Commanding Voice

Speak Compellingly, Attractively and Magnetically

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Commanding Voice

Speak Compellingly, Attractively and Magnetically

One of our biggest selling features as humans is something anthropologists call a collective memory.

Plenty of animals can learn.

But only humans can learn from an imagination that exists inside our head.

It works like this.

Some guy, long before writing was invented, figures out how to do something.

He tells everybody about that, and now that imagination exists inside their brains.

So long as these ideas build up over time, and are passed down from generation to generation, the collective memory of humans can live for hundreds, or even thousands of years.

This, of course, requires speech and memory.

We see something, we remember that thing, and we use our language to tell others.

Now everybody knows about it.

Once we invented writing, this collective memory could span thousands of years.

And with discoveries like the Rosetta Stone, which had three ancient languages side by side, we could even translate ideas from ancient cultures.

Once the printing press was invented, this collective memory of humanity took another step up in the idea-sphere.

Beyond our technology, at our core, we are the same humans.

Ideas in our head are transmitted to others by speech.

And like many other things, the structure of the delivery is often much more important than the content.

What does this mean?

A message coming from a gorgeous, young articulate lady will be seen as elegant and deep.

However, that same message coming from an ugly bald old guy whose breath stinks and he's got gross looking stains all over his pants, not so much.

Same message.

Two different delivery systems.

Two different interpretations.

Most people get this.

This is why gorgeous people are used in advertising.

The desire we feel for the advertising model is subconsciously attached to the product.

Great for beautiful people, but not for us normal folks, right?

Not so fast.

See, there is one critical element of idea delivery that is JUST as important, if not more, than simply the attractiveness of the person delivering the message.

And that is your voice.

There are three critical elements of your voice that will significantly change HOW your message is perceived.

One is your tonality.

With the wrong tonality, nobody will even let you finish.

Two is the speed with which you deliver your message.

Three is the spaces you strategically place within your speech.

They say that music is not based just on the notes, but the spaces between the notes.

Similarly, your message is not just based on the words, but the spaces between the words.

Eye contact is critically important as well.

The worst case is you speak quickly, in the wrong tonality, and no eye contact.

Unless you are giving people directions to a bank that accidentally left their vault open, you won't likely finish.

Best case is confident tonality, carefully placed pauses and strategically used eye contact, and they'll be hanging on very word.

Most people get an idea in their brain and spit it out without much thought.

But once you learn the basic practice exercises in this program, and solidify them with the powerful hypnosis session, you won't be speaking.

You'll be delivering wonderful ideas like beautiful music.

Your lungs, vocal chords, chest and stomach muscles, were built to be an instrument.

Not to get an idea out of your head as quickly as possible before anybody has a chance to reject you.

Once you practice using your instrument, your lungs, your vocal chords and the powerfully delivered words, that, like music, will move their minds to wonderful places, it won't matter what you say.

Just your delivery alone will be attractive.

You'll learn some simple techniques, just by using pausing, that will make them shut off their brains and turn all their attention on you.

And because humans pay such close attention to social cues, everybody will see you talking and them listening.

And everybody will see them seeing that.

Making you as high up on the social hierarchy as you wish to be.

Most people get a thought in their brain and spit it out before they forget.

Simply by managing your breathing, you'll use your breath to not only build deep confidence, but use your powerful lungs and vocal chords to deliver the most pleasing stream of ideas they've ever experienced.

They will be so enthralled by your conversational speaking style they won't even need to pay attention to what you are saying.

Since people who speak deliberately and confidently are so rare today, they'll be drawn to you like long lost lovers after a lengthy separation.

Just like with the halo effect, we humans are programmed to pay far more attention to the non verbal signals.

Which means when you learn how to use your human speaking mechanism like a musical instrument, and play it like a virtuoso, you'll have much more power than even the most gorgeous model.

You will radiate a sense of magnetism so scarce today people will stop mid-thought just to enjoy your sounds.

Your sense of confidence will be so genuine, everything else they'll be thinking of will be forgotten.

The feelings of authority you generate with your voice will be so compelling, people will beg you to do their thinking for them.

What's Included

The first part is the coaching session.

A description of why your voice, and your deliberate use of it is, by far, the easiest and simplest way to skyrocket your charisma and magnetism.

You'll learn the simple exercises to start doing today that will continuously improve how powerfully you use your vocal instrument.

You'll also have a deep hypnosis session, to program these ideas on a subconscious level.

Connecting you to the ancient storytellers of old who ruled large amphitheaters with only the powers of their voices.

Everybody has this potential within them, but few acknowledge it, let alone take any time building it up.

Which means when you do, you will have a huge advantage that few understand, yet all enjoy.

People will gaze at you with much more appreciation and affection.

People will listen to your advice with much more attention and consideration.

Job interviewers will be much more impressed.

Sales will be easier, dates and romantic interests will melt in your presence.

Get this now and leverage your most ancient and powerful skill.

Get this now and float your words and ideas on the most pleasing and compelling sounds they'll ever hear.

Get this now and learn to play your mind-breath-vocal instrument like a world class virtuoso, bringing inspiration to all within ear shot.

Get this now and leverage the power of your breath for deeper confidence, increasingly powerful delivery, and wider acceptance for all your ideas.

Get this now and be a walking wizard, delivering the magic of your voice to a world desperate for true leadership.

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