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Self Esteem

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  Human Nature Overview
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  Human Thinking Structure
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  Communication Techniques
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  Thinking Strategies
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Self Esteem

Get Powerful Confidence and Relentless Social Skills By Easily Strengthening Your Most Vital Component

There are billions of people on this planet. 

Some of them say life is easy, making money is fun, and getting laid by supermodels is a fine hobby to have.

Others say the opposite. 

That life sucks, making money is impossible, and getting a happy smile from anybody is next to impossible.

What's The Difference?

There's an old self help saying that if you believe something is easy, it will be. 

And if you believe something is hard, it will be. 

That sounds nice, but it doesn't help us much. 

If reading goofy metaphysical sayings actually worked, everybody'd be rich.

Cause Effect Conundrum

One way to describe it is two completely separate cycles. 

Virtuous and vicious. 

Two cycles that many believe start way before we are born. 

If you believe life sucks, you'll behave in a way that will make life suck. 

If you believe that life rocks, you'll behave in a way that makes it so.

No More Goofy Sayings!

It's nice to say things like "What the thinker thinks, the prover proves!" and look around at your buddies as if you've just discovered the secrets of human alchemy. 

Screw that! 

We don't want to be popular at parties because of useless metaphysical insights!

We want to make more money. 

We want to be more persuasive. 

We want to create better relationships with better people. 

We need to be able to stand up to those idiots at work and tell them what's what!

Just The Facts, Dude

Plenty of ideas about self esteem are meant to make us feel good.

We don't want to feel good. 

(Well, we do, but not because some goof is telling us a bunch of junk!). 

We want more money, more love, more success, and more SEX!

This means we'll need to understand exactly what self esteem is. 

The problem with metaphors is that they are metaphors. 

They aren't accurate descriptions. 

Saying that life is like a box of chocolates sounds OK, but how exactly does that tell us?

When we see somebody interesting, but we aren't sure, are we supposed to walk up and take a bite of out of them? 

Like they're made out of actual chocolate? 

That's a useful box of chocolates strategy! 

But try that with people and you'll get punched in the face!

Metaphors Are Only Starting Points

If we want to build self esteem, not just talk about it, we need to know exactly what it is. 

We need to know exactly how it's measured. 

Not by academics who write academic books for other academic goofs.

This means we'll need to have a thorough, scientifically based idea of humans. 

Human nature. 

Human desires. 

Human decision making. 

What exactly the relationships is between our brains and our bodies.

Understanding The Human Machine

If you wanted a faster computer, you'd need to know which part to replace. 

If you wanted a car that didn't slide around so much on the ice, you'd need to know exactly what to replace.

When it comes to building solid self esteem, the real kind that gets us more money and sex, not the fake kind, we need to know exactly how to do that.

Human Body Operators Manual

This course is about as close to a human operators manual as you'll get. 

Of how to think about how to think. 

About the different things we need to feel good in a real and genuine way about ourselves. 

Not a fake way that evaporates quicker than an ice cube in a volcano.

Junk Food Nation

You'll learn how our instincts operate. 

What makes them feel really good, and what tricks them into feeling only temporarily good.

You'll know exactly how to feed your powerful and ancient instincts so you feel like a god. 

So you feel like you are very valuable person. 

According to you. 

According to everybody else.

Modern Society Trainwreck

You'll learn why, despite all the modern conveniences we have, our society creates tons of emotional misery. 

If you feed your instincts incorrectly, it's like trying to survive on a diet of donuts and Mountain Dew.

It feels good for a little bit, but the hangover is horrible. 

If you eat deep fried sugar, your body will feel like crap. 

We are feeding all our other instincts the same crap-filled diet. 

No wonder we're so miserable!

Slow Easy Exercises

But when you learn exactly what your deep instincts crave, the results will be massive. 

You'll learn some very powerful mental exercises that will prove this.

You'll take a journey into your own experiences and find a new and very easy way to categorize them. 

One way makes your self esteem feel like crap. 

The other makes you feel like a rock star.

Modern Re-Calibration

You'll learn some insanely simple, step by step exercises to re-calibrate how you really feel about yourself. 

Imagine eating only donuts yet having no idea why your health sucks.

This is about level of emotional intelligence of most humans today. 

But when you learn to feed your instincts correctly, you'll feel fantastic.

New Life

After you re-calibrate your instincts, everybody will be amazed. 

Making friends will be easy, because everybody will want to be on your team. 

Making money will be natural, because deep within you is a money making machine.

Relationships will be a snap, because you will be so valuable, to yourself and others, that people will be willing to do anything to stay in your good graces.

Simple Self Development Plan

This stuff is extremely easy once you ditch all the false ideas about self esteem and metaphysical hooey floating around in self help seminars and books. 

You'll know exactly which parts are weak, and how specifically to get started strengthening them.

No Upper Limit

Self esteem has no upper limit. 

And once you get past a certain point, it will be self sustaining. 

Not only will you enjoy doing the exercises, but the exercises themselves will get you much more genuine social love and validation. 

The real kind. 

Not the fake kind.

Genuine Happiness

You'll know exactly what happiness is and where it comes from. 

You'll be creating it within you and within all those folks lucky to be around you.

True Purpose

Never again will you wonder what the purpose of life is. 

You'll know your purpose. 

You'll define your purpose so strongly that it radiates from everything you say, and everything you do.

True Leadership

While this isn't a leadership course, and there's not much in it about leadership, you'll see why natural leadership is an automatic result of strong self esteem. 

Because so few people have any idea about their purpose in life, they will naturally defer to you. 

People will want you to tell them what to do. 

They will eagerly help you get to wherever you want to go.

Love Life

Whatever you feel about life, about yourself, about your future, that will all change. 

You will discover a true passion for life. 

You will see the entire world as your own private playground, ready to be molded to your specific desires.

I Like Myself

This is not an affirmation that you say in the mirror a million times until you start to believe it. 

This idea will radiate from you without you needing to say it, or even think it. 

People will see you. 

They'll know it's true.

Because you like yourself, so will everybody else. 

You'll walk the Earth with an energy so increasingly rare today. 

Energy that is attractive, powerful and compelling.

Greatest Combination

You'll not only develop a rock solid frame, but you'll create a strong direction for your life, based on your own unique personality. 

Very few people have either one of these. You will have both.

Three Kinds Of People

There are three kinds of people. 

Those that make things happen. 

Those that watch things happen. 

And those that stand around helplessly and ask, <em>"What happened?"</em>

Take Charge Of Life

Whatever you are now, the ideas and exercises in this course will catapult you into the very rare, and very tiny first group of people. 

The people who make things happen. 

What things? 

Whatever things you want.

Eject All Anxiety

With a solid and growing self esteem, anxiety and worry will be a thing of the past. 

Continuous improvement and discovery of your life will be the new normal. 

Get this course now and launch your new life.

Radiate True Confidence

No matter what you do, where you go, you'll feel confident you can get it done. 

You'll know it, and so will everybody else. 

You'll be the one they defer to, the one they look to for advice. 

Get this course now and discover your true purpose.

Develop Natural Leadership

Humans are hierarchical. 

We feel it all the time. 

The higher your self esteem, the higher you'll be in any hierarchy. 

Get this course now and rule your world.

Self Esteem

Subconscious Training

The conscious training in this course will teach you the skills you need to significantly and consistently increase your self esteem and frame strength

But even that is only scratching the surface.

On top of the three hours of skills, drills to build your self esteem frame strength you won't learn anywhere else, are over twenty hours of deeply hypnotic, brainwave assisted subliminal programming.

Each session comes in three versions.

Two Theta Versions

Your mind will be taken down to a deep theta level, half awake, half asleep, perfect for reprogramming your subconscious.

Each session is an hour in length, comes in two versions, and has more than four hundred individual statements to fill your deep mind.

Statements leveraging powerful beliefs, ideas, strategies and unconscious behaviors to help you create the strongest self esteem and the most attractive and powerful frame on earth.

Gamma Versions

Listen to the gamma versions while awake and alert.

Whenever you want a quick confidence boost to before any event where you want a strong frame and a positive feeling about yourself.

Listen to the video sessions for your conscious mind.

Listen to the subliminal sessions for your unconscious mind.

The two will combine to give you the most powerful linguistic skills and the strongest frame on Earth

Session Descriptions

Session One - Appreciation Generator

Behave in ways to increase the appreciation you get from others.

Feel magnetic attraction from any social group or environment.

Leverage the natural feedback loop of a social butterfly.

Naturally obliterate all social anxiety.

Session Two - Maximum Future

Program in easy behaviors today that will build the brightest possible future.

Begin to naturally make the best decisions to create the ideal skills to support your intentions.

Develop a deep understanding for your own, personal, life's purpose.

See further and deeper ramifications of every decision you make, and maximize your forward progress.

Session Three - Self Love Generator

Program in deep love and appreciation for yourself, your future and your value. 

Accept and maximize all parts of you.

Radiate the true self love and acceptance that is irresistibly attractive.

Eradicate negative behaviors you may be using to cover up any self doubt or anxiety about how you really are.

Session Four - Self Respect Generator

Program yourself to treat yourself as your most valuable friend. 

Take full ownership of your life, your choices and your relationships.

Develop the irresistibly attractive frame of somebody with maximum self responsibility.

Develop the deep ability to set and maintain unbreakable boundaries.

Session Five - Social Respect Generator

Program yourself to behave and act in a way, both consciously and unconsciously, to attract genuine respect from others.

Completely reject and disqualify all time wasters and manipulators from your life.

Explode your self confidence and attract high quality people into your life.

Develop the frame and directional purpose that will draw follows of your natural leadership skills.

Session Six - Valuable Human

Generate a deep belief in your value as an irreplaceable entity, both to yourself and to others.

Create the deep confidence that stems from feeling extremely valuable by nearly anybody you meet.

Make more money, build better relationships and surround yourself with better people.

Feel unbreakable appreciation for your valuable time and energy and send time wasters and gaslighters packing.

Session Seven - Unstoppable

Create the deep drive and motivation to crush any goal you set your sights on.

Develop a powerfully acquired taste for daily behaviors that continuously increase your financial, physical and mental health.

Create irresistibly attractive directional goals for all areas for your life.

Become a goal achieving super star and set your sights on your best future possible.

Master Mix

All statements from all sessions mixed in one powerful brain bomb of self esteem strengthening.

Flood your brain with positive statements and crush any negative beliefs hiding in the deep recesses of your mind.

Over three hours of conscious training, over seven hours of subconscious reprogramming.

Get this course now and build your self esteem to levels never imagined possible.

Why Self Esteem is Vital

Real vs. Fake Self Esteem

Why Real Self Esteem Takes Time

The Quickness of Fake Self Esteem

Necessary Metaphors

Descriptive Metaphors

Understanding Underlying Truth

Metaphorical Maps vs. Reality

Why Understanding Reality Is Vital

The Attraction Of False Promises

The Danger of False Promises

The Necessity of Understanding

Sense of Self

Reality and Our Awareness

Sensory Organs

Subjective and Objective Data

A Critical Meta Skill

Shifting Between Objective and Subjective

Self Esteem Must Inspire New Skills

Biological Humans

The Scientific Constraint

Why Self Esteem Must Adhere To Science

How To Make Self Esteem Measurable

The Role of Instincts

Drivers of Behaviors

The Borg Model 

Why Ignoring Instincts Is Impossible

Basic Human Instincts

Food - A Matter of Life or Death

Sex - The Most Desired Non Necessary Instinct

Social Instincts - Complications

Empty Instincts Model

Food and Sugar

False Positive Social Validation

False Negative Social Validation

The Self Esteem Sugar High

The Self Esteem Sugar Crash

Brains and Bodies

The Nature of Self Awareness

Surface Level Brains

Deep Level Instincts

Cause Effect Conundrum

The Most Common Mistake

Rewiring The Reality Paradox

Cause Effect Paradox

Misunderstanding Self As Cause

Disconnecting Self As Cause

The Nature of Free Will

The Captain and Ship Metaphor

Tankers vs. Motorboats

Planning vs. Momentary Choice

New Instinct Generator

Self Esteem Killing Failures

Re-Calibrating Instincts

Mirror Neurons and Projection

The Kick In The Nuts Response

The Natural Of Externalized Pain

The Lighting Fast Self Deceiver

The Way Out

How To Escape Assumptions

Retraining Your Thinking

The Economic Insight

Juggling Past - Now - Future

Building Future Sight

Shining Light Into The Future

What All Living Things Share

Why Humans Are Different

Maximize Your Uniqueness

Building Daily Habits

Creating Daily Momentum

Become Inspired By Your Past

How To Build An Inspiring Past

The Structure of Blame

The Structure of Victimhood

No Need For Forgiveness

Removing Emotions From Events

Removing Intentions From Bad Actors

The Intention Instinct

Daily Reframing Skills

Create Your Own Intention

Memory Rewriting Techniques

Reframing Daily Events

Building Your Reframing Muscle

Reframing Muscle and Frame Strength

Reframing Muscle and Leadership Skills

Reframing Ancient Memories

Time Travel Reframing

Turning Villains Into Comic Relief

Assertive Communication

Developing Emotional Stability

Negative Energy Manipulation

Negative Energy Deflection

Defending Emotional Attacks 

Reversing Emotional Attacks

Effortless Defense System

Setting Strong Boundaries

Making Boundaries Self Explanatory

Turning Boundaries Into Attraction

Trespassers Will Be Shot

Self Mind Control

Thought Replacement

How To Eject Negative Thoughts

How To Eliminate Worry and Anxiety

Building Go-To Positive Thoughts

Creating Compelling Directions

Slow Daily Habits

Building Self Esteem Momentum

Radiating Self Esteem Energy

Strong Frame - Strong Direction

True Leadership Skills

Get People To Qualify Themselves

Make Your Presence One In A Million

Starting From Scratch

Building A Daily Practice

Creating Self Sustaining Behaviors

Create A Magnetic Future

Get This Course now and dominate your future.