Negative Belief Crusher

Eliminate The Biggest Obstacles To Success

Start Crushing

Start Crushing

Negative Belief Crusher

Eliminate The Biggest Obstacles To Success

They say that long, long ago, there was a discussion between the gods.

About where to put our greatest strengths.

They didn't want just anybody to be able to find these.

Maybe they didn't want the competition.

Maybe they wanted us to earn our strengths.

Maybe they wanted us not just to have them, but to appreciate them.

So only those that were the most capable would have access to them.

Our greatest strengths and abilities.

Your greatest strengths and abilities.

So, the story goes, they went over many places to hide them.

The tallest mountains, the deepest oceans.

But then they found the ideal place.

The one place where we would never, ever look to find our greatest strengths.

Behind our deepest fears.

The place we'd be most terrified to look.

Sure, this is just a story, right?


But think about the things you want in life.

The things you really, really want.

To be able to spit mad game at anybody, regardless of status or beauty.

To be able to talk your way into any job, regardless of your education or experience.

To be able to sell anything to anybody regardless of cost.

To be able to fearlessly give such a powerfully moving and motivating speech, you get paid tens or hundreds of thousands per speech.

What is standing between you and these dreams?

Sure, it's easy to blame others.

So easy that everybody can do it.

But let's be brutally honest.

Even if you don't have the skills, wouldn't it be easier to learn how to do these things if they weren't so terrifying?

Imagine if you wanted to walk up to a gorgeous person, and speak so elegantly and persuasively they would do anything you ask.

Of course, this would have a learning curve.

But what if that learning curve wasn't scary.

Didn't cause any anxiety.

Was mechanical.

As easy as learning how to take a customer's order at a fast food shop.

What about social fears?

Many of us have social fears of varying degrees.

Some are utterly debilitating, keeping us stuck at home.

Some only cause slight anxiety.

The kind that creates the self deception that keeps us on the sidelines.

Where we pretend we really don't want to talk to that gorgeous person.

Sure, we could, if we really wanted to, but we just don't really feel like it.

What if it was easy to do that?

What if walking across the room, and talking to the most gorgeous person in the place was as easy as ordering another drink from the friendly bartender?

What would that be like?

All these seemingly magical ideas are our greatest strengths.

But they only exist in the vague potential for most humans.

In the imaginary land of what if.

What if that story is true?

What if they really do exist, but behind our greatest fears?

What would that mean?

Does it mean that in order to blast through our fears, we have to feel them as strongly as possible?

To feel the fear and do it anyway?

To just muscle up some courage and get it done?

Sure, that's one way.

It's not the easiest way.

It's not even the best way.

Think of our fears as kind of like a brick wall.

If we absolutely NEED to get to the other side, and we need to right now, it would seem appropriate to crash through.

This is the common metaphor used when facing or destroying fears.

But what if there was another way?

Like taking a few basic tools to that metaphorical brick wall.

And easily removing one brick per day.

Sure it would take a while.

It would be pretty boring.

But once all the bricks are gone?

There's nothing left between where you are now, and all the things you want.

Sure, you still might need to learn a few things.

Public speaking techniques.

Persuasion and seduction techniques.

But they will be mechanical, and somewhat boring.

Kind of like baking a cake or playing an instrument.

Well, not the best metaphor.

Cakes and pianos don't give you standing ovations.

Cakes and pianos don't give you a thrill between the sheets.

OK, another weird metaphor, but you get the idea.

So, how can we do this?

First, by understanding the two main ingredients to all your fears.

One is based on a very ancient instinct, that is not really needed anymore.

Another is based on an assumption you made about the world, but before you learned how to speak.

And when these two are combined, the instincts and the assumptions, that common social fear is there for life.

Until you take it apart.

Not crash through it like those world-famous gurus recommend.

But slowly.



Just like taking away one brick per day.

Until one day, POOF!

It's gone.

Well, that's not quite accurate as well.

With every brick you remove, you will decrease your social fears.

Which means you'll start getting some positive feedback.

Take away a brick, make easy eye contact.

Take away another brick, say hey to some pretty strangers.

Take away another brick, start to daydream far beyond the common ideas most common people have.

Of course, there are no physical bricks.

These are daily thinking exercises.

Daily journaling exercises.

To train your brain to slowly dismantle those assumptions you made long before you learned how to speak.

So when you see something you want, something that exists on the other side of any communication, you won't feel fear or anxiety.

You'll feel excited, happy and eager to share your idea with them.

Like a little kid on a playground.

Or a little kid bringing something cool to school on show and tell day.

What's Included

Three coaching sessions to describe the nature of beliefs and more importantly, the step by step process to crush them completely.

Each coaching session is associated with three, one hour subliminal sessions.

Specifically designed to help program in the ideas from the coaching session on a much deeper level.

To more quickly eradicate every belief holding you back from greatness.

Each subliminal comes in three versions.

One for your higher mind.

One for the boundary between conscious and unconscious.

One for your deeper mind.

Combine the conscious ideas and techniques from the coaching sessions and deep beliefs programmed in by the subliminal sessions and go on a search and destroy mission and kill every single belief.

Session Descriptions - Coaching

Session One describes the structures of belief.

The twin demon beliefs that make up the metaphorical cage all modern humans find themselves in.

How and why they were created, and why they are only as real as you allow them to be.

Session Two goes through the step by step daily exercises to slowly obliterate anything holding you back.

Specifically how to obliterate all social beliefs so you can operate more fearlessly and enjoyably.

Why going slowly and steadily is not only the best way, but the easiest way.

Session Three is all about higher level beliefs on the linguistic level.

How to find and eradicate any specific beliefs about specific things.

Even better, how you can take these same linguistic structures and either be the life of every party, or the destroyer of every negative belief coming from your enemies.

Session Descriptions - Subliminal Sessions

Session One - Mind Control

Program in the deep beliefs that your mind, and everything that exists in it are absolutely and completely up to you.

That all thought, beliefs, skills and interpretations are absolutely under your control.

How to take reality and all the things people say about you and have said as mere suggestions.

Session Two - Righteousness Generator

Take the most common negative beliefs of being unworthy or not good enough and flip them around.

Build in a rock solid, deep understanding of your true nature.

That your true purpose is to be the hero to others.

That once you believe it, you will live your courageous truth as a savior to others.

Session Three - Belief Assassin

Accept and embrace your linguistic skills of death.

Build in the power to spin any idea around, yours or theirs, to any outcome you like.

Be the hero of every party, or the absolute and unrelenting destroyer of every bad idea.

Get this now and start living your life.

Get this now, finally destroy all social anxiety and become who you are destined to be.

Get this now and truly believe in your absolute necessity to your fellow humans.

Get this now and learn to be a master of your own reality.

Get this now and start building your income, your relationships, and your social circle exactly how you want.

Get this now and become a linguistic ninja of both happiness and the destruction of evil.

Get this now and master the art of thought, the art of language, and the art of living your life to the fullest.

Start Crushing