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Rediscover Your Inner Financial Genius, Awaken Your Latent Money Maker, and Start Building Your Empire

Entrepreneurial Mind

Entrepreneurial Mind

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Entrepreneurial Mind

Entrepreneurial Mind

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Entrepreneurial Mind

Entrepreneurial Mind

Rediscover Your Inner Financial Genius, Awaken Your Latent Money Maker, and Start Building Your Empire

You need more money.    

You want more money.    

How do I know that? 

Because you're human, and all humans are hard wired to want more.    

But don't take my word for it.    

Survey after survey has shown that no matter WHO they ask, the answer is always the same:

Do You Want More Money? 


Millionaires wish they had more money.    

Billionaires wish they had more money.    

People that worry about their rent every month definitely want more money.    

The the answer to the next question is also the same, regardless of income level:

How Much More? 

About Ten Percent!

That's right.    

Those that need to pay the rent would like just a little bit more.    

Those that have billions would like just a little bit more.    

It's almost as if we NEVER have enough! 

Is this bad? 

Is this wrong? 

Are we broken? 


The Story Of Human Genius

See, once upon a time, there was nothing.    

A bunch of hungry cave people and a bunch of animals.     

Now look how much stuff we have! 

This is the result of always wanting more.    

But here's the thing, the deep human need to always want more was around LONG before money was even an idea!

Continuous Improvement

The story of us clever humans is one of continuous improvement.    

We are NEVER satisfied! 

There are always easier ways of doing things.    

Safer ways of doing things.    

More efficient ways of doing things.    

No human on God's green earth is EVER satisfied.    

Unlimited Wants

This present massive opportunities.    

How many? 

The reality is that the number of money making opportunities will ALWAYS increase.    

Why's that? 

Most inventions aren't brand new things.    

Not even close.    

There are really very few absolutely groundbreaking ideas that nobody has ever seen before.    

Most inventions are more like "tweaks" than brand new things.    

Satisfying Human Problems

Because we goofy humans always want to do things, easier, better, faster, cheaper, more enjoyably, (and on and on) this presents a clever entrepreneur like you with PLENTY of ways to satisfy these cravings.    

Most inventions are simply better ways of doing things that people are already doing.    

The Railroad Kings of yesteryear only let people do what they were already doing (traveling) and allowed them to do it quicker and cheaper.    

Bezos, one of the richest guys alive today, simply found a way to help people do what they were already doing.    

Buying and selling.    

The super genius Steve Jobs only figured out a better and more fashionable way to do what we were already doing (talking on the phone and listening to music).    

What's Their Motivation?

Henry Ford, Edison, and every other inventor-entrepreneur had one thing in common.    

They KNEW that if they came up with a better way to do what people were ALREADY doing, they could make some money.    

And the better they solved other people's problems, the more money they made!

Your Entrepreneurial Mind

You are already an entrepreneur, you're just not getting paid for it, at least not nearly as much as you could.    

Every time you've figured out a way to do something better (or faster or easier) you were using your entrepreneurial mind.    

The part of you that looks out into the world and not merely notices opportunities for improvement, but makes those improvements happen, THAT is your entrepreneurial mind.    

The part of you that is ALWAYS thinking about how to do things better, cheaper, faster, more efficient.    

Thoughts Turn Into Things

This is the core of who you are.

You look out into the world, and you see that things aren't quite the way they should be.    

Then you turn that idea into an outcome.    

This thought becomes an action, and that action operates on the world.    And it changes the world.    

You turn thoughts into things all the time.    

Every day.    

Hundreds of times.    

Turn Actions Into Income Streams

Even if you have a regular job, doing the same thing day in and day out, you are participating in entrepreneurial process.    

Somebody has figured out a need, and you are helping fulfil that need.    

Why not take it to the next level?

Money Barriers

It's likely you share the same unhelpful money beliefs that most people have.    

That it feels "wrong" to overtly want more money.    

That purposely creating wealth is somehow insidious.    

That you should somehow just accept the life you've been given.    

But you don't REALLY believe that, or else you wouldn't be listening to this very sentence.    

Because part of you KNOWS those unhelpful ideas about money are not true.    

How To Change Them?

In this course you'll learn why those beliefs exists.    

How they were put in place by those who really run society, and why we believe them.    

Once you see how false these are, you'll unleash an unstoppable creative spirit, happy to finally be set free.    

Creativity Building

Once you get rid of false money beliefs, you'll start to see opportunities around you, every single day.    

Easy ways to solve problems and get paid.    

It doesn't matter if you want to build a multi-billion dollar global empire or if you just want to set up a side business as hobby.    

In this course you'll learn how.    

The True Entrepreneurial Mind

You'll learn the right mindsets that the best entrepreneurs hold.    

You'll learn the simple ideas and concepts that will continuously strengthen these ideas.    

You'll start to think so far outside that box you'll run into a very awesome problem to have.    

Not Enough Time In The Day

You'll start coming up with so many ideas that you won't have enough time to try them out.    

These won't be wishes or half-baked plans, these will be solid business ideas you KNOW will turn into income streams.    

Build All Your Money Skills

You'll learn that money is actually a very simple concept.    

That it follows the simple rules of arithmetic.    

That money is easy to manage once you get those unhelpful ideas and emotions out of the way.    

Even if you are currently struggling with debt, you'll learn how to make money work for you, rather than the other way around.    

Money Chases You

This may be a hard concept to swallow, especially if you've got any kind of financial problems.    

But your natural state as a human being is an attractor of money.    

This isn't any kind of Law of Attraction mumbo jumbo.    

This is just a natural outcome of who you are.    

Of how our minds are programmed.    

Problem Solver

You already know that when you look outside into the world, there are some things that you just can't help fixing.    

Things you just know aren't right, but with just a little tweak here and there, you can put things in proper order.    

This same strategy will get you paid.    



Over and over again.    

How's that?

Everybody Has Problems

Every single human has problems.    

Some are big, some are small.    

Some are monumental, some are trivial.    

What to eat for dinner.    

What to do on Friday night.    

How to improve their relationships.    

How to rearrange their sock drawer.    

These problems will NEVER go away.    

And once you put two very simple ideas together, you can turn your natural problems solving ability into a massive stream of money.    

Solve Problems - Get Paid

You already are a problem solver.    

And once you feel on an instinctive level the absolute truth about money, that it's your birthright, not as a free gift from a metaphysical genie but a natural outcome from solving problems, you will never see the world the same way again.    

Now, you might see the world as filled with problems, and money is just another one of them.    

But when you tweak your ideas and beliefs about you, money and your relationship with money, you'll see every single problem as an opportunity.    

To solve the problem and get paid.    

Whatever Skills You Have Are Perfect

Now you might be thinking, "But I don't know anything."    

"I can't do anything." 

That is absolutely not true.    

The skills you have right now are enough to get you paid.    

A lot.    

All you've got to is start seeing the world the way it truly is, filled with people who'd be happy to give you a couple of bucks to help them.    

And once you figure out how easy this is, just repeat this process as often as you want.    


Yes, seriously.    

This is not magic.    

This is not metaphysics.    

This is not voodoo.    

This is simple human nature.    

This is precisely why humans continue to invent things.    

This is why the entire world is connected.    

This is why we've advanced so far as a species.    

All you need to do is get in the game.    

Because everybody that is IN the game is getting paid.    

Once you join, you'll get paid as well.    

What's Included?

Conscious Learning

Detailed coaching sessions, all with the history, ideas, mind frames and daily exercises that will turn you into a money genius.    

How to fire up your natural genius creativity to look out into the world and see endless opportunities to solve problems and get paid.    

The specific daily exercises that will turn you into a money making genius who sees countless opportunities every single day.    

How to reach the wonderful tipping point, that magical "aha" moment when you get it.    

When you finally understand how simple it is.    

Why Wanting More is Natural

Why Wanting More is Righteous

Secrets Of The Human Condition

Secrets of Non Stop Creativity

How The World Really Works

Why Authorities Lie About Money

The Truth About Irrational Beliefs

How To Abolish Unhelpful Money Beliefs

Secrets Of Human History

Why Humans Are Relentless Explorers

Why They've Turned Off Your Drive

The Nature of Human Nature

Your Social Instincts

Why Seeking Money Is Natural

Why Money Means Helping Others

Why Money Is An Instinct

How Ancient Tribes Became Inventors

How To Tap The Ancient Desire

The Natural Feedback Loop

The Greatest Invention Of All

An Explosion In Creativity

How To Awaken Your Money Genius

How To Out Frame Your Instincts

The False Barrier To Wealth

How To Overcome It

How To Model Human History

Secrets Of Your Imagination

The Goodness Of Money

The Righteousness Of Money

Why More Money Helps Everybody

How To Feel Good About Wanting Money

Why You'll Never Learn This In School

Why You'll Never Hear This From Politicians

Why You'll Never Hear This From Religious Leaders

Why We Believe Money Is Hard

Why We Believe Money Is Wrong

How To Destroy False Money Beliefs

How To Prove New Beliefs

Easy Secrets To Selling Anything

Why Waiting For Customers is Easy

How To Turn Anybody Into an Eager Customer

How To See Their Desires First

How To Talk To Their Desires

Why Most Salespeople Get It Wrong

How To Make Anybody Love You

How To Get Anybody To Help You

Why People Are Desperate For Your Ideas

How To Satisfy Unlimited Human Needs

How To Solve Unlimited Human Problems

Why The Potential For Profits Is Endless

Why More Inventions Lead To More Inventions

Become An Entrepreneur From The Ground Up

Discovering Your DNA Entrepreneur Blueprint

Why An Entrepreneur Is Your Actualized Self

Step By Step Entrepreneurial Skills

Easy Entrepreneurial Mindsets

From Where You Are To Product Genius

The Bare Bones Blueprint To Success

How To Cultivate All The Traits You Need

Why You Are A Natural Business Genius

How To Cultivate Creativity

Unlock da Vinci Genius

Develop Michelangelo Creativity

Discover The Motivation of Edison

How To Tap Ceaseless Creative Energy

The One Thing To Generate Certain Launch

How To Scale Up Forever

How To Unleash Your Relentless Hunger

How To Truly Respect Money

How To Feel In Control Of Money

How To Make Money Your Willing Servant

Develop Deep Love For Money

Appreciate Profound Closeness With Others

How To Understand Money As Pure Energy

The Secrets To Potential Wealth

Finding Hidden Money Fears

Destroying Money Fears

Building In Positive Money Beliefs

Easy Steps To Maximum Social Confidence

Easy Ways To Present Any Idea to Any Person

Feel Confident Presenting Ideas to Groups

How To Get Venture Capitalists Hungry To Invest

Seeing People As Unending Profits

How To Talk To Their Imagination

The Gold Nugget Conversation Strategy

How To Find Gold Nuggets Everywhere

Build Up Powerful People Skills

Quickly Build A Powerful Network

Leverage Exponential Success Strategies

Secrets Of Lateral Thinking

See Things Others Don't

Think WAY Outside The Box

Develop Entrepreneurial X-Ray Vision

One Simple Exercise To Skyrocket Your Success

Daily Drills to Build Intelligence

How To Quickly Master Any Technology

Rapidly Generate Profound Speaking Skills

Daily Habits For Proven Success

Daily Seeds of Future Wealth

How To Take Actions Today Create Fortunes Tomorrow

How To Own Your Life

The First Necessary Step To Turn Thoughts Into Things

How To Create An Unending Flow Of Ideas

From Ideas To Growing Streams Of Income

Get this now and turn skills into income.  

Get this now and live your purpose.

Get this now and master money.

Get this now and get in on the oldest game on Earth.  

Get this now and get rich solving problems.

Get this now and start building income streams.  

Get this now and maximize your money creativity. 

Entrepreneurial Mind

Entrepreneurial Mind

Subliminal Sessions

The coaching sessions will give the historical ideas and mindsets to maximize your entrepreneurial power.        

Exercises to help eliminate all negative money beliefs and ideas.   

Think of this as approaching the issue from the outside in.        

The subliminals will build in these understandings on a subconscious level.        

Three Level Subliminal Programming

These sessions are designed to program your mind on three levels.        

Higher mind, where you know what's happening, your inner mind, on the border between conscious and unconscious understanding, and your deeper mind, far below your normal level of conscious awareness.        

Higher Mind

Awake and alert subliminal programming.        

Listen to these sessions when in any social situation and feel social concerns evaporate.        

Use these when actually out and observing others, from either standpoint.    

Four voices, speaking at once, first and second person, with gamma brainwave inducing sounds.        

Conscious Unconscious Interface

Four voices backed by Theta Brainwave inducing sounds.        

This is when your mind is on the border between awake and asleep.        

The realm of consciousness where thoughts become things, where you can slowly begin to augment your reality.        

Create a visualizing and hold on to that image right at the border between dreams and sleep while your conscious and unconscious are simultaneously reprogrammed.        

Deep Subconscious

These powerful sessions have 256 voices, all speaking at once.        

Create the visualization based on your desired outcome, hang onto it for as long as you can while these careful blends of voices, sounds and gentle noise put you into a deep sleep, where your mind will be reprogrammed on a deep level.        

Session Descriptions

Complacency Destroyer

Absolutely eliminate every doubt, worry or feeling of anxiety that keeps you trapped in your comfort zone.    

Generate the deep drive that compels you to never accept mediocrity again.   

Obliterate All Laziness

Generate Unstoppable Forward Momentum

Erase All Fear Of Failure

Generate Unquenchable Thirst For Success

Never Ending Steps Toward Better Futures

Generate An Infinitely Large Comfort Zone

Never Accept Mediocrity Again

Blast Away All Self Doubt

Perpetual Thirst For Understanding

Creativity Maximizer

Discover your true creative gifts.    

Unlock your inner lateral thinker and start planning life several moves ahead.    

Put simple ideas together and make something new that could be worth billions.   

Unleash Your Genius

Think Laterally

Plan Several Moves Ahead

Fire Up Your Inner Inventor

See Opportunities Everywhere

Solve The World's Problems

Combine Simple Things And Make Them New

Unending Capacity For Creation

Non Stop Intellectual Growth

Financial Brilliance

Never fear money again.    

See money as a true tool that is absolutely obedient to your commands.    

Discover how easy it is to use and manage money like any other tool.   

Make Money Your Servant

Master All Forms of Investments

Comprehend All Financial Concepts

Put An End To Waste

Start Growing Your Nest Egg

Appreciate Your Natural Financial Talent

Recognize Your Money Instinct

Feel Comfortable With All Transactions

Make The Monetary System Work For You

Information Sponge

Never fear learning.    

Easily absorb information, skills and abilities that will significantly increase your earning power.    

Become motivated by financial rewards and destroy any inhibitions to learning success.   

Learn Quickly and Easily

Soak Up Technical Information

Rapidly Understand New Ideas

Quickly Master Any Skill

Compete In Any Area

Start Building Your Genius Mind

Develop Lateral Intelligence

Unlimited Learning Potential

Tap Unending Business Ideas

Money Purity

Blast any negatives ideas about money forever away.    

See money as a measure of satisfaction.    

As an indication of the happiness you've created in others.    

Become irresistibly attracted to money in the best way possible.   

Resonate The Truth Of Money

Obliterate Bad Money Beliefs

Become Naturally Attractive To Opportunities

Magnetize Wealth Opportunities

Become A True Money Magnet

Easily Find Business Partners

Maximize Your Money Instinct

Appreciate The Beauty of Trade

Maximize Your Contribution

Relentless Drive

Love the path.    

Love the act of discovery.    

Appreciate the never ending push toward more efficiency, better progress and increased satisfaction.    

See every day as another building block in your empire.   

Continuous Learning Desire

Not Stop Productivity

Unending Efficiency Growth

Never Ending Hunt For Problems To Solve

Appreciate Infinite Opportunities

Understand Your True Potential

Own Your Life Free and Clear

Tap Your Most Powerful Instinct

Unleash Your Invention Hunter

World Saver

Fully appreciate what it really means to become wealthy.    

To serve others and get paid.    

To solve problems and reap the financial rewards.    

To fully appreciate the greatest truth of all: 

The more people you help, the more money you make.   

Understand The Real Reason For Money

See Yourself As Absolutely Vital

Appreciate The Big Picture

Become A Solver of World Problems

Become A Satisfier Of World Needs

Become An Agent Of World Satisfaction

Unlock Your Global Potential

Tap Into Unending Global Demand

Connect Prosperity and Satisfaction

Destroy Money Beliefs and Launch Your Entrepreneurial Mind

In Depth Coaching Sessions

Relentless Idea Creation

Problem Solving Outlook

Infinite Income Potential

End Financial Problems For Good

Help Others and Get Paid

Build Your Empire

Become A Lateral Thinking Genius

Over Twenty Hours of Subliminal Programming

Lifetime of Potential

Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Genius

Master Mix

Each level comes with it's own Master Mix.    

All voices blended together to fill your mind with positive beliefs about your infinite thinking capability.   

Deep Mind Master - 1792 Voices

Conscious Unconscious Master - 28 Voices

Higher Mind Master - 28 Voices

Get this course now and change your life.   

Re-Claim Your Birthright

Get this course today and start the next phase of your life.    

Leave financial uncertainty behind and unleash your true potential.   

Build Your Empire

Every single human alive has problems they would love for you to solve.    

Use your creative mind to solve them and get paid.    

Get this course now and start saving the world!

Never Ending Opportunities

Squeeze the most of out of your life, generate solutions and wealth with the same problem solving behaviors.    

Use your financial genius to create lasting solutions and continuously growing wealth.  

Get this now and launch the next phase of your life.  

Entrepreneurial Mind