Alpha Mindset

Thought Patterns To Drive Naturally Attractive Behavior

Alpha Mindset

Alpha Mindset

Alpha Mindset

Thought Patterns To Drive Naturally Attractive Behavior

The word alpha is perhaps one of the most misused word in the man-o-sphere.

From a purely scientific standpoint, it means first.

Alpha is the first letter in the Greek alphabet.

Alpha is the leader, the top animal, in any hierarchy.

In any one environment, there can only be one alpha.

There can be plenty of guys pretending to be alpha.

There are even guys trying to outdo each other with their own definition of alpha.

To be the alpha definer of the world alpha.

This makes them the least attractive dudes in the room.

But what IS alpha?

It is an internal mindset.

An internal belief system about who you are in relationship to the world.

In ancient times, women were attracted to the alpha, or those close enough to the alpha.

In ancient times, men were attracted to the young and gorgeous.

Easy to determine by sight, and quickly.

But to deciding who is really the alpha or close to the alpha requires watching behavior.

Behavior and the very subtle, interpersonal, mostly subconscious, mostly male to male communication.

A bunch of guys come back from a successful hunt.

Who was the leader, or alpha of that successful hunt?

Ladies could easily tell this by seeing the guy that all the other guys were deferring to.

The guy they all KNOW is responsible for the necessary calories that will keep them alive for another week or so.

How many guys like that exist today?

Not many.

This is why it's a mistake that money or wealth or even outward signs of wealth have anything to do with attraction.

Back then the guy who produced the most real wealth was the alpha.

The general or quarterback who led his team to take down a wooly mammoth.

The guy who was recognized, first by the men, and second by the women, as the alpha.

The guy who made the hard choices, and led the team to victory.

This is exactlt why, back in the early days of America, people were begging General George Washington to be king.

Because they recognized his battlefield genius.

How he handed the British humiliating loss after humiliating loss.

When you act like a true alpha, a true general, people will BEG YOU to be king.

Back in old, old days, the pre BC days, real wealth was a dead wooly mammoth.

Today, all the wealth is fake.

Unicorn companies that don't produce anything of value.

Buying stuff from profits with fake companies built on fake money and mountains of debt does not create attraction.

Your mindset, your communication, and your willingness to go first does.

That's what alpha means.


What about the guys that want to wait and see proof?

What about the guys that won't believe it till they see it?

The guys that want to go second?

The first letter of the Greek Alphabet is Alpha.

The second letter?


That's why it's called the alphabet.

First letter, second letter.

Alpha, beta, and on down.

Which do you want to be?

Alphas don't wait for proof or guarantees of safety.

Alphas are dudes like Washington who snuck into the British camp before dawn to slit their throats while they slept.

Alphas lead the charge to kill vicious animals that no longer exist.

Because they were all killed and eaten.

Led by alphas.

Alphas who went first, did the work, and got the rewards.

Admiration and sex.

Which do you want to be?

What's Inside

Three coaching sessions to understand not only what a true, insanely attractive instinct driven alpha is, but how to become one.

Three subliminal themes to program your deep mind with the most powerful alpha beliefs you'll ever need.

Coaching Sessions

Session One is all about the natural lives of our ancient past.

Why alpha traits have nothing to do with looks, fake movie alphas or pretenders.

Why so few alphas exist today, and why this makes the dating market SEEM so confusing.

Session Two is about how to understand and replicate alpha behaviors in the modern world.

Why alpha must be a mindset and nothing you talk about or ask about.

Why outer, subconsciously delivered alpha behaviors MUST be driven by an internal mindset.

Session Three is the seven specific skills and thinking patterns to cultivate.

The seven aspects of inner thoughts and outer behavior that you absolutely must have to be perceived as an alpha.

That seven specific traits that when developed, will make you the go to dominant leader for any group, any task and the dream man for nearly any woman.

Subliminal Sessions

One - Internal Alpha

Program your mind with the beliefs that you are the best choice for any situation.

Your inner collection of beliefs and convictions will drive unconscious alpha behavior.

Your unconscious mannerisms and micro movements will be screaming alpha to everybody around you.

Two - Sex Magnet

Program in the deep beliefs that you are the one that all girls crave.

That all you need to do is walk through any social area and you'll feel all eyes lusting for you.

Why all you need is eye contact and a quick non verbal suggestion that you go somewhere, and anybody you choose will eagerly follow you.

Three - God Ambition

Learn how to create your future with only the power of your will.

Develop the idea of your future legacy hundreds of years out and make it happen by the sheer strength of your ambition.

Become respected as a god the same way the most powerful alphas of all time became the gods of your ancestors.

Get this now and become the only man among all men.

Get this now and make everybody feel better simply because of your presence.

Get this now and never rely on online dating again.

Get this now and walk the earth with sheer sexually dominating power.

Get this now and build the most spectacular life possible.

Get this now and lead your army of eager followers anywhere you want.

Get this now and give the gift of yourself to a world starved for masculine leadership.

Alpha Mindset