Strongest Presuppositions

Commentary Adjectives and Adverbs

luckily, fortunately, happily, remarkably

Luckily, since have already made a commitment to yourself to become the best cold reader on earth, your future is going to be spectacular!

Luckily... (thing you want to be believed as true)

Comparative As

Few things are as powerful as learning to deliver powerful and wonderful cold readings to people to make them feel fantastic.

Few things are as... (good thing) as (what you want to be believed as true)

Factive Verbs and Adjectives

realize, aware, know, regret, believe

Once you realize the true power of cold reading, you'll never see communication the same way again.

Once you realize (thing you want to be believed) then you'll (thing they will most likely want)

Relative Clauses

noun + who, which, that

People who study cold reading make way more money and have tons more sex than normal humans.

People who (do what you want them to do) (have positive things)

Change of Time Verbs

begin, start, stop, etc.

When you begin to see the power of cold reading, you'll want to keep practicing until you are the most famous cold reader on earth.

When you begin (thing you want them to do) you will (thing you know they will want to do)

Pseudo Cleft Sentence

what is X about Y is...

What is amazing about cold reading is that it's based purely on science, but all your friends will think you have super human skills of telepathy.

What is fantastic about (thing you want them to think or believe) is that (positive trait you know they want)

Subordinate Clause of Time

after, before, since, while

After you become skilled in cold reading, getting jobs and dates will be a piece of cake.

After you (do the thing you want them to) you will (get the thing you know they want)

Cleft Sentences

It is... It was....

It is the power of the cause effect generator that lives in our brains that gives cold reading its effectiveness.

It is (something that is true) that makes (something you want them to believe) + (good thing)


only, even, just, except

It will only take a few weeks of consistent practice and you will develop world class skills that will open all kinds of new doors for you.

It will only take (small cost) to get (massive benefit)

Ordinal Numbers

first, second, third, etc.

The second thing you'll discover about cold reading is it makes you naturally charismatic and in-demand socially.

Any use of any ordinal number presupposes the rest of the ordinal numbers.

Complex Adjectives

new, old, previous, present

Any old ideas you had about any difficulties of cold reading can be forgotten once you see how easy it is to transform people's thinking.

Any old ideas about (old bad thing) can vanish when you see how (positive new thing) can help you.

Some Quantifiers

all, each, every, some, few, many,

Everybody who practices these techniques finds plenty of new ways to use them that other people will never consider.

Everybody who (thing you want them to do or believe) finds that (access to desired thing is easy).

Change of Place Verbs

come, go, enter, depart, leave

When you leave behind old ways of thinking, you'll find out just how simple it is to give accurate cold readings to nearly anybody within minutes, which will be profoundly impressive and appreciated.

When you leave behind (old thinking you don't want) you can enter into (new thinking you want them to have).

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