious, stick deeply and permanently into their brain.

Understand the resonance of human emotions, and why surface structure content is much less important than most people realize.

Stage Frame

How to hold such a strong frame in any situation to gain maximum compliance and obedience from your audience.

What a strong frame is really based on, and why understanding this will make holding a strong frame much, much easier.

The show and tell model and why it's much more fun to hold a strong frame, either up on stage, or with your best friend.

How to get social proof on your side so your stage authority will happen on its own.

Linguistic Dominance

How to turn randomly chosen words into carefully chosen linguistic tools of bliss generation.

The three linguistic modifications you can start practicing today to make you a much more compelling speaker.

How to use linguistic magic to turn a story about a random trip to the supermarket into an epic saga so they'll hang on your every word.

How to force their brain to stay focused on you, allowing you to hold their attention for as long as you like.

Storytelling Power

Leverage the binge watching addiction technique to make them desperate to listen to your stories, if only to see how they end.

How to make them turn off their minds completely while you speak and hold their emotions in deep and wonderful resonance.

Why this simple technique allows for infinite permutations, giving you more flexibility that even the best movies and TV shows.

How to leave tasty breadcrumbs in their brain that will always lead back to you, their most favorite and engaging storyteller.

Confident Leader

What true leadership really is, and how to cultivate it.

How to trigger their deep instincts so they'll feel you as the most natural and compelling leader they've ever met.

What simple storytelling implies, and the things they'll assume about you that will further enhance your assumed leadership role.

What everybody wants and needs, and how to deliver it to them in just a few phrases so you'll be remembered forever.

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Master Mix

This course comes with a powerful master mix.

All voices combined in one powerful session to program your deep mind to feel at home and dominate on any stage, no matter what size the audience.

This master mix also comes with a powerful guided visualization, a first person metaphorical story of you, the child who becomes the savior of society.

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