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Sugar Baby Hypnosis

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  Economic Overview
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  Male Psychology
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  Hypnotic Communication
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  Fully Written Hypnotic Stories
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  Interpersonal Strategies
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  Income Strategies
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  Advanced Tactics
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Sugar Baby Hypnosis

Turn Any Heterosexual Man With a Pulse Into Your Own Income Stream

What does a guy do when he likes a girl? 

(Besides drooling while his brain tries to remember how to talk). 

He buys her things. 

Guy sees a girl at a bar, and he offers to buy her a drink. 

Guy asks for girl's number, and if he's lucky, he takes her on a date. 

What happens on a date?

He Buys Her Things

Dinner, flowers, ice cream, whatever he thinks is appropriate. 

The strategies in men to create attraction in women are limited. 

Talk to her, compliment her, and buy her a bunch of stuff. 

Why do men do this?

Men Hope To Get Lucky

Now, consider this hypothetical situation. 

A guy screws up the courage to walk up to a cute girl in a bar, and says:

Hi, uh, can I buy you a drink?

Girl says, "Sure, but I'm not going to promise anything." 

What does the guy say? 

Nothing, that's what! 

He'd thank sweet Jesus she said yes!

Dating Strategies

Suppose this imaginary couple talked for an hour or two. 

He buying the drinks and she having a good time. 

Suppose at the end of the night, he leaned in for a kiss, and she pulled back. 

She looked at him and said:

Hey buddy, you didn't think just because you bought me some drinks you'd get some?

What would most guys do in this situation? 

They'd apologize profusely. 

Say how sorry they were. 

Say they'd had too much. 

More importantly, they'd feel bad. 

They would genuinely realize they'd broken an unwritten social rule. 

And that rule is that it's only OK if the lady says it's OK.

Date Night

Suppose this lucky guy got her number, and managed to convince her to let him take her to dinner. 

And suppose she said:

Just so you know, I'm not that kind of girl. 

I'll go to dinner with you but don't think you're going to get lucky."

What would this guy do? 

He'd thank his lucky stars, that's what! 

After all, she let him buy her drinks. 

She didn't call the cops when he tried (unsuccessfully) to kiss her. 

And she agreed to have dinner with him! 

This lucky dude is on cloud 9! 

He's happier than he's been in a long time!

Do You See The Pattern?

Hopefully, you already know this, but just in case, we'll make it clear. 

Dudes are hard wired, on a genetic level, to spend money on women. 

All dudes know that if you want to keep a girl interested, you've got to shell out the cash. 

The more the better.  

What About Game?

Sure, some guys can spit mad game and get a girl's panties wet without spending a nickel. 

But let's forget those guys for a moment. 

Since the dawn of time, men and women have gotten together for one reason, and one reason only.

Men Seek Beauty

Like it or not, men are hard wired to get a boner when they see a certain type of gal. 

(If you've got a problem with this, take it up with Mother Nature.)

Women Seek Wealth

Women are hard wired to seek a man of means. 

A guy who can take care of her and her kids. 

Nobody walks around thinking this, but we humans are hard wired to respond to these things. 

Ask yourself now, and be honest. 

All else equal (looks, education, personality, etc.) which would you choose, a rich guy or a poor guy? 

Yep, thought so!

All Men Play The Game

All men are hard wired to want to demonstrate wealth to women. 

That's why men offer to buy drinks. 

That's why even when the wage gap is not nearly as big as it used to be, men feel compelled to buy dinner. 

Even when they are both professionals, both earn a decent paycheck, the man feels obligated to pick up the tab. 

Instincts don't lie!

Leverage This Male Instinct

This is why it will seem natural when you use the hypnotic powers of covert influence to tweak his already existing instincts. 

Since men are already hard wired to spend money to get the intoxicating presence of an attractive woman, why not take advantage of it?

Much Easier Than You Think

While this guide was written with sex workers in mind (sugar babies, strippers, escorts, cam models) it will work for any woman. 

You'll be able to turn your feminine sexual energy in fat income streams from nearly any guy you want.

All Men Are Undersexed

Except for those game-spitting players we mentioned, every single dude with a pee pee is getting way less sex than he wants. 

More importantly, every single dude interacts with women way less than he would like to.

He'll Gladly Pay For Your Presence

Let's be honest. 

You already know that you can skate by, getting free stuff from dudes if you wanted. 

In Japan they call these guys "Meishi-kun" or "dinner-boy." 

The guys girls know they can depend on for free meal. 

But if you sit around and wait for a guy to approach you and ask to buy you a drink, you may be waiting a while. 

Not because you're not gorgeous, but because most guys are waaaaaaay more terrified of talking to you than they would ever admit.

Enter The Power Of Covert Hypnosis

In this comprehensive course you'll learn very covert and subconscious ways of talking to any man and triggering that deeply subconscious "money for female companionship trade" that exists in all men.

Always His Idea

Because these techniques are so covert, he won't even know what's happening. 

This means it will always be his idea to pay you however you want to be paid. 

Gifts, allowance, tuition, rent, whatever you want. 

Send him your Amazon wishlist and he'll buy everything on it.

Tons Of Strategies

Whether you're currently a sugar baby, want to be a sugar baby, or a seasoned sex worker with decades of experience, these powerful techniques will help you get much more money with much less effort.

Easier Than You Think

Once you learn the power of these language patterns, your mind will be brimming with money making ideas. 

Combined with your feminine energy, these irresistibly seductive hypnotic language patterns, stories and techniques, and man's natural instincts to pay money for an experience with a woman, and you'll be making tons of cash in no time flat.

Whale Hunting

You'll learn how to sort for, qualify and close whales wherever they are. 

No longer will you have to sit and wait for them to come into your club or your room. 

With the powerful hypnotic techniques and strategies in this guide, you'll be able to turn any guy wearing more than a couple grand into your own personal whale.

Open Field Tackles

With the strategies you'll learn, you can talk to any dude in any location, and have him begging to pay you. 

And nobody will ever think of the term, "sex worker." 

It will all be above board, always legal and always his idea.


Of course, it goes without saying but we'll say it anyway. 

You'll need to be aware of your local law. 

All these techniques are meant to be used within the law. 

Don't break the law, mmm kay?

What's Included

This course is over five hours of powerful language patterns, linguistic presuppositions, fully written hypnotic stories, and tons of money making strategies to help you earn stacks of cash from plenty of eager men.

Double Your Income

Whatever you do for money now, learn how to get more. 

Even if you never want to go near anything related to sex work, these techniques will make it much easier for you to get men to do anything you want, for any reason. 

Get this course now and never worry about finances again.

Start Off Slow

You'll learn plenty of techniques to easily and anonymously make money with your feminine voice. 

Keep your day job and earn twice as much cash on the sly by getting paid by eager men. 

Learn the secrets of hypnotic sexual seduction and create your own private stash of growing cash.

Expand Your Potential

Whatever you earn now, you should be making more. 

A lot more! 

Once you learn and apply the irresistibly seductive hypnotic techniques in this guide, money will never be a problem again.

Be A Globe Trotting Man Assassin

Use your new powers to set up whales in every global city. 

Visit your stable eager whales whenever you feel like it. 

Have wealthy men in every corner of Earth eagerly waiting for the opportunity to spend even more money on you.

What Will You Learn In This Course?

Basic Trade Economics

Economics Of Money Making

Relationship Economics

How To Make It Always His Idea

How To Leverage Male Instincts 

Secret Techniques From NLP

The Power Of Sexual Language

Modern Male Submissiveness

How To Easily Capture Any Male

How To Leverage The Deep Male Fear of Abandonment

How To Keep Him Dreaming Of You

How To Leverage Sexual Scarcity

Understand Common Undersexed Male

Real History of Sex Trade

Why Sex for Money is Instinctive

Pavlovian Anchoring

How to Use Embedded Commands

How to Practice Embedded Commands

Deep Rapport Secrets

Build Fantasies In His Mind

Meta Model - The Most Powerful Language Structure

Sexual Meta Model - Turn His Brain On Fire

Meta Model Anchoring - Turn His Sexual Desires Into Cash

Secrets of Conversational Hypnosis

How To Put Ideas In His Mind

Linguistic Presuppositions

Get Him Begging To Pay You

Nested Loop Story Structure

Resonate His Instinctive Strategies

Command Him To Pay You

Why He'll Obey - And Think It Was His Idea

Ten Fully Written Hypnotic Money Stories

Sales Funnel Theory

Cold Leads On Top - Money At The Bottom

Animal Training

Why He'll Do What He's Told

The Push Pull Penguin

Immediate Obedience Generator

Whale Hunting Strategies

Where To Find The Big Money

Stripper Strategies - Catching Regular Whales

Non-Sexual Stripper Strategies

Leverage His Ego For Consistent Cash

Escort Strategy

How To Hook High Paying Regular Clients

Sex Games - Make Him Beg For You

Get Him Begging To Give You Anything

Cam Model Strategy

Easily Find Weekly Whales

How to Ask For The Sale

How Slip In Money Ideas

The Holy Grail - Open Field Tackles

How To Find Willing Wealthy Men Anywhere

How To Find Income Anywhere

Exit Strategies 

Make Him Terrified Of Crossing Your Boundaries

How To Get Rid Of Him Quickly

How To Keep Your Sanity

Husband Hunting Strategies

How To Marry A Billionaire

Daily Practice Drills

Make Millions On YouTube

Make A Fortune With Phone Sex

Make Stacks of Cash Selling MP3's

Story Memorization Techniques

How To Write Your Own Stories

Develop World Class Money Skills

Secret Sex Worker Strategy - Nobody Needs To Know

Over five hours of conscious training, over twenty hours of subconscious programming.

Get this course now and maximize your money making potential. 

Sugar Baby Hypnosis

Subconscious Training

The conscious training in this course will teach you the skills you need to significantly increase your income.

But even that is only scratching the surface.

On top of the five hours of skills, drills, and linguistic powers of income generation you won't learn anywhere else, are over twenty hours of deeply hypnotic, brainwave assisted subliminal programming.

Each session comes in three versions.

Two Theta Versions

Your mind will be taken down to a deep theta level, half awake, half asleep, perfect for reprogramming your subconscious.

Each session is an hour in length, comes in two versions, and has more than four hundred individual statements to fill your deep mind with powerful beliefs, ideas, strategies and unconscious behaviors to give you an advantage over every other income earning woman on Earth.

Gamma Versions

Listen to the gamma versions while awake and alert.

Whenever you want a quick confidence boost to extract as much money from men as you want.

Listen to the video sessions for your conscious mind.

Listen to the subliminal sessions for your unconscious mind.

The two will combine to make you the most persuasive, most in demand, highest earning woman on Earth.

Session Descriptions

Session One - Mind Control

Develop the ability to conversationally capture and control the minds of all men you speak with.

Guide their thoughts, lead their actions, and generate any behavior you like.

Maximize the power of your language and your irresistible feminine energy.

Session Two - Hypnotic Language Generator

Accelerate how quickly you can learn and master the powerfully persuasive language patterns in this course.

Give all men the most thrilling experience of their lives by giving them only a small taste of your language skills.

Open new income opportunities and significantly expand the careers in which you can easily thrive.

Session Three - Unbreakable Boundaries

Never worry about over reaching customers and clients again.

Develop the skills to set and define boundaries with extreme interpersonal power.

Create the confidence to disqualify anybody for any reason you choose.

Session Four - Unstoppable Confidence

Generate enough confidence to approach and extract any man.

Never fear rejection again.

Believe completely in your ability to extract money from any man you meet.

Session Five - Wealthy Man Magnet

Radiate the deep sexual and feminine power that only wealthy men can appreciate.

Subconsciously develop the behavior and communication skills that wealthy men find irresistible.

Never again settle for less than you deserve.

Session Six - Income Generator

Believe in your ability to develop as many income streams as you can possible imagine.

Uncover new income opportunities and never worry about money again.

Build passive income streams coming in from all over the world.

Session Seven - Money Love

Absolutely eradicate all negative beliefs about money.

See money as your natural birthright, the natural outcome for your communication and behavior.

Feel one hundred percent righteous when easily receiving money from as many generous men as you desire.

Master Mix

All sessions mixed into one powerful brain bomb of money earning, man seducing power.

More than 2800 individual positive statements blasted into your mind to turn you into a hypnotically speaking, feminine energy radiating, money receiving machine.

Get this course now and make more money with less effort and dominate.

Get this course now and turn every man lucky enough to cross your path into your personal income stream, delighted to ejaculate money into your bank account as often as you command.

Over five hours of conscious training, over twenty hours of subconscious programming.

Get this course now and maximize your money making potential.