Flamboyant Confidence

Rule Every Party - Win Every Heart - Save Every Soul

Express Yourself

Express Yourself

Flamboyant Confidence

Rule Every Party - Win Every Heart - Save Every Soul

People like people who like themselves.

If you like yourself, really, really like yourself, and aren't afraid to share that with others, everybody will like you.

What or who are "you" anyway?

The eternal question of philosophers and those locked up in the loony bin.

Nobody really knows.

But suppose you just assume the close, with your interpretation of yourself?

Dude, what?

Everybody is nervous when meeting new people.

Everybody wants to be accepted and not rejected.

So we are very careful to not do anything to get rejected.

And we are careful to do things that will hopefully get us accepted.

This is not natural.

We had to learn how to do this.

Kids don't behave like that.

Kids run around screaming their heads off.

Everybody, including YOU, comes into this world pre-programmed with a deep sense of appreciation for yourself and your world.

Then a bunch of crap happens, we grow up and POOF!

Social anxiety.

Well, screw that.

Because here's the thing.

How do we judge each other?

Besides looks, etc.

How do we decide the value each other?

This isn't nice to think about, I know, but stay with me.

We look around a room and subconsciously judge people.

Who is trustworthy, who we'd like to have sex with, who we might pick to be on our team, etc.

But how the heck are we supposed to judge them if we don't know anything about them?

Well, that's the thing.

We don't really judge them.

In fact, we are so nice, we take their value of themselves at face value!

That's how wonderfully friendly us talking monkey people are!

If they think they are awesome, like real awesome, not fake pretend awesome, we'll just take their word for it!

Of course, if they really do believe, really deep down believe, they are awesome they'll generally have tons of proof.

Other people hanging around that also think they are awesome.

So, here's the thing.

If you stroll into a place, and believe you are awesome, really, really believe it, others will as well.

Normally this kind of exuberant self love only happens by accident.

You get a string of successes, you are able to truly be yourself, your best self, your happy expressive self, and everybody wants to be around you.

What if you could feel this way all the time?

All you need to do is get your two best friends on your side.

Now, these two best friends are generally misunderstood.

But they really, really want to help.

They are your guardian angels sent by natural selection to always be looking out for you.

Who, Dear Viewer, am I rambling about?

Your hindsight bias, and your confirmation bias.

One looks in your past, and comes up with an idea of who you are.

One looks out into your future to point out the good things and the bad things.

And like most other things inside of our self aware monkey brains, these still have their factory settings.

When you actually sit down these two behind-the-times helpers, and explain that you want to radiate flamboyant confidence wherever you go, they'll be more than happy to oblige.

In fact, they might even get angry at you for not telling them sooner!

Once you get them fully updated to the modern world, and convince them there aren't tigers hiding behind the curtains down at your favorite meet market, life will be a party.

You'll have the super outgoing expressiveness and adorable cuteness of a happy kid giggling at himself in the mirror.

You'll have your adult mind to choose which behavior is appropriate, and which isn't.

You'll have a working knowledge of the magical social feedback loop.

When you speak to them, whoever they are, and let loose your natural playful charisma to create whatever outcome you want.

Happy smiling laughter.

Out loud silliness.

Lovely eyes gazing back into yours dripping with sexual desire.

Spontaneous and contagiously spreading social bliss that will come pulsing from you like a happy laughing super hero.

Creating a party wherever you go.

Create a more toned down enjoyable conversation with whomever you like.

Reference the best memories from your past.

Project the best expectations into your future.

Show up anywhere, scan the crowd and find the best party people in the joint and share your love of life.

Magnetize your genetically programmed love of life that says wherever YOU are is the absolute best place to be.

What's Included

Three coaching sessions designed to scramble your brain and rewire all your love-neurons to see pleasure potential everywhere.

Three subliminal sessions, three levels each, which means nine hours of programming to rewire your past and future so now is always a wonderful place to be.

Session Descriptions


Session One describes the nuts and bolts of where social fear comes from.

The incorrect assumptions we make in micro seconds and how to shut them down.

The reason why everybody is desperate for you to be flamboyantly confident to save them from their own prison of social anxiety.

Session Two describes how and why hindsight bias is a necessary survival tool.

How to recalibrate it to find the best memories to reference for any social situation.

Why once your hindsight bias is recalibrated, you'll never fear social situations again.

Session Three explains the equally critical confirmation bias.

How to recalibrate your confirmation bias to find only the most likely party people that will most likely love your flamboyant confidence.

That when you combine your recalibrated hindsight bias and confirmation bias, you'll see strangers as an opportunity for love.

Subliminal Sessions

One - Past Love

Recalibrate your mind to only reference positive past experiences.

To remember and amplify your best self.

To cherry pick whatever memories you want to give you the best possible feelings in social situations.

Two - Now Love

To enjoy the now more than anything else.

To create the now feeling of childhood curiosity pleasure.

To radiate such a now appreciation of yourself that everybody will want some of you.

Three - Future Love

This will build such a positive expectation of any future you want to imagine.

To eject the false idea of finding the best party places and instead create the best party place wherever you want.

Combined with your past and now future, everything you do will be magnified with positive expectations of flamboyantly confident communication and interpersonal love.

Get this now and make the world your playground.

Get this now and save others from the terrors of mediocrity.

Get this now and become an infectious spreader of charisma.

Get this now and detonate love bombs everywhere.

Get this now and create social orgasms wherever you go.

Get this now and play like a kid again.

Get this now and explore life with relentless abundance.

Express Yourself