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  Human Thought Process
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  Language Structure
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  Unpacking Complex Emotions
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Cold Reading

Know Their Thoughts - Read Their Mind - Predict Their Future

The ability to understand the thoughts of others is powerful. 

Billions of dollars is spent every year in one form of another to be told what to do. 

Since the dawn of time people have sought the guidance of those who see beneath the surface.

Ancient Seers

Every empire, every kingdom, every village had a seer. 

One who was consulted when problems arose. 

The King of Sparta famously consulted the Oracle before the battle of Thermopylae. 

Even Nancy Reagan consulted with a psychic.

Seekers of Wisdom

We all want to know what to do when problems arise. 

We all need to be comforted when we are worried. 

People visit professional psychics for the same reasons we visit the doctor.

You’re Going To Be Fine

We have a weird feeling. 

Maybe a cough or a lump. 

Our mind races with worry. 

We see the doctor and she tells us we’re fine. 

We’re not going to die. It will pass. 

People visit psychics for the same reason. 

To be told they will be fine. 

That everything is going to work out.

Love And Money

We all crave relationships, and when we don’t have them, we worry. 

We all want more money, so when the bills start piling up, we worry. 

We seek comfort in times of worry. 

We seek solace in time of emotional pain.

Universal Desires

Within every chest beats the same heart. 

Within every mind lives the same desires, worries, and anxieties. 

This gives you, Dear Viewer, a keen insight into the minds of others.

Cold Reading Explained

Cold reading skills are not paranormal. 

Cold reading is not telepathy. 

Cold reading is not the ability to foretell the future, or discern winning lottery numbers. 

Cold reading is exactly what it sounds like.


This means you need very little information. 

You’ll see a person and only need to quickly judge the situation, read their body language and facial expressions. 

You’ll learn to do this in seconds.


You’ll gain some powerful insights that will allow you to know exactly what they are thinking. 

Exactly what they want. 

Exactly what they desire. 

Exactly what they are most worried about.

Ideal Future

Even better, you will know exactly what kind of future they most dream about. 

The things that they fantasize about. 

Their deepest hopes and aspirations. 

Things they don’t share with anybody else. 

But you will know.

Ideal Message

You will learn to craft the ideal message for any person. 

You will be able to pace their current desires and anxieties. 

You will be able to draw a line from their present to their most cherished future. 

Their biggest dreams they haven’t shared with anybody.

The Oracle

You will learn to do so with such precision, such accuracy, they will think you can peer directly into their soul. 

They will feel a deep resonance with you they haven’t felt with anyone else. 


The Result

Whether you want to learn this powerful skill for party tricks, for deep and permanent seduction, or to sell anything to anybody, you’ll find this is the most powerful communication system you may ever learn. 

Within minutes and only a few sentences of cold reading magic, they will never forget you. 

You’ll be able to walk up to strangers and utter a few careful words that will resonate with them for the rest of their lives.

Extended Conversations

You’ll learn some powerful techniques that will allow you, with just a few simple questions, to find out exactly where they are, and precisely where they want to go.

Vague Delivery

You’ll be able to take their dreams and desires and phrase them with powerful hypnotic language so they’ll remember it as being absolutely precise. 

A powerful combination of deep mental processing with common human biases, and people will learn to greatly respect your very presence.

How Is This Possible?

This is not magic. 

This is pure science. 

By combining a deep understanding of human nature, human biases, hypnotic language patterns and the deep cause-effect generator which lives deeply in everybody’s mind, you will learn to deliver powerful statements that resonate with their soul.

The Prime Directive

You’ll learn the one thing that everybody craves more than anything else. 

Paradoxically, this is something that when presented consciously, nobody would ever admit to wanting this. 

But when presented subconsciously, obliquely, subtly, it is something every single human will respond to.

Embedded Deeply In Your Message

When you carefully imply this prime directive deeply into your cold reading message, they will become hopelessly addicted to you, your voice, and your ideas. 

They will crave your advice, your guidance, and your support.

Secrets Of Delphi

You will learn the very secrets of the Oracle of Delphi, whom King Leonidas consulted before the most famous battle of western civilization. 

The same technique used by sages and charlatans alike. 

This one idea, combined with your understanding of human nature, will make you a wizard.

Use With Caution

This guide was written with the express desire to teach you how to talk to people and make them feel fantastic within minutes. 

Anything this powerful can be abused. 

Create Happiness

This tools are best used to make others feel blessed by your presence. 

To feel more positive about the future. 

To be more excited to be alive. 

To recall their encounter with you as being the turning point in their lives.

Create Connections

When practicing these techniques, we recommend you use these on strangers first. 

This is because you’ll need to change your conversation style slightly. 

But once you get the techniques down, you can use them on anybody.

Deepen Relationships

Your relationships will be much more profound. 

You’ll communicate with others on a much deeper level. 

You will know the secretive minds of all around you. 

And they’ll know that you know. 

And they’ll love you for it.

Create New Relationships

Friends, lovers, colleagues, buddies, all will respond positively to these ideas. 

Once you understand how other people really think, and learn to resonate with their thoughts, life will become magic.

Not A Set Of Tricks

This isn’t a gimmick or a set of patterns. 

This requires study, understanding, and practice. 

A comprehensive overview of human nature, human thinking processes, and deep thought pattern similarities. 

Once you learn to see these in everybody, you will know. 

Become A Walking Wizard

The ideas and exercises in this guide will teach you become a word magician. 

You’ll develop the ability to read somebody in seconds and deliver a few simple words that will resonate for a lifetime. 

Get this guide now and get world class skills.

Control Their Emotions

These skills will allow you to take anybody and carefully and deliberately move their emotions to anywhere you want them to be. 

Bring them out of despair and into hope. 

Turn their depression into happiness. 

They’ll recognize your profound skills and never forget you. 

Get this guide now and become a changer of lives.

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Cold Reading - Subconscious Programming

Your training course comes with over fifteen hours of powerful subconscious programming to train your deep mind to become a much more effective cold reader.

Listen to or watch the training videos for your conscious mind. 

Listen to these subliminal programming sessions for your subconscious mind. 

The two will synergistically combine to quickly accelerate your powers of cold reading. 

Each of the seven titles comes in both four voice and 256 voice versions.

The four voice sessions will program you right on the border between conscious and subconscious. 

The 256 voice versions are perfect to listen to before going to sleep at night, so you can slowly build in the subconscious skills of a cold reader deeply into your personality.

Best Way To Use

The training videos themselves are filled with plenty of reframes and carefully constructed teaching hypnosis to deliver a ton of information. 

Watch through the training videos once with your full attention, stopping to takes notes when needed. 

Then listen through passively, whenever and as often as you can. 

Every time you have new experiences, you'll be able to understand the training sessions on a deeper level.

You'll naturally shift your awareness to seeing the body language and thought patterns by others in real time. 

This three way learning system will transform the way you can effectively read the deep emotions, fears, anxieties and desires of others. 

Each subliminal sessions is an hour long and each has over four hundred individual statements. 

They are designed to absolutely obliterate maximize any limiting beliefs you have about being able to use the techniques from this course.

They will also rapidly accelerate your cold reading skills, so you'll become a master of cold reading.

Subliminal Programming Sessions

Session One - Automatic Rapport

This session will program you to instantly and unconsciously create deep rapport with anybody.

Create a powerful sense of trust.

Make them feel completely safe and open around you.

Even if you've just met, they'll feel instantly comfortable with you and feel as close to you as on old friend.

When you create deep rapport with others, their thoughts will be much easier for you to read to maximize your cold reading impact.

Session Two - Emotional Depth

This will program you to understand the deep complexities of their emotions.

Be able to pace and understand their emotions much more deeply than they can themselves.

Use your understandings of their emotions to predict their actions and understand their true intentions.

See deep beneath their surface structure language to accurately interpret what they are really feeling, even if they aren't ready to admit it.

Session Three - Linguistic Genius

This will program you to be an absolute wizard of language. 

Learnt to speak in artful vagueness that will generate powerful interest in your message.

Pace, capture and lead their emotions to wherever you like.

Easily them from whatever emotional state you find them in, to whatever emotional state you'd like them to be in.

Speak with such linguistic power they only need to listen and follow your words, and their emotions will be under your total control. 

Session Four - Motivator

This will program you to uplift and inspire people by your mere presence.

Talk to them for just a few minutes and they'll feel much better than they have in a long time.

Because you are the one creating such positive feelings in them, they will naturally associate those positive feelings with you.

Just the thought of you will spark those same fantastic feelings about the future.

You can use your powers of motivations on anybody, and for any reasons you like.

Session Five - Dream Enhancer

This will program you to be able to peer deeply into their soul and find their deepest dreams and build them up to massive yearnings and compulsions.

Take any wallflower and get them excited about things they haven't thought about in ages.

Walk up to strangers and quickly get them excited about their purpose.

Become the person who is known for helping people to remember their dreams, remember their passions and reawaken their purpose. 

Session Six - Subconscious Communication

This will program you to see beneath the surface of ordinary conversations.

Understand the massive non-verbal communication that is flowing back and forth all the time, yet scarcely noticed.

Learn to instantly read an entire room and understand who is open, who is the most closed off, and who will be the most enjoyable conversational partner.

Read between the lines of any conversation and understand what they really mean.

Gain the non verbal skills of seasoned FBI interrogators, and see everything they might be hiding.

Session Seven - Magnetic Gestures

This will change your own subconscious communication to that of an A list performer.

Subconsciously and fearlessly project gestures, facial expressions and body language and build any emotions you want without ever needs words.

Become a master of emotional implantation, and learn how powerful wordless communication can be.

Read and interpret, or project and lead, all will be possible with you unlock your deep powers of non verbal communication.

Over three hours of conscious training, over 15 hours of subconscious programming.

Get this course now and become the most powerful communicator on Earth.

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