Goal Setting Sucks

Recalibrate Your Success Mechanism

Goal Setting Sucks

Goal Setting Sucks

Goal Setting Sucks

Recalibrate Your Success Mechanism

The yo-yo diet is famous.

You decide to lose some weight.

You build up your momentum.

You lose some weight.

But then you give up.

And gain it all back.

And your weight goes up and down like a yo-yo.

This is common.

This is frustrating.

And, lucky for us yo-yo people, this is easy to fix.

How so?

Because parallel to our common yo-yo success strategy, we have a much more effective success strategy.

A much more ancient success strategy.

One that never fails.

For example, you have a hunger instinct.

And this hunger instinct always gets what it wants.

The longer you go without feeding it, the stronger it gets.

All our ancient instincts are like this.

We wouldn't have survived otherwise.

Our instincts, our subconscious goal setting strategies are powerful.

So powerful that in the battle between instinctive drives and consciously chosen goals, our poor conscious minds don't stand a chance.

So, why keep up the battle?

Why keep fighting?

Do we give in?


We understand the success strategies of our instincts.

Of our unconscious goal setting system.

Our unconscious and relentless goal achieving system.

So instead of coming up with our own strategies, which always end up in the yo-yo outcome, we recalibrate our existing goal setting strategies.

To leverage the system that's been working for us since the dawn of time.

To make it much simpler to get whatever you want.

To make it much more automatic to get whatever you want.

In this program, you'll learn how.

How to choose a few directions to go in.

More money, better health, better relationships, etc.

And how to set off your automatic goal acquisition system.

And get closer, every single day.

For the rest of your life.

What's Included

Full Manual - Detailed Goal Re-Calibration Process

Rapid Learning System

Transfer Information From The Book Directly to Your Brain In Minutes

Guided Imagination Sessions

Relax your mind and listen passively while the low level hypnotic sessions deliver the foundational ideas directly into your subconscious.

Session One is why setting goals deliberately and consciously is not the best way to go about it.

The structure of the human condition.

How and why we are not designed to be conscious goal setters.

Session Two is the structure of the world around us.

How the world works and why we'll never be able to predict it, making setting goals essentially impossible.

Why the world is based on mathematics far too complex for anybody to understand.

Session Three is a much more enlightened way to set goals.

Why all we need is a direction to go in and our auto pilot mechanism will do the rest.

Why going slower and doing easier things is the quickest way to move forward.

Subliminal Sessions

Program your deep mind with the drives and decisions to keep moving forward.

One - Human Condition Mastery

Operate within your natural system for maximum success.

Understand yourself and understand others.

Leverage your natural strengths and eliminate weaknesses.

Two - Success Engineering

Recalibrate your ancient success mechanism for the modern world.

Make every day a step forward to bigger achievements.

Wake up and feel your purpose.

Three - Epic Ambition

Frame your life as a magnificent journey that will be remembered.

Dream much bigger than you ever have before.

Live your daily life as a continuous creation of greatness.

Get this now and leave failure behind.

Get this now and be a magnet for success.

Get this now and turn dreams into reality.

Get this now and be driven by true ambition.

Get this now and thrive.

Get this now and become a beacon of hope to others.

Get this now and engineer your life to perfection.

Goal Setting Sucks