Easily Develop Mental Power To Make Better Choices, Eradicate Bad Behaviors, and Build The Life You Deserve




Easily Develop Mental Power To Make Better Choices, Eradicate Bad Behaviors, and Build The Life You Deserve

Wanting to do something, but failing sucks.

We want to lose weight, but we can't stop eating.

We want to save money and obliterate debt, but we keep spending.

We want to improve ourselves, learn some skills, but we never seem to get around to getting started.

We commonly describe this as having a lack of willpower.

Luckily, this is incorrect.

What's really going on is a little bit more complicated.

Which is good.

Very good.

You likely have heard the idea of the map not being the territory?

A common example is that the menu at a restaurant is not the food.

If you eat the menu, not only will it not taste like a double bacon cheeseburger, but people will look at you funny.

Another way to interpret this common truism is that metaphors used to describe things are NOT those things they are describing.

And as you'll learn in this course, willpower is a metaphor.

It is NOT the thing it intends to describe.

But once we unpack the ideas that go into willpower, we'll see it's only useful when describing things.

It's horrible when it comes to figuring out how to actually do things.

Because it has the word "power" in there, it sounds kind of like strength.

Like if you wanted to develop your pushup power, you'd do some pushups.

If you wanted to develop your public speaking power, you'd practice public speaking.

If you wanted to develop your brain power, you'd stop wasting time on social media and read some nonfiction.

But how the heck are you supposed to practice your "will"?

What the heck is will, anyhow?

We all have a strong enough will to order a pizza.

We all have a strong enough will to hit the snooze button a couple dozen times.

But suppose you were taking an advanced calculus test, but you'd only just barely gotten out of high school algebra.

Would will power help you?

If you sat there staring at those goofy looking squiggly likes, trying your hardest to will yourself to figure out the answer, what would happen?

People would look at you funny, that's what!

Suppose you were five foot eight, out of shape, and hadn't gotten off the couch in years.

Would willpower help you slam dunk a basketball?

Suppose you'd never practiced juggling, and you wandered into your local Home Depot and tried to juggle a few chainsaws, would willpower help?

Clearly, willpower is not only an incorrect metaphor, but an insufficient one.

In all of these cases, you lacked the skills.

And if you lack the skills, all the willpower in the universe isn't going to do squat!

In this course, you'll learn everything there is to know about what we metaphorically refer to as willpower.

You'll learn specifically why it fails, and more importantly, the exact steps to do to make any decision you want automatic.

You'll increase good behaviors and decrease bad behaviors.

You'll stop doing the things you don't want to do.

You'll increase the things you do want to do.

You'll be able to program in the exact behaviors you want to build your life, exactly how you want it.

Seven Sections

This course comes in seven sections.

Each section covers one very important aspect of what we metaphorically refer to as willpower.

Each section will give you a bare bones breakdown.

Each section will give you some very simple exercises to begin doing today, to significantly improve your behaviors.

Each section comes with three, hour long subliminal session, two theta and one gamma, to program your deep mind with the beliefs associated with consciously choosing your own behaviors.

Each subliminal comes with a short, guided visualization, an imagination to hold in mind will listening to the subliminal.

All three, the coaching session with its easy exercises, the guided visualization, and the powerful subliminal sessions are meant to do one thing.

To give you much better control over all your behaviors, mental, physical financial, and emotional, to make building your life exactly the way you want it as straightforwardly as possible.

Section Descriptions

Decision Making

What goes into every decision, both conscious and unconscious.

The four quadrants built into every decision.

Why decision that don't quite work out are based on improper assumption about any of those four quadrants.

Simple exercises that will make all four quadrants much more accurate, all the decisions your make much easier to follow through.

Skill Building

Why the secret to easy decisions is a desire plus a skill.

Why decisions with poorly learned skills will tend to crash and burn.

Why decisions with well learned skills are almost automatic and subconscious.

How to break down skills into the absolute easiest ways to build them, so all decisions will only get easier and easier.

Momentum Generator

Why motivation is the archenemy of building a high quality life.

Why motivation is the cause of the famous yo-yo diet and all start-stop actions.

Why momentum is not only much, much more easy to create, but why it's self sustaining once it's created.

The two way time effect of momentum, and why every day you'll build twice as much future and history.

Mental Focus Generator

Why your ability to clear your mind from clutter is a key ingredient of proper decision making.

How clarity and strength of focus will help you make decisions in mind that will play out in life exactly as you've planned them.

The common enemies of mental focus and why they are absolutely disastrous to making any successful and lasting decisions.

Time Frame Expansion

Learn the key element of human thinking that turned hunters into farmers.

The most important element that is the base of your increasing strength of delayed gratification.

Why the further out you can feel the future, the easier that future can be built.

Very simple daily exercises to consistently increase your time frame, and your subsequent ability to make rock solid decisions that not only stick, but turn out much easier than you'd anticipated.

Self Control Generator

Why bad behaviors are very much like bad thoughts, in that we don't have a switch to shut them off.

The idea and behavior strategy to slowly replace bad thoughts and actions with much better ones.

Why this is best done slowly, just like building momentum.

Why using the replacement strategy will completely obliterate all negative thinking and all negative behaviors.

Ideal Self Generator

No matter who you are, and what you've already accomplished, you can and will do much better.

Learn to see yourself as a consistent success generator, so you are always compelled to chase bigger and better things.

Why always being in a state of becoming is the place where you feel magnetically compelled by your main purpose.

When you are consistently pursuing our ideal self, you will never worry about silly ideas of willpower.

Making decisions to continue on your path toward your ideal self will be natural, easy, automatic and the most emotionally gratifying thing you'll ever experience.

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Bonus - Master Mix

This course comes with a master mix.

All the statements combined in one power session to bathe your brain in the most powerful decision making ideas and strategies ever conceived.

This also comes with a very powerful, meta guided visualization to imagine your best possible future.

Filled with positive, life building decisions and void of any negative thinking and behaviors holding you back.

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