God Frame

Radiate Heavenly Frame Strength And Enjoy Infinite Social Power

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Get God Power

God Frame

Radiate Heavenly Frame Strength And Enjoy Infinite Social Power

Whenever we communicate, there is the content.

And there is the frame.

The stronger you believe in your content, the stronger your frame will be.

Most people have fairly weak frames.

Even the best sales people only get about a 10% closing rate.

This means that 90% of the time, they are being out-framed.

If you play the dating numbers game, every time you don’t get a number, or a second date, you are getting out-framed.

Most people, even those who understand the concept of frame, can’t agree on what it is.

Let alone how to strengthen it.

And most people who have naturally strong frames really don’t have any idea why.

Perhaps they’ve had a random string of successes.

They’ve managed to luckily slip into a self fulfilling cycle of easier and better success.

Or perhaps they happen to be born with a certain kind of belief in their content.

The things they want.

The things they want others to do.

The things they believe.

But it is possible to build a stronger frame.

Not just a little bit stronger, but a lot stronger.

What happens when you continuously strengthen what most people don’t even know exists?

What happens when you understand what frame really is, when most people have no idea?

In this course, you’ll learn two very powerful mindsets that will not only show you how to continue to increase your frame, but to significantly accelerate the process.

Without question, whoever has the strongest frame will get their outcome.

Cult leaders have, by far, the strongest frames of most people.

But this is a bit deceiving.

They have the strongest frames with a group of self selected followers.

Self selected followers who are just as messed up in the brain as their crazy cult leader.

But what happens when you purposely build your God Frame to match precisely with what normal people want?

When you give them advice, and they know, just know, it is the perfect advice?

When you give them genuinely helpful advice from not only the God Frame but from a pure heart of outcome independence?

They will feel this.

They will appreciate this.

They will remember this.

They will feel better for having been helped by you.

You will feel better for having helped them.

Because with both an understanding of basic human nature, and a sufficiently built up God Frame, you will know.

Within just a few moments, you will know what they want and what they need.

From inside our own confused minds in a world of chaos and uncertainty, everything is frustrating, hit or miss, dangerous and terrifying.

But with a God Frame, which includes the heavenly presence of outcome independence, everything will make sense.

Now, this does come with a strong warning.

A pure God Frame is only possible if you really do want the best for everybody.

If you really do want to help others simply for experiencing the pleasure of helping others.

If you attempt to use a false frame of dominance to manipulate or exploit people, they will know.

But you’ll learn something from building up a God Frame filled with genuine outcome independent based pleasure of being a source of happiness.

That is everything you could possibly want in life will be a natural byproduct of the God frame.

Stress free persuasion and communication.

Inner God Frame

You’ll learn about the structure of mind and the structure of thought.

The several ways to meditate that will give you an immediate boost of peace.

Walking, open eyes meditation where you notice all the human pleasure around you, and allow it to drive your thought.

The powerful God consciousness meditation, that combined with a unique sound, will allow you to commune briefly with infinite intelligence.

Several daily meditation practices that will utterly destroy any stress, fear and anxiety.

How to build up your inner God consciousness stronger and stronger so it will come through your gaze and your voice.

Outer God Frame

We still live in the world.

You still need to eat, to make money and to create genuine relationships.

The outer God Frame must be connected to reality.

To your ability to imagine your future which must be an extension of your past.

The longer you can feel your past, the greater you can sense your future.

The more you straddle the now, the past and a future, the less you’ll need to worry about the now.

This includes everybody you speak to.

With a long enough past stretching into a long future, those you speak with on a daily basis will know you are different.

You’ll have a sense of peace and confidence not found in modern men and women.

When you combine the inner God Frame daily meditations, and the outer God Frame future building, each day forward will continue to strengthen your naturally expressed frame of wisdom and courage.

Day by day, you will be strengthening that which few understand.

A frame of godlike strength centered around content of heavenly love and purity.

Every day forward, your frame and content will stand out far beyond the common man or woman who lives life filled with anxiety and fear.

They, living lives of quiet desperation.

You, living life of fuller truth and certainty, deeply connected to ancient truth, love, and conviction.

You, standing head and shoulders above all with each passing day.

Being more of a beacon of hope with every passing day.

Building a stronger inner sense of self that you will feel connected to all there is, with each passing day.

Turn your gaze to them and get them smiling like happy children.

Reach into their mind, and give them the peace they seek.

Allow your wisdom filled words to wash over their worried minds giving them a rare sense of peace.

What’s Included

This comes with three coaching sessions that give you the theory, the daily practice exercises and the framework to understand the God Frame.

The daily exercises and meditations to help build your God Frame from both the inside out and the outside in.

Each coaching sessions is connected to three, one hour subliminal sessions.

One for your higher mind.

One for the boundary between conscious and unconscious.

One for your deeper mind.

Combine the meditations and exercises from the coaching sessions, with the subliminal programming sessions to create a God Frame so strong you’ll be absolutely mesmerizing in every conversation, in front of any crowd.

Coaching Sessions

Session One explains the theoretical framework.

A few metaphorical mind shifts to help understand why the God Frame is so compelling to others.

The main components, both inner and outer, that must be present in a God Frame.

Session Two describes the various meditations and imaginations.

Both silent, eyes closed meditation and eyes open, walking meditations.

How to develop a deep connection to the infinite through your own self awareness and your interactions with others.

Session Three describes the daily behavioral practices.

The real world, interactive beliefs and communication strategies to connect your inner God Frame to the outer world of mostly unenlightened people.

The time based, inner mind reflection from your past and your future that will have you always resting on a better now state.

Subliminal Sessions

One - Love Glow

How to radiate a pure energy of ego free concern for all those around you.

Develop a deep belief in your ability to sustain your God Frame through the detached outcome viewpoint.

How a pure desire to uplift others that is completely separate from outcome will make you the most attractive person they’ve ever seen.

Two - God Consciousness

Build in a deep belief that you can feel the presence of the infinite.

To detach from the normal human view of separateness and develop a deep inner connection to the divine.

How to perceive the universe as it truly is, separate from human models - a infinite and timeless energy field of God energy.

Three - God Frame

Develop a deeply true belief in your own infinite power.

A profound inner connection to the divine that will support your thoughts, your words and your non-verbal energy.

Walk with such power and confidence that you eradicate negative feelings and self beliefs with your presence.

Get this now and realize the truth of your existence.

Get this now and develop the daily habit of love.

Get this now and leave your previous self behind and enter into the next phase of your life.

Get this now and hand out good feelings and pleasure to everybody.

Get this now and turn a simple compliment into the best thing that’s ever happened to them.

Get this now and develop your inner angelic presence.

Get this now and maximize your absolute best self.

Get God Power