Telepathic Enhancer

Re-Awaken Your Unlimited Intuition And Dominate Minds

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Read Minds and Emotions

Telepathic Enhancer

Re-Awaken Your Unlimited Intuition And Dominate Minds

Everything comes with tradeoffs.

Costs and benefits.

You want to get in shape, you can't eat all you want.

You want to improve your skills, you need some practice time.

Most of the time, these costs and benefits are easy to see.

Easy to understand and make a rational decision.

But sometimes, we have no idea.

Until now.

Long, long ago, your mind was much, much more powerful.

Long ago, your understanding of your environment was much more precise.

Much more open, much more accurate.

Your memory was much stronger.

Much more rigid and robust.

Today, we outsource almost everything.

Not jobs or manufacturing, but our thinking.

Look back at any picture from fifty or so years ago.

You won't see a lot of obesity.

Look around at your local Walmart, and you will.

From a pure body perspective, it's easy to see why.

Too much processed food.

To little exercise.

But the same effect has been done to our brains.

To your brain.

Imagine what it was like living in the middle ages.

Before the printing press.

Nothing to refer to for information except your brain.

No Google, not even an encyclopedia.

Everything you knew, came from the mouth of another.

No notes, no practice.

Word from their mouth into your mind.

But your brain is much, much more powerful than a storehouse of information.

Your mind is a powerful processing center.

All the data comes into your mind from your five senses.

Sight, sound, smell, tastes and physical feelings.

Most of these are ignored.

At least by your conscious mind.

But they are all processed.

And delivered to you via your massively powerful, and until recently, absolutely necessary intuition.

This intuition that is all but dead in modern life.

But back then, when your magnificent brain-body-intuition system was calibrated, everything was vital.

If you ignored a danger signal, you died.

If you ignored a positive signal, somebody else got the good stuff.

Your intuition was much, much more powerful back then.

Much, much more calibrated back then.

From a purely scientific standpoint, this system is well designed and purely rational.

Data comes in through your senses.

The obvious stuff is interpreted by your conscious mind.

People's names, how to plant crops, how to listen to and process information.

But the much less obvious stuff is still processed.

And still delivered to your mind.

In images, feelings, thoughts and ideas.

Back then, you were just as open to this intuitively delivered information as you were to consciously delivered information.

They were both important and necessary for living and thriving.

Because back then, there were no safety nets.

No second chances.

No police or ambulances to call if you made a mistake.

Yet through these dark ages came great inventions.

Science, philosophy, mathematics, energy, logic, art and storytelling.

This is precisely what you are capable of today.

Many people like time travel movies.

If you could go back in time with a functional smart phone, you would be king.

If you could go back in time with a semi-automatic weapon, you would be a god.

But few people imagine the opposite.

Of having a powerfully calibrated intuition and bringing that into our modern world.

You will be king.

You will be a god.

Those who do not understand science will call it magic.

Those who do not understand your ancient intuition built up to full power will call you magic.



You will be able to instantly read crowds and predict events.

You will be able to scan crowds and get a feeling of who is most likely to enjoy a conversation with you, and who won't.

You'll be able to speak to anybody, friend, lover, or stranger, and know the precise thoughts in their mind.

The precise sequences of thoughts, desires, and uncertainties.

When you accurately and carefully pace them, what will they think of you?

As the kindest person they've ever met?

As the most compassionate person they've ever met?

As the most understanding and insightful person they've ever met?

Someone they will trust, will admire, and feel a deep sense of emotional attraction and longing not felt in modern times.

This is not based on tricks.

This is not based on magic.

This is based on building up your natural powers of intuition to the maximum levels possible.

Your friends will ask you, but you will know they cannot understand.

How did you know she was into you?

How did you know when to touch her?

How did you know what to say to make her laugh?

How did you know that joke was going to work? I never would have tried that!

How did you know she'd give you her number?

How did you know that guy was going to buy from you? I never would have approached him.

You will answer all these questions the same way.

I don't know. 

I just had a feeling.

But this is only a short, vague description.

With some basic practice and introspection, your vague intuition will be turned into specific ideas, and thoughts.

Thoughts and questions they are thinking.

So you'll know EXACTLY what to say.

Exactly what to ask.

You'll be in a situation, sense something is off and know to leave BEFORE something bad happens.

You'll step into a room filled with strangers, but know EXACTLY that this is the best place to be.

You'll gaze into the eyes of the hiring manager and know PRECISELY what to say to make you the most obvious candidate.

Once again, this is not based on trickery or magic.

This is based on a thorough understanding of your ancient untapped powers of intuition.

Build this natural talent strong enough, and your friends will be certain you are psychic.

And they will never doubt your advice or see your recommendations as anything other than a sure thing.

What's Included

Your telepathic enhancer program comes with a powerful, to the point coaching session.

Why your innate intuition exists and the precise exercises to do.

To first strengthen it and then calibrate it.

To enhance this process you'll also have a very effective, deep dual mind hypnosis session.

To take you down into your deep mind, where your intuition lives.

Where you can re-awaken it, become familiar with it, and learn how to use it as a daily communication tool.

The hypnosis session comes in two versions.

One to wake you up at the end.

This will put you in the perfect mindset to brainstorm some fantastic ideas driven by your deep intuition about any project or social goal you may be working on.

The other will drop you down into the dreaming state, so you can further explore your psychic abilities in the infinite laboratory of your dreaming mind.

Once you activate your ancient intuition, you will rule with ease over all the muddled and dull brains you encounter on a daily basis.

Conversations will flow more readily.

Decisions will come more naturally.

Smiles and signs of deep attraction will be common place.

Advice requests from friends and strangers will elevate your social status to levels not dreamt of by common men.

Get this now, and maximize the best of both worlds.

Get this now, and never wonder what to say again.

Get this now, and leverage your intuition to read minds, understand emotions and create powerful relationships.

Get this now, and gain a massive advantage over all your competitors in love and life.

Get this now, and maximize your mind, your greatest resource, your most trustworthy ally.

Read Minds and Emotions