Deep Connections

Easily Create Powerful Connections At Will

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Deep Connections

Easily Create Powerful Connections At Will

What do friends, lovers and happy customers all have in common?

Happy customers are happy because they've found what they wanted.

A delicious burrito for a fantastic price.

Maybe they've been shopping for a burrito for a long time.

Or maybe it was an impulse buy.

There they were, wandering the streets of happy town, minding their own business, and BOOM!

They laid eyes on the mouth-wateringest, taste bud pleasingist burrito they'd ever seen!

And every bite was pure heaven!

Well worth the $3.99 the helpful burrito seller was asking.

What about friends?

Believe it or not, friendships happen based on the same structure as happy money-burrito trades.

It's not conscious, and it's not nearly as quick as a burrito, but it happens the same way.

Friendships are based on mutual, overlapping pleasure, just like bees and flowers.

We hang out with certain people, and we just vibe.

Others, are kind of meh.

Others just kind of rub us the wrong way.

Why do we click with some people and not others?

We just know.

We've been social long before we learned how to talk.

So it happens very much outside of our conscious awareness.

But we can guess.

We like people because we feel safe and familiar around them.

We can be ourselves around them, and they can be themselves around us.

We have a lot in common.

We like the things they like.

We don't like the things they don't like.

We agree on a lot of ideas.

So yes, even though it happens slowly, organically, and gradually, making friends really is the same as buying a burrito.

A happy exchange that benefits both parties.

Burritos are a one time thing.

Happy friendships can last a lifetime.

What about lovers?

Lovers are like friends, but with sex, intimacy, and if Mother Nature gets her way, the creation of more people.

And since it's kind of hard to have a bunch of families dependent on you scattered all over the place, we tend to think of TRUE love.

We can have a lot of friends of different degrees of closeness.

There're guys you enjoy sports with.

And guys you secretly bury bodies with.

But lovers?

We all seek the one and only.

The deeper the connection, the better.

But how, specifically, these connections are made, is really the same as friends and burritos.

You want to find a lover you have a lot in common with.

Deeper beliefs, like religion, political views, ideas about parenting, saving for retirement, etc.

All these are much, much easier once that deep and powerful emotional connection is made.

That stuff up on the surface is important, necessary, but not pleasing.

That deep connection, that feeling that you get them, and they get you, is enough to weather any storm.

Buying burritos is easy.

"Hey Google, where can I buy a burrito!"

Making friends isn't so direct but if you relax and be patient, it will happen.

Creating deep connections with lovers isn't so easy.

In fact, we have to FALL in love before we can MAKE love.

Making love only works when love already exists.

Or at least both people have an idea it's got a strong chance of coming true.

But love itself comes out of nowhere.

At least, that's how it normally happens.

And guess what, we buy burritos, make friends and hopefully meet that special someone the same way.

We play the numbers game.

Sure, we don't call it a numbers game when we are shopping for the ideal burrito.

But people selling big ticket items certainly call it a numbers game.

We don't call it a numbers game when we're mingling our way through elementary school and making friends with about 2% of the people we'll meet.

But we are playing the numbers nonetheless.

And we very much agree that you MUST play the numbers game if you are looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right.

But it doesn't have to be painful.

Because when you learn how to reverse engineer the process that leads to those deep connections, you'll make deep connections with a lot more people.

This doesn't mean you'll fall in love with everybody.

This doesn't mean that everybody will fall in love with you.

But it WILL, believe it or not, make shopping for your soul mate JUST as enjoyable as shopping for the perfect burrito.

Without this enlightened approach, playing the numbers game within the dating market requires a lot of rejection.

But once you learn the Deep Connections model, there will be no rejection.

Because you won't be asking for anything.

You'll learn a very simple technique to bring out the best in anybody.

And you'll learn a very simple technique to easily express the best about you.

This will be structurally similar to a conversation between an enlightened salesperson and an eager client about a high ticket item.

You ask the client about all the things that are important to them.

Then you show them how what you have is a perfect match for that.

That process is a subset of what you'll learn in this course.

How to elicit the ideal dreams and fantasies of anybody.

Strangers, friends, lovers, parents, children, job interviewers, and yes, potential lovers.

And how to drop hints of your best traits, that just happen to match what they are looking for.

All very low key, so nobody has any ideas what you're doing.

Except for you, of course.

If you are doing this with people you already know, friends, kids, spouses, partners, etc., this will only enhance your relationships.

If you are doing this with strangers, they will very much want a relationship with you.

Best of all, it will be THEIR idea for THEIR reasons.

Just like when you buy a burrito, it's YOUR idea for YOUR reasons.

When you decide to make friends with people and they with you, it's for everybody's own reasons.

What's Included

This course contains three in depth coaching sessions.

Each coaching sessions is matched with three, one-hour, subliminal programing sessions.

One for your higher mind.

One for the boundary between conscious and unconscious.

One for your deeper, subconscious mind.

Coaching Session Descriptions.

Session One

The first coaching sessions shows how all relationships, whether they are short term burrito purchases, evolutionary evolved relationships between bees and flowers, or between friends and lovers are all based on the same structure.

And how this structure, once understood, can easily be replicated.

Friends, short terms sales, big ticket sales and every other relationship must satisfy a surprisingly simple set of criteria.

You'll learn not only how simple it is to satisfy these criteria, but once you do, a mutually enjoyable and overlapping relationship is essentially guaranteed.

Session Two

The second coaching session explains how to expand their criteria.

The things they want.

The things they dream about in their future.

Their ideal house, career, job, and yes, even ideal lover.

But to do so in a very covert and conversational way.

A kind of building up of their relationship binding potential.

Session Three

The third coaching session will teach you a very easy, slow buildup of your biggest and most powerful ambitions.

But more importantly, how to talk about them in a very casual, low-key way.

Further, you'll be able to calibrate the casual expressions of your ambitions based on the context of the conversations.

From creating a nice conversation with a stranger to seducing a gorgeous girl or guy right off their feet and into your life.

The result will be a subconscious feeling of having such a profound and positive overlapping of both of your ideal futures.

Whether that ideal future is between the sheets or the manager they've looking for will be totally and completely up to you.

Subliminal Programming Descriptions

Session One - Connection Generator

Program in the deep and powerful belief that you can create connections with any other human.

That anywhere you go socially, you'll have a plethora of opportunities.

That you are a person worth knowing and you'll have the natural charisma and confidence programmed into you to prove that to anybody you like.

Session Two - Fantasy Expander

Program in the deep beliefs that you can take any random conversation with any random person and get them gushing in no time.

A very simple, pleasant way to not only ease them into fantasy future land, but to help them create it, even if they've never even thought about it.

Even better is they'll never feel on the spot and depending on how far you'd like to take it, they'll forever see you as their hero.

Session Three - Ambition Generator

Turn any vague plans about your future into an absolute burning desire.

A burning desire that will sound like a definite plan when you casually drop hints of your future dreams within any random conversation.

These deep revelations about your bright future will make you come across as those rare individuals who are insanely attractive because you have a massive and compelling plan for your life.

Get this now and never worry about making friends again.

Get this now and turn any stale relationship into an absolute lovefest of unforgettable passion.

Get this now and make hearts skip beats whenever you like.

Get this now and get hired by anybody, regardless of your qualifications.

Get this now and absolutely crave social situations like little kids crave playgrounds.

Get this now and build yourself a social network that will follow you to the ends of the Earth.

Get this now and find your one true love, that will be your loyal secret weapon against a world filled with treachery.

Get this now and build yourself an army of loyal friends and colleagues to help create and protect your empire.

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