The Most Powerful Misunderstood Hypnotic Technique

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The Most Powerful Misunderstood Hypnotic Technique

Timing is everything.

Telling a punch line is a thousand times funnier with the perfect timing.

Asking a girl or a guy out is a lot easier with proper timing.

If you want to bake a pork roast, your timing better be on point or you might kill everybody!

Everybody knows about the three second rule.

Everybody knows you gotta strike when the iron is hot.

Those who hesitate, well, you know the rest.

But sometimes timing is not nearly as important as another powerful tool of communication.

And that is pacing.

Of course, timing and pacing are related.

They are both based on time.

But timing is more about when.

Pacing is more about frequency.

And when it comes to having a friendly conversation, or a friendly relationship, or a red hot steamy roll in the hay, frequency is way, way more important than timing.

Right timing gets the ball rolling.

Right frequency keeps the ball rolling.

Frequency of what exactly?

That's precisely what you'll learn in this course.

All about the idea of fractionation.

Long ago, an experimental hypnotist wanted to hurry up his progress.

He wanted to heal people more quickly.

More effectively.

More pleasantly.

And as you'd expect, it took people a while to feel comfortable being hypnotized by this guy.

But every time they'd come back to his office, they would trust this guy a little bit more.

They would go a little bit more deeper into trance.

This sounds very much like dating.

Or building friendships.

Every time you meet somebody, or they meet you, you go a little bit deeper.

You feel a little bit more confident.

More expressive.

More open.

More playful.

More like your true, genuinely attractive self.

But this hypnotist didn't want to wait three or four weeks until his patients were comfortable enough to let him lead their imaginations.

He wanted to be able to do that more quickly.

So he tried an experiment.

He brought them into trance, and out of trance, several times during one session.

And guess what?

He was able to achieve in one session what used to take him six weeks.

Turns out it's not the time between sessions that does the trick.

It's how many times they go in and out of trance.

But here's the best part.

This is the origin story of fractionation.

Take something trancey, break it into small pieces, and bring them in and take them out of that trance several times.

And each time, they'll go deeper.

Each time, they'll trust you more and more.

Each time, it will be much easier for you to guide their thinking.

Guide their dreaming.

Guide their fantasies.

But even better, fractionation happens all the time.

Every time you start reading a page from your favorite author, you're back into your own personal story-reading trance.

Deeper and more enjoyable than last time.

Every time you watch your guilty pleasure serial drama, you go back into TV trance.

Hypnosis is a squishy topic.

It's really something you can't measure, but it exists in many forms.

We can, however, boil down our mental state.

Normal, every day life thinking and speaking.

About normal things.

Then there are trance like dream states we enjoy.

Movies, TV shows, driving or listening to somebody we like do this conversationally.

Switching back and forth, in and out, just like a slow comfortable breath.

Normal conversation, hypnotic conversation.

In, and out.

Back, and forth.

The really good news is there are many, many kinds of hypnotic communication.

Telling a quick, hypnotically powered, emotionally rich story you heard from a friend of a friend.

And then back to a normal conversation.

Shift into a special kind of question and answer hypnotic state they'll love.

Then back to a normal conversation.

And every time you slide in and out of your wonderfully compelling hypnotic frame, they'll go deeper and deeper into trance.

You can do this with friends, colleagues, bosses, customers, strangers and potential lovers.

Move their minds in and out of hit-and-run bliss.

Create a resonance of emotions normally reserved for their most cherished romantic fantasies.

Something they will never find anywhere else.

All unexpected.

All blissful.

And all absolutely controlled by you.

What's Included

Three coaching sessions describing everything you need to know about fractionation.

What it is, how it was discovered and more importantly, how to use it conversationally to create deep and irresistible desire.

Three subliminal sessions, three versions each, to program the deep conversational confidence to speak hypnotically on three levels at once.

Coaching Sessions

Session One is the fractionation origin story.

How a hypnotist discovered fractionation and how he used it to significantly decrease the time needed to put somebody in an extremely deep trance.

The many, many ways everybody experiences fractionation within the many naturally occurring trance states.

Session Two describes the basic structure of how to fractionate on a conversational level.

How to create a hypnotic story reservoir of short, one minute hypnotic injections to randomly drop into a conversations to bring them deeper and deeper.

How to bounce into and out of these short one minute hypnotic stories based off their conversational content so you'll be able to seamlessly create wonderfully fluent trance states.

Session Three is all about the various kinds of hypnotic states that can be elicited conversationally.

Three specific kinds of trance states that will all seem completely different to them, but will conspire together to make them feel better than they've ever felt.

How to play the fractionation long game to give them an interpersonal relationship experience they'll never find anywhere else.

Subliminal Sessions

One - Deliberate Language

Never speak haphazardly or randomly again.

See each one of your words as a single note in the beautiful conversational symphony your are creating.

Use your words to slowly shape and lead their emotions.

Two - Emotional Magician

Feel and resonate any emotion you like.

Get them eagerly following you emotionally, from whatever state they are in to whatever deeper and more blissfully hypnotic state you want them to be in.

Turn any random conversation with any random person into a wonderful ride of emotional pleasure they'll never forget.

Three - Hypnotic Frame

Build a deep and subconscious frame of magnetically attractive hypnotic presence.

Hypnotize them with your eyes, your breathing and your energy.

Shift in and out of this magnetic hypnotic state with ease and get them willing to do anything to stay inside of your pleasing frame.

Get this now and master the art of fractionation.

Get this now and see the world in a much more profound way.

Get this now and see all interpersonal interaction as a source of mystical pleasure.

Get this now and learn the true power of your words.

Get this now and embrace the mesmerizing fluidity of human thought and human language.

Get this now and slide right into any heart and mind you like.

Get this now and learn the most profound application of human communication.

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