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Develop The Beliefs, Skills and Magnetism To Start Your Very Own Cult

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Build Your Cult

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Build Your Cult

Cult Leader

Develop The Beliefs, Skills and Magnetism To Start Your Very Own Cult

Ever wonder why some people are so charismatic, so magnetic, so compelling that others just gravitate toward them? 

How those people can lead groups of people to far corners of the world and get them to do the craziest things ever?

Now, I'm not saying that's a good thing.     

If you actually did have a goal of leading a bunch of people out into the middle of the desert to wait for aliens to come and rescue you, I'd recommend professional help.

But consider this.     

Why do people follow such crazy cult leaders? 

How in the heck to they become convinced that there is a hidden spaceship behind a comet that is going to rescue them from their miserable Earthly lives?

Structure Vs. Content

One of the most powerful ideas in hypnosis is the idea of structure vs.    content.     

This pops up all over the place once you understand the hypnotic structure of human existence.

Cult Content

What is the content of most cults? 

The actual idea that they are organized around? 

It's usually something too nutty to even make a sci-fi movie about, let alone build an organization around.     

Something so out there, you'd think that EVERYBODY involved must be crazy.

But Some Cults Get Amazingly Wealthy!

Yet, some of the RICHEST cults around, are the ones with the CRAZIEST ideas.     

So crazy they CAN'T be true.     

So there must be something else going on.     

Something that most people miss.

Secrets of Modeling

One of the hidden and misunderstood tricks inside the whole mishmash of NLP (which has kind of turned into a cult on it's own...) is the idea of modeling.     

Of looking at somebody and copying their behavior.     

This is how you learned to walk, to talk, even to tie your shoes.

Copy Cat People

In fact, for most of history, most human learning came through modeling.     

But then some goof thought it would be a good idea to force kids to sit in uncomfortable chairs and listen to boring people lecture us about boring things all day.     

Before our modern educational system, ALL learning came from modeling.

Early Childhood Modeling

When we were kids, we looked at the grownups around us, and tried to copy what they were doing.     

Walking and talking and everything else.     

The older we got, the more we wanted to copy the adults who seemed to be enjoying what they were doing.

Young Adult Apprentices

If we wanted a job, we'd have to find some guy or gal who was kind enough to let us copy them.     

In exchange, we'd sweep up their shop and do their dirty work.     

Over the years, we'd soon become a master ourselves.

Selective Modeling

But we can take this normally unconscious process, and take it apart.     

So we can look at somebody, and only copy the stuff we WANT to copy.     

Keep the good stuff and leave the junk behind.

Sees Candy Strategy

When I was a kid, sometimes my mom or dad would get these boxes of candy.     

On the outside, they all looked the same.     

But for some, the insides were gross! (like coconut, yech!) 

For others, the insides were GOOD stuff.     

Carmel, chocolate, and more chocolate.     

What's a kid to do in this situation? 

Take a bite and see!

If there was good stuff, we'd eat it.     

If there was yucky stuff inside, we'd put it back.    

Sounds legit, right? 

(Just don't tell mom!)

So, This Cult Thing?

That's what we've done with this course.     

Forget about the crazy ideas those cult leaders are preaching.     

That's like the yucky stuff inside the candy.     

We don't need that junk.     

We only want the good stuff.     

Now, what in the F can be good about a cult?

Cult Leaders Are Insanely Charismatic

In order to get normal people to believe in insane craziness, you've got to have some SERIOUS charisma! 

Consider this mind experiment: 

Suppose an average cult leader decided he DIDN'T want to be a cult leader anymore.     

He wanted to go into real estate.     

What would happen?

How To Make A Fortune

If you could take cult leader skills, but live a normal life, you'd be unstoppable! 

If convincing people to go out into the desert and wait for flying saucers was possible, how many houses could you sell? 

How popular would you be at parties? 

What would your social life be like?

Ditch The Craziness - Keep The Magnetism

That's exactly what we've done with this course.    

 We've modeled plenty of cult leaders, and taken out the yucky stuff (aliens, suicide pacts, murder, evading taxes, hiding out on ships, etc.) and kept all the good stuff.

Batters Box

Ever watch a baseball game? 

When professional baseball players are warming up, they swing a couple of bats.     

Or put a metal donut on to make the bat heavier.     

So when it's their turn at the plate, the NORMAL bat will feel lighter by comparison.     

You can think of swinging two or three bats (when warming up) like being persuasive enough to lead your cult out in the desert and have a party with the cactuses.

Normal Life

When you take cult leader magnetism and apply it to your own life, EVERYTHING will be smoother.     

Heads will turn wherever you go.     

Any kind of persuasion will be a piece of cake.     

The party will follow YOU wherever you go.

Shoot For The Stars

It's long been recognized that if you want to be successful, you need to aim WAY HIGHER than what you really want.     

That is what you'll be doing in this program.     

By training your mind-body system as if you ACTUALLY ARE intending on starting your own cult, then EVERYTHING ELSE will be easier by comparison.

Cult Leader Job Interviews

Do you think preachers who can easily motivate thousands of their flock would have ANY trouble in a job interview? 

They'd be dripping with so much personal magnetism, they'd just need to stare the interviewer in the eye and say, "I think you should hire me," and they would.

Cult Leader Party Skills

Do you think a cult leader would ever be a wallflower? 

Wondering about the right thing to say, or worried about what would happen if he ran out of things to say? 

A cult leader would just walk in, stand in the middle of the room and wait for the party to come to him.

Cult Leader Life

Do you think cult leaders worry about paying the bills? 

Or the state of the economy? 

Or silly things like elections or the state of society? 

A cult leader CREATES his own economy.     

His own society.     

Where We're Going, You Don't Need Roads!

With cult leader skills and the irresistible magnetic energy that'll always surround you, you will be cause, and the world will be effect.     

Worry will be a thing of the past.     

Be Careful!

Of course, this much power CAN go to your head.     

So we STRONGLY recommend you come up with a few hard and fast rules that will keep you from going nutjob crazy.     

To keep yourself grounded in real life.     

To make sure your developing power doesn't go to your head.

Guidelines Included

We've taken care of that for you.     

There are some simple guidelines you can follow, so you don't end up listed with all the other wackjobs in history.     

In reality, there is not much difference between great leaders, cult leaders and great business or religious leaders.     

The difference is HOW they use their energy and power.     

In that regard, these are just tools.

Use Tools For Greatness

But since you've watched this far, you are likely going to use these to build a fantastic life for yourself and those around you.     

To lead others out of anxiety and worry and into happiness and abundance.     

Because you know that inside everybody is the potential for greatness.     

And YOU are going to be the one to set others free.

What's Included

The coaching sessions will include all the information you need.     

All the understandings necessary.     

All the deep meanings behind the similar structures which you'll begin to see everywhere.

You'll also get detailed tour of human history, human nature, why and how humans get together in certain groups.     

The truth of our economic and monetary systems.     

The way to communicate this knowledge to others, so you'll be considered an authority.

To make it easy, you'll also learn plenty of easy exercises you can start doing today to build up your cult leader magnetism and energy.     

How to easily reframe conversations so you will always be in an authoritative position.     

How to frame your advice, no matter how small or large, so it will always be acted upon.

Easy ways to start talking to people, simple questions to ask that will make YOU the authority in their lives.     

To make YOU the one who they will see as having all the answers.     

And after you understand the intellectual ideas in the course, you will.

Coaching Sessions - Conscious Training

Cult Leader Skills

Secret Techniques Of Mesmerism

Communication Skills

Inside Out Persuasion

Outside In Persuasion

Meta Model Secrets

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Switch From Groups To Individuals

Group Influence Techniques

Unanswered Question Exercise

Fearless Speaking Skills

How To Move Large Crowds

Cut Through Surface Level Deceptions

Understanding Human Motivation

The Three Things Everybody Wants

Unstoppable Self Confidence

Easy Exercises To Skyrocket Courage

Magnetic Persuasion Skills

How To Move Their Emotions

The Ancient Emotional Tool

Understanding Human Wants

Unlocking Unlimited Desires

Deciphering Human Aspirations

The Truth Of Maslow's Hierarchy

Why Humans Always Need More

The Necessity Of Mental Trade

Predicting The Human Decision Making Processes

Leveraging Human Weakness

X-Ray Insights Into Human Self-Deception

Unconscious Triggers

Irresistible Power of Authority

Generating Infinite Social Proof

How Reciprocity Made Millions

Slippery Slope Commitment and Consistency

The Scarcity of Information Technique

Comparison and Contrast Secrets Of Billion Dollar Ad Men

Generate Unconscious Rapport

Understanding Basic Economics

Evolution Of Monetary Systems

The Petrodollar Reserve Currency

The Penultimate Concept

The Permanent Scarcity Theory

The Mystery Of Time Preference

Cyclical Flow of Time

Why All Societies Must Collapse

Deciphering The Signs of Collapse

Leveraging The Signs of Collapse

How To Leverage The Ills Of Society

Creating Beneficial Cult Intentions

Keep Your Cult Legal and In High Esteem

Cult Leader Practice Skills

Subconscious Modeling

How To Model Your Own Imagination

Step By Step Cult Building Plan

The Common Pain Of All People

How To Provide Relief

Much, Much More

Get this now and develop rock star confidence and social powers.

Get this now and lead organizations like a pro.

Get this now and built real leadership based attraction and influence.

Get this now and project massive charisma wherever you go.

Get this now and live your true purpose and be the savior they've been looking for.

Get this now and radiate God like magnetism through your sheer presence.

Get this now and build the wealthiest, most powerful cult ever.

Build Your Cult

Cult Leader

Subliminal Sessions

The coaching sessions will give you the knowledge of how complex groups stay together.     

The scientific insight into human nature, both our strengths and our weaknesses.     

The conscious strategies and understandings to build the biggest most successful cult possible.     

The accompanying subliminal sessions will build your inner state to that of a natural cult leader.     

To develop the powerfully attractive inner mindset that makes you turn heads wherever you go.     

Combine the inner magnetism these listening sessions give you and the outer skills and understandings from the coaching sessions.

You will be an unstoppable force of human nature and bring profound changes to those you let into your world.

Three Level Subliminal Programming

These sessions are designed to program your mind on three levels.     

Higher mind, where you know what's happening.

Your inner mind, the border between conscious and unconscious understanding.

Deeper mind, far below your normal level of conscious awareness.

Session Descriptions


Be seen as a timeless leader.     

Resonate with truth and authority.     

Gain instant and deep respect from all who have the luxury of interacting you.

Maximum Authority

Ultimate Respect

Extreme Persuasion

People Feel Safe Around You

People Feel Blessed Around You

Radiate Wisdom

Ideal Reputation

Be Sought By Others

Supreme Admiration

Emotional Resonance

Speak directly to their emotions.     

Cut through surface structure trivialities and move them on deep and profound levels.     

Give them heavenly emotions they won't be able to feel anywhere else.

Calming Presence

Deep Comforting Words

Generate Peaceful Congruence

Alleviate Suffering

Inspire Hope

Create Life Changing Aspirations

Be What Is Missing In Their Life

Solve Ancient Fears

Evoke Profound Changes


Resonate nobility in all areas.     

Emanate expertise in all areas.     

Proclaim through your presence that you stand for truth and all that is good.     

Become a magnet for the very best people society has to offer.

Model Behavior For Others

Model Thinking For Others

Model Beliefs For Others

Be An Inspiring Figure

Be The One They Look Up To

Become Guardian To Their Lives

Lead By Example

Inspire Unwavering Loyalty

Elicit Profound Devotion

Public Speaking Power

Feel at home proclaiming your truth in front of any audience.     

Move them to deep levels of profound resonance, and inspire them to take life changing action.

Move Crowds As One

Erase All Social Fears

Magnify Self Confidence

Inspire Large Crowds To Action

Be In Demand Everywhere

Leverage Any Speaking Opportunity

Become A Leader During Any Crisis

Inspire Great Personal Shifts

Unlimited Social Proof and Authority

Sexual Resonance

Radiate irresistible attractive sexual energy on a subconscious level.     

Tap the infinite source of natural personal magnetism that powers your thoughts, actions and expressions.

Unstoppable Attraction

Magnetic Allure

Irresistible Magnetism

Words Dripping With Desire

Infinite Energy Source

Ancient Powers of Motivation

Powerfully Persuasive Energy

Undeniable Feelings

Wordless Influence

Spiritual Wisdom

Feel a deep connection to infinite intelligence.     

Channel ancient truths in common situations.     

See beyond the mundane, and connect with others in a deep way.

Deep Connection To Truth

Feel Resonance With Infinite Intelligence

Make The Mundane Profound

Powerfully Calming Presence

Healing Gaze

Inspire Peace In Others

Make All Things New

Obliterate All Fears

Teach Sophisticated Truth

God Frame

The ultimate in being.     

Transform any crowd by your mere presence.     

Simply inhale to speak and enjoy the expectant hush washing over your followers opening their minds for your divine message.

Unspoken Authority

Life Changing Presence

Instantaneous Peace

Deep Love of Humanity

Calming Gaze

Transform Entire Crowds

Create Instant Excitement

Life Changing Interactions

Become The Center of Their World

Master Mix

Use to fine tune your cult leader skills or blast your subconscious with all voices and all statements at once.     

Use to build in a deep base of confidence or as the icing on the cake.     

All Sessions Mixed

Gamma Master - Perfect For Real Time Social Activities

4V Theta Master - Quick Confidence Boost

256V Theta Master - Thousands of Voices

Overflow Your Subconscious with New Beliefs

Slow Growth In All Areas

Develop Subconscious God Mode

Get this now and develop rock star confidence and social powers.

Get this now and lead organizations like a pro.

Get this now and built real leadership based attraction and influence.

Get this now and project massive charisma wherever you go.

Get this now and live your true purpose and be the savior they've been looking for.

Get this now and radiate God like magnetism through your sheer presence.

Get this now and build the wealthiest, most powerful cult ever.

Build Your Cult