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Desire Builder

Easily Create Passion In Seconds

Everybody knows the feeling.

You see somebody across the room.

For whatever reason, you want to make a positive impression on them.

For whatever reason, you want the same thing everybody else wants.

To walk over, engage with them, and leave that interaction with them feeling positive about you.

Maybe you want to make a friend.

Maybe you want to introduce yourself to a famous person.

Maybe you want to make an impression on a hopeful boss.

Or maybe you've got some romantic interest that would feel fantastic if this was reciprocated.

That's the first desire that lives inside of your brain.

Of your heart, of your deep instincts.

This is the desire you have.

This very common, and unfortunately, often ignored desire.

Then there's the desire you WANT.

The desire that you hope exists in them.

For you.

So when they look at you they feel attraction.

Fondness, positive expectation of a positive future.

This is the most common goal, and the most common source of frustration of humankind.

The problem is simple.

How, specifically do you create this desire, in them?

What do you say?

How do you present yourself.

Be yourself?

Run some game?

Use some cocky funny, or push pull, or tell a story about how you saved a family of puppies from a flood?

This is the most common question.

How to get her, or him, to like me.

To like you.

The common strategy is to DO something, or BE a certain way so you'll impress them.

So they will be impressed by you.

This can work.

Over the long term.

If you talked to everybody you were interested in, tried everything, and through a long series of trial and error, you'd finally figure something out.

Hopefully within the next decade or so.

Well, screw that.

We don't want to impress vague people a decade in the future.

We want to impress people we see every day.

Lucky for us, there is a much, much easier way.

A much safer way.

A way that doesn't involve putting yourself out there, only to get rejected.

The answer is to flip the script.

To reverse polarity.

Most people walk over, show something about themselves.

Maybe a joke, or a witty opener.

And then HOPE they find these things impressive.

This technique, the very simple one you'll learn in this program, does the opposite.

To find things impressive about them.

Yes, this is an old strategy.

But the way it's usually expressed far too vague to be of any help.

We want a simple, step by step process.

A way to ask them simple questions.

Questions they will enjoy answering.

See, the problem with simple statements like:

If you want to impress them, be impressed by them!

Is it assumes a lot about the other person.

We assume they'll want to express their deep mysteries to a stranger.

We assume they'll be articulate enough to suddenly, on the spot, give a full fledged, articulately described picture of what they think are the most impressive things about them.

So we can be impressed by them.

According to this strategy, all you gotta do is walk over to a stranger, and say something silly like:

So, complete stranger, why don't you describe to me, in great detail, the most impressive thing there is about you!

Um, yeah, uh, no...

We need a much safer approach.

A much more high probability approach.

One where you do all the thinking.

You do all the asking.

And not goofy questions that expect full fledged answers.

But simple to answer questions.

Questions designed that are not only simple to answer but pleasant to think about.

This will require a bit of brainpower on your part.

But imagine how it will be from their perspective.

With very little thinking on their part, with very little speaking on their part, you'll get some of their most cherished ideas out in the open.

Ideas about their ideal future.

Dreams they've likely never spoken allowed before.

You do the thinking, you ask the simple questions, and they'll give you simple answers.

Simple answers that, every time they give them, will make them feel better and better.

Here's the best part.

Their attraction for you, their desire for you will happen automatically.



No worries about closing or trying to engineer the conversation toward a relationship.

The longer you talk to them, the stronger their desire will be for you.

And once you wrap your mind around this simple process, and once you practice it with friends, even online friends, you'll make strangers feel better than they've ever felt.

Which means they will do all the work to create a relationship with you.

This is based on two simple shifts.

One, an internal shift of temporarily shutting off your ego.

To keep your ego's yap shut so you can focus on them.

And taking the pressure off them to think and try to describe complex ideas.

This dual polarity shift will make them feel fantastic about you.

About the conversation, and about how you effortlessly led the conversation toward their deepest dreams.

What's Included

The first part is the coaching session, where you'll learn all the details how to do this.

The theory, the practice, and the day to day behaviors to turn you into the most wonderful conversationalist anybody's ever met.

A treasure seeker who sees things inside them nobody has ever seen before.

You'll know more about their deep dreams than even their best friends.

Even their parents, their spouses, or even their children.

This will give you an enormous amount of conversational power.

To turn anybody you meet, even the shiest wallflower, into an emotionally gushing fountain of wonderful emotions.

Wonderful emotions they'll associate with you.

Making friends will be easier.

Turning up the fire within existing relationships will be a snap.

Turning tire kickers into desperate customers will be a walk in the park.

Finding out the deepest and most secretive sexual fantasies of a brand new lover will make them, never, ever want to leave you arms.

This also comes with a powerful hypnosis session.

A two part session, one half guided visualization, the other half deep subconscious programming.

These two will combine to program your deep emotional brain with the motivations and skills to turn every potential human into a conversational bliss factory.

The more you naturally and subconsciously make people happy, the greater your network of friends will become.

The more you become an explorer, a treasure hunter into the dreaming minds of all the people whose paths you cross every single day, the more people will crave your presence.

Learn to create conversational ecstasy in everybody you need and never worry about anything again.

Getting jobs will be easier.

Building romantic relationships will be automatic.

Selling anything to anybody will be a snap.

Get this now and never worry about what to say again.

Get this now and make the world your own personal love party.

Get this now and thrive in any economy.

Get this now and be the guy or gal everybody is desperate to be with.

Get this now and make every relationship sizzle.

Get this now and learn the most powerful, the simplest, and most bliss inducing conversational strategy you can use on anybody, anywhere, anytime.

Find Treasure