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Learn The Deep Secrets of Automatically Creating Irresistible Attraction in Women So They Pursue You and Be On Their Best Behavior In Hopes of Catching You

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Get Pursued By Gorgeous Girls

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Get Pursued By Gorgeous Girls

Manifest Women

Learn The Deep Secrets of Automatically Creating Irresistible Attraction in Women So They Pursue You and Be On Their Best Behavior In Hopes of Catching You

The one thing that most men will never get enough of is attention from the opposite sex.     

If you're a guy you don't get nearly enough action from the ladies as you'd


Maybe some, maybe none.

Think about your current level of success with the ladies.    

Give it a name.     

Label it, identify and take a good mental look at it.     

Then kiss the f*** goodbye.

Because whatever you've been told about getting ladies is not working.     

Sure, you may have a logical understanding of the difference between men and women.     

Maybe you've read a few books.

Yet here you are, wondering why you always WANT, but you rarely GET.

That Changes Now

What you will learn in this course, and what will be programmed into your mind with these cutting edge subliminal programing sessions will forever change how you view women.

Because you will be transformed, from the inside, to be a natural attractor of women.     

You will walk the Earth with so much power and confidence you won't even need to lift a finger.     

Well, that's not entirely correct.     

Some women are pretty shy.     

But when you see how they are looking at you with those desperate doe eyes of innocence, you may take pity on them.     

Because at the same time, they'll be attracted to you, but also too shy to approach you.     

Because you will be different than most men.

Driven Man

You will be a driven man.     

Radiating natural authority and social proof.     

The kind of man she rarely sees, ever.     

Maybe on TV, but certainly not in person.     

Just going through your daily life you'll be subconsciously sending out massive signals to every women in your area that YOU are like none other.

You will learn how to send signals of desire before you even arrive.     

How is this possible you might ask? 

It's fairly simple, really.     

See, women are much better at reading people than we dumb guys are.     

And after you spend some time digesting the material in the manual, and letting the positive statements of the subliminal messages change your beliefs on a deep level, you will walk differently.     

You will talk differently.     

You will act differently.     

You will move differently.     

And people will respond to you differently.

Think of a movie star walking into a crowded club.     

You can't see him or her, but you can see how the people close to him are responding.     

The people far away aren't responding to the movie star, because they can't see them.     

But they WILL respond to the people around that movie star.

That Will Be You

You will carry around with you a powerful bubble of attraction that people will respond to, both men and women.     

You will project your arrival before you arrive.     

People will get ready for you before they see you.     

People will get nervous because of you before they see you!

Women Will Change Before Your Eyes

Women (and us dumb guys too) change based on who we're around.     

You behave much differently around that super cute, super hot girl you know than you do around that smelly homeless guy.     

You present a different person to that cute hot girl than you do to the smelly homeless guy.

Women also present themselves differently to different people.     

And if there's one iron clad rule of human behavior that is always true, it's that the more attraction a woman feels, the better she behaves toward her object of desire.

That, of course, will be you.     

And there's one other thing that makes women step up their behavior to the absolute best it can be.


So when you walk the Earth, filled with powerful Trinity of Attraction you'll learn in this course, this will do two things to all the women in your vicinity.     

One is they'll notice, by the body language and facial expressions of everybody around, that there is a High Status Male in the area (that's you, by the way!) 

Then she'll see all the other women getting ready for you to arrive.     

This will set of the most powerful motivator on planet Earth, and that is the competition between women for the attention of High Status Male! 

(That's you in case you're having trouble keeping up!)

High Quality Women Appear Before You

That's why this course is called "Manifesting Women," and not some other lame title like "how to pick up women," or some goofy book filled with language patterns to memorize or some law of numbers.     

You will change people's behavior by your presence.     

And women will compete to be the focus of you.

Other guys? 

They walk the earth, and not notice anything.     

They radiate desperation, lust, a belief that sex is dirty and should be not talked about, or even mentioned.     

They give off a completely different energy, one that makes women literally vanish! 

But when you walk the Earth, you'll see high quality women everywhere.     

They'll Be On Their Best Behavior

Because when you come strutting around, they'll see a once in a lifetime opportunity.     

A dream man that they usually only see on TV.     

Right there, in the flesh.

Of course, you don't have to be their dream man.     

You can talk to them, see if they're worth your time, and watch their cute face as they hope you ask for their number, hope you take them back to your place.     

What you actually do is up to you.     

But you'll feel a power over women that most men simply do not know exists.

Why This Course Is Different

This will transform you from the inside out.     

This will change you from the pursuer, to the pursued.     

This will teach you the mental ideas, exercises and thought patterns that will radiate irresistible attraction everywhere you are.

The Fantastic Difference Between Men and Women

Men like women based on looks.     

If women liked men based on looks, we'd all be in deep trouble.     

(I know I would!) 

Luckily, they don't judge us on our looks, at least very much.     

They judge us on our behavior, our character, our social skills, our ability to maintain the frame and be in control of our lives.     

They are insanely and desperately attracted to leaders, men who own their lives, men of action.     

Gaming The System

But here's the thing.     

Our human instincts are easy to trick.     

If you were to read a very good description of food, you'd get hungry, even thought you knew there was no food.     

If you read a pretty good description of a smoking hot girl ready to go, you'd feel attraction AS IF she were really there.

Women are the same way.     

Meaning you will be trained and programmed to exhibit the same body language, the same gestures, and the same beliefs of a powerful driven man, even if you work at Taco Bell!

How Is This Possible?

Not to get too technical, but we humans are pretty dumb.     

So we've got these instincts that drive our behavior, so we don't have to remember to eat, or breath, or take a leak.     

There are certain triggers in women that fire up her attraction buttons.     

That make her irresistibly attracted to whomever is pushing her buttons.     

That will be you!

Ancient Triggers of Desire

The triggers of attraction in women are ancient, just like our triggers of hunger and all of our other instincts.     

They were programmed into our human DNA long before money was invented.     

Which means you can learn to push her buttons, regardless of how much money you make and regardless of what kind of clothes you wear.

All Triggers are Unconscious

The good news is that she has no ideas what these triggers are and how they operate.     

You will behave and speak in a way that will trigger them.     

This means that simply by the way you act and move, you will be creating insane attraction in every girl you interact with.

How Is This Possible

The hypnosis sessions will change your beliefs on a fundamental level.     

Since your deep beliefs affect how you operate in the world, this will change the micro-body language, facial expressions and gestures you send to the world.     

And because women are hyper-sensitive to these things, she will be hyper-attracted to you.

Turbo Charged Attraction

On top of all these new behaviors you'll have programmed into you, the coaching sessions will teach you some very EASY things that you can do consciously.     

For example, you walk into a department store, and you've got three or four girls checking you out.     

You'll learn a very simple technique to walk up to her, speak to her for a minute or less, and make her BEG for your number!

This Is Not Magic

All this is a result of a conscious understanding of human behavior, or more specifically, female attraction.     

Her attraction (or lack thereof if you're like every other guy who doesn't have access to this information) is based on your behaviors.     

And since you'll be changing them on both a conscious and unconscious level, she won't have much choice.     

She cannot NOT be attracted to you.

Some Women Are Off Limits

Of course, just because she's insanely attracted to you and will do anything you ask, doesn't mean you should act on that.     

She may be married.     

She may be engaged to her high school sweetheart.     

She may be just about to leave to start medical school.     

That's why you must be careful with these poor ladies you'll be presenting yourself to.

Attraction Will Be Automatic

If you like the idea of walking around and creating irresistible attraction in ladies, that's fine.     

If you like the idea of walking up to them, and turning it up even more with just a few simple questions and statements, that's cool.     

But please be careful when choosing whom you decide to escalate with.     

Some things should be left alone! 

Her husband might be a cop or something! 

Or just about to get out of prison!

What's Inside

This course comes several coaching sessions jam packed with powerful information that will help you understand female attraction on a deep level.     

It also comes with over twenty hours of powerful hypnotic programming that will absolutely and permanently change your beliefs on a deep level.     

With the combination of your conscious understanding of how female attraction really works, as well as the automatic changes in your deep beliefs and subsequent behavior, your life will never be the same.     

The New You

Never again will you feel any kind of lack in your life, whatsoever.     

With a high quality lady on your arm, the world will be yours.     

Never again will dating, or sex, or romance, or silly questions like, "Does she like me," ever bother you again.     

Never again worry about when to send a text, or when to call, or what to say when you talk to her.     

Let all other guys worry about that.     

You will be in a completely different league all your own.

Coaching Sessions

Problem State Explained

Why It's Not Your Fault

You're Right To Women

Your Reason For Existing

Inner Secrets of Male Instincts

Inner Secrets of Female Instincts

Fake Alphas

How to Leverage Her Instincts

How to Control Her Instincts

How to Alter Her Behavior

How to Increase Her Quality

The Secret of Authority

How to Generate Massive Authority

The Easy Secret of Scarcity

How To Leverage Scarcity

How To "Fake" Social Proof

Social Proof Language Patterns

Why Most Men Chase - And Why It's Wrong

Why It's Terrible To Approach

Why They Want To Approach You

How To Pre-Frame Reality

Claim Ownership Of Your Life

Use Stories To Warm Her Up

Easy Social Skills Exercises

Build An Army of Female Social Proof

Never Get A Fake Number Again

Secrets of Manifesting

Why Most People Fail

Easy Exercise To Increase Your Progress

What Manifesting REALLY Means

Much, Much More!

Get This Now And never worry about women again.

Get this now and become a driven man that every woman craves.

Get this now and choose from the most attractive, most intelligent high quality women and be a hero to all your friends.

Get Pursued By Gorgeous Girls

Manifest Women

Subliminal Session Descriptions

Each session comes in three versions.     

A four voice gamma session to listen to while wide awake.

Listen to these while journaling or practicing any of the social exercises.

They will give you a temporary boost of mood and confidence.

Four voice theta sessions that will help you to relax and open your mind for deeper programming.

These target the boundary between conscious and unconscious.

256 voice theta sessions for much more powerful programming.

These target the deep unconscious.

Individual Session Descriptions

Women Seduce You

This will generate the belief and the resulting behavior that will induce women to approach and seduce you.     

Because you believe it to be true, she'll know it.     

She'll see you, realize there are plenty of other women after you, and be motivated to approach and do her best (you can help her if you like) to take you back to her place!

Turn Heads Everywhere You Go

Women Approach You

Women Make The Effort

Tons of Opportunities

Feel In Demand 

Women Compete For Your Attention

Radiate Irresistibly Attractive Energy

Be The Chooser

Make Them Qualify To You

Abundance of Women

This will program you with a deep knowing that high quality women are everywhere.     

Never again will you feel compelled to make a move because you "might not get another chance." 

Because you know women are everywhere, women will want to snap you up before somebody else does!

Total Sexual Abundance

Find Quality Women Everywhere

Always Have Options

Draw Women Toward You

See Opportunities Others Don't

Meet New Women Each Day

Never Ending Possibilities

Go Anywhere and Succeed

Always Feel In Demand

God of Sex

This will give you massive bedroom skills.     

Even if you've never been with a woman before, this will program your deep mind to know exactly what to do, and last as long as you need to give her enough orgasms to never want to let you go!

Powerful Sexual Skills

Last As Long As You Want

Give Her Ultimate Pleasure

Make Her Orgasm Repeatedly

Make Her Desperate For You

Complete Control Of Physiology

Become Her Sexual Fantasy

She'll Tell All Her Friends About You

Become A Legend With Women

Driven Man

All women crave a "man with a plan." 

A leader.     

A man who owns his life, not somebody who sits around waiting to be told what to do.     

This will give you ownership of your life, no matter where you work and what your financial situation is.     

Few men have this trait, regardless of this level of success.     

You will be one of the few "life owners" she will ever encounter.

Own Your Life

Own Your Actions

Build an Empire

Achieve Huge Goals

See Beyond The Present

Be Admired By Men

Be Respected by All

Create Your Destiny

Unleash Your Purpose

Frame Domination

Every conversation, every interaction will be yours.     

Never again will you feel on the defense.     

This will train your deep mind to see every interaction through the relaxed filter of, "Hmm, I wonder if I can find anything worthwhile here." 

When you walk the Earth with this mindset, men and women alike will respect and admire you.

Control All Conversations

Easily Outframe

Never Fail Frame Tests

Extreme Confidence

Effortless Persuasion

People Naturally Respect You

Unstoppable Influence

Massive Personal Charisma

Natural Leader

Social Proof Generator

Everybody's heard of the power of social proof, but few understand it, and fewer still have the deep beliefs and body language that demonstrates social proof.     

This will build in a deep and true feeling of social proof, so that no matter where you go, you'll feel support (and radiate that feeling) of a huge and loyal army of friends, male and female.

Build a Large Social Circle

Have Tons of Female Friends

Create A Huge Support Group

Always Feel In Demand

Gain Gorgeous Wing Girls

Project Extreme Demand

Always Have A Following

Create Attraction Before You Arrive

Pre-Framed Seduction

Attraction Generator

This will turn every movement, every facial expression, every rotation of your eyeballs to that of an insanely attractive man.     

She'll find your walk, your talk, and even your clothes attractive.     

Because you believe it, you will radiate it, and she will feel it.

Become Irresistibly Desirable

Attractive Movements and Gestures

Automatically Generate Interest

Deeply Alluring

Subconsciously Charming

Seductively Powerful Voice

Naturally Attractive Language

Pleasing Movements

Create Lust From A Distance

Master Mix

All statements from all sessions mixed into one powerful brain blast.

Listen as a fine tuning session, or when you feel all individual skills from each individual sessions are relatively equal.

Get This Now And never worry about women again.

Get this now and become a driven man that every woman craves.

Get this now and choose from the most attractive, most intelligent high quality women and be a hero to all your friends.

Get Pursued By Gorgeous Girls