NLP Mind Magic

Use These Life Changing Techniques To Systematically Rewrite Your Past, Rebuild Your Personality And Obliterate All Social Fears

Master Your Mind

NLP Mind Magic

Subliminal Programming

Master Your Mind

Master Your Mind

NLP Mind Magic

Use These Life Changing Techniques To Systematically Rewrite Your Past, Rebuild Your Personality And Obliterate All Social Fears

Your brain is the most powerful thing in the universe.    

Yes, I mean yours.    

Not the brain, or some brains.    

Your brain.    

The brain you're using right now to interpret the meaning of these words in this very sentence.    

Something as simple as reading, looking at a white screen with a bunch of squiggly shapes and instantly turning them into meaning is remarkable.   

This is just one of the countless things your brain can do.    

And if you are on top of things, you may have learned something new in the past year or so.    

In fact, let's do an experiment.    

Think of something you know today, that you didn't know a year ago.    

Got it?

Magic Machine

This is proof that your brain is a learning machine.    

An exceedingly fast calculation device.    

Capable of solving profoundly complicated problems of physics in the blink of an eye.    

This collection of stuff between your ears led us to conquer the Earth, land on the moon, and believe it is possible to build cities on Mars.   

Yet, we have one problem.    

On major hurdle that keeps us from getting the most out of this miracle device.    

This wonder-organ is, even today, poorly understood.    

That problem? 

How the heck do we use this thing?

Sure, we can learn stuff, practice stuff, but how are we supposed to think about stuff? 

I know, silly question, but bear with me! 

Sure, we can learn how to play basketball.    

We know when we do it right, we know when we do it wrong.    

Same with cooking, playing instruments, and even solving mathematical problems.   

Outside Evidence

But these are all things where we can see the results outside of our heads.    

Right there in front of us.    

If you combine different ingredients together in the right way, you'll get a delicious pie.    

If you put them together in the wrong way, you'll get a lump of gross stuff that nobody wants to eat.    

But both ways, you know.    

You know when you're successful, and you know when you're unsuccessful.   

Inside Uncertainty

But how do you think about stuff? 

Most of the things we think about are complicated.    

How do you know if you're putting your thoughts together in the right order? 

How do you know what to think when doing things?

Endless Snapshots Of Reality

Every single second that we move through time is filled with a ton of data.    

Most of it we won't remember well.    

All kinds of studies show that we humans pretty much suck at remembering stuff that happens unexpectedly.    

Even in school, when they tell us what to remember, and give us a couple weeks, we try out best and get a B.   

Who Are You?

Your whole concept of yourself is a vast collection of these memories.    

A collection of things that happened when you weren't expecting them.    

Which means most of them are very fuzzy.    

How the heck are you supposed to construct an honest idea of who you are if most of your memories are fuzzy?

Most Of Us Wing It

Most of us don't have a clue.    

Nobody ever teaches us how to think about ourselves.    

Sure, we hear all kinds of cool (but pretty useless) ideas like, "Be positive!" or "Be yourself!" 

How the heck are we supposed to "be ourselves" if the entire idea of who we are is made up of an infinite collection of poorly remembered memories?

I'm Getting Dizzy!

I know, this stuff is hard to think about.    

Which is why most people will never think about it.    

Most people are content to think thoughts given to them by others.    

After all, that's a pretty safe bet, right? 

If you only think thoughts that others give you, you'll never get in trouble.    

Screw That!

Yeah, I didn't think you'd like that idea either! 

The truth is you can BE whoever you want.    

You can FEEL whatever you want.    

You can BEHAVE however you want.    

If you wanted to build a birdhouse, you could look up the plans online and build a birdhouse.    

Rebuild Your Personality

What makes up a personality? 

Every time you look out into the world, and choose how to behave (which happens in a couple of nanoseconds) you do a couple of things.    

You decide what the situation is.    

You take a quick look through your memories to figure out how to feel.    

You take a quick inventory of your skills and figure out what's possible and what's not.    

Then you decide what to do.   

Look Through Your Memories

Your memories are infinite.    

Not only are they infinite, but they are wide open for you to change them.   Not the things that happened, but how you feel about them.    

What they mean.    

Now, many of your memories "mean" the world is a dangerous place, and it's a good idea to keep quiet.    

Lean your back up against the wall, where it's safe.   

Look At Your Skills

Your skills are based on how you judge (yes, judge) your past actions.    

This is another thing that you can easily tweak.    

That time way back in second grade when you "timidly" raised your hand? 

You can easily rewrite that memory so you bravely raised your hand.    

As it stands now, that memory is supporting evidence that you can't ask for what you want.    

But with a bit of NLP Mind Magic, you'll use that very same event as proof that you can ask for what you want.    

And do it easily! 

All it takes is finding and rewiring a few of those memories and the world will look much different!

Look At The Situation

We are constantly being bombarded with massive amounts of data.    

Waaaaaaaaaay too much data to see more than a tiny fraction of a sliver.    

Which means our subconscious has to choose what we see.    

This is another thing you can change.   

End Result

With the techniques in this course, you'll be able to completely overhaul the "mind" part of your mind-body system.    

By only changing how you think about things, how you think about yourself, and how you perceive the world, it will seem like the world has been changed.    

Magically changed.    

Powerfully changed.   

Your Confidence Will Soar

What is confidence, other than how you feel about your capabilities in any given situation? 

Once you run through a few of these procedures, you can choose where to feel confident.    

You can consciously build as much confidence as you want!

Social Anxiety Will Vanish

Right now, listening to this very sentence, you have plenty of memories that prove you have tons of social confidence.    

All you've got to do is look inside that brain of yours, find these memories and learn how to reference those memories when your subconscious "decides" how to feel in certain situations.   

Custom Built Brain

Want to believe that money is easy? 

No problem! 

What to believe that half the planet is dying to have sex with you? 

Easy peasy.    

Want to build a real and evidence based set of memories that you can absolutely kill any project you start? 

Piece of cake.   

You Don't Need Permission From Anybody!

Once you realize the vast amount of endless creativity in your brain, you can slowly build your own secret place of retreat.    

Gain wisdom from historical figures.    

Learn how to do anything by hypnotizing yourself and watching YouTube videos.    

Gain sage advice from your future self that lives beyond time, and has all of your future life experience.   


Most of your memories are false.    

They have to be.    

Let's check and make sure.    

What did you watch on TV on the second Tuesday of April, back in 2012? 

What did you watch on TV three weeks ago? 

What did you have for breakfast on June 17, 2015?

Even the most important events of our lives are hazy.    

We remember the very main thing, but that's about it.    

The rest of the details are fuzzy.    

It's well understood aspect of psychology that as us humans move through time, we distort, generalize and delete.   

Your Current Self Is Made Up Of Fuzzy Memories

All of your memories that make up who you are, how you feel about yourself and your skills, have already been through these filters.    




So why not go back and rewrite them? 

Most people are happy to stumble through life, and living and acting unconsciously.   

Unconscious Living Creates Very Vague Memories

But what happens when you stumble through life unconsciously is you don't have much to go on when you are referencing those same memories.    

This course will teach you to rebuild those memories exactly how you want.   

Accurate Memories - With A Twist

Don't worry, this isn't going to implant false memories.    

You won't go around telling people you're a visiting reptilian from the future.    

You'll remember the events accurately.    

But you'll learn to go through and give them whatever meaning you want.    

So those events can be used to prove anything you want about your personality.   

Unlimited Possibility

Whatever you want to do in life, no matter how crazy, no matter how "out there," you can do it.    

You don't need to learn any skills.    

You don't need to fake it till you make it. 


You don't need to feel the fear and do it anyway. 


You just need to choose want you want, and then find the memories that support that, and train your mind to reference those memories.   

Big Things Become Easy

Whatever you want to do now, if they seem hard, it's only because you are referencing the wrong memories.    

Once you decide which specific memories to find and reference, everything you want to do in life will become easy.    




What's Included?

Thirty one coaching sessions that are jam-packed with the most powerful techniques from NLP.    

Taught in an easy to understand way so you can hit the ground running.    

No expensive seminars, no complicated online courses.    

You have the best place to practice these: 

The magic personality engineering lab that exists in your mind.   

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Rewriting Personal History

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Build Evidence For Any Skill

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Easy Real Time Reframing

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Belief Change - Part One

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Lie Detector Training

Never Be Lied To Again

Learn The Secret Of World Famous Poker Players

Understand The Truth Of Calibration

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Modeling Techniques

Learn From YouTube

Learn From Books

Learn From Your Imagination

Real Time Modeling Techniques

Become A Successful Behavior Collector

Soak Up Powerful Behaviors On The Spot

Bad Memory Neutralizer

Obliterate Any Painful Memories

Rewrite Them To Feel Positive

Rebuild A Happy Childhood

Create Any Childhood You Want

Simple Anchoring Techniques

How To Anchor Your Own Emotions

How To Connect Any Feeling To Any Object

Insult Defense Shield

Never Feel On The Spot Again

Develop A Powerful Reputation

The Word Slide Technique

Forgiveness Pattern - Others

Learn How To Forgive Anybody

Learn The Truth Of Selfish Based Forgiveness

Gain Immense Emotional Relief

Forgiveness Pattern - Self

Eradicate All Forms Of Guilt

Never Be Embarrassed Again

Skyrocket Thinking Power

Turbo Charge Your Articulation

Maximize Visualization Skills

Brain Strengthening Exercises

Creativity Building Exercises

Be Known As The Local Genius

Memory Improvement

Never Need To Write Down Anything

Easily Remember Names Forever

Borrowed Experience

Gain Experience From Imaginary People

Get Objective Insight Into Your Own Brain

Higher Self Exercise

Gain Wisdom From Yourself That Is Beyond Time

Receive Your Own Enlightened Advice

Timeline Techniques

Build Up Specific Skills

Build Up General Skills

Build Your Own Pendant

Program Your Pendant With Any Emotional Power

How To Achieve Lifelong Improvement

How To Create A Stellar Life

Get this now and engineer your ideal brain.

Get this now and build your empire.   

Get this now and master your emotions and behaviors.

Get this now and enjoy life the way it was meant to be.   

Get this now and master the game of life.

Get this now and see what others don't.

Get this now and blast yourself into the best future possible.

Master Your Mind

NLP Mind Magic

Subliminal Programming

The main course will give you plenty of techniques to rewire your brain, your memories, and your beliefs about yourself from the ground up.    

This alone is far more than most will ever do, but this is just the beginning.    

To make it as easy as possible for you to build the best life possible, you'll also get over twenty hours of powerful subliminal programming.   

Three Level Subliminal Programming

These sessions are designed to program your mind on three levels.    

Higher mind, where you know what's happening, your inner mind, on the border between conscious and unconscious understanding, and your deeper mind, far below your normal level of conscious awareness.   

Higher Mind

Awake and alert subliminal programming.    

Listen to these sessions when in any social situation and feel social concerns evaporate.    

Use these when actually out and observing or interacting with others.    

These Gamma Sessions will give you an immediate boost, raising your consciousness while bathing your brain with the relentlessly positive subliminal messages.    

Also perfect for journaling.    

Four voices will be speaking at once, two male, two female.    

Each session has over 400 statements that will add to a profound shift in beliefs and abilities.   

Conscious Unconscious Interface

Four voices backed by Theta Brainwave inducing sounds.    

This is when your mind is on the border between awake and asleep.    

The realm of consciousness where thoughts become things, where you can slowly begin to augment your reality.    

Create a visualizing (based on the journaling and the specific technique) and hold on to that image right at the border between dreams and sleep while your conscious and unconscious are simultaneously reprogrammed.   

Deep Subconscious

These powerful sessions have 256 voices, all speaking at once.    

A fire hose of powerful information flooding your subconscious with powerful ideas about your new personality you are learning to harness.    

Create the visualization based on the instructions in the listening guide, hang onto it for as long as you can while the careful blends of voices, sounds and gentle noise put you into a deep sleep, where your mind will be reprogrammed on a deep level.   

Session Descriptions

Vital Human

Develop an unshakeable belief that you are essential to the safety and health of everybody on Earth.    

That your contributions to society not only matter, but will forever and positively enhance all you interact with.   

Gargantuan Self Confidence

Titanic Conviction

Fearless Social Skills

Relentless Curiosity

Genuine Desire To Help

Become A Natural Role Model

Inspire Millions

Tremendous Encouragement

Vast Creativity

Obliterate All Doubt

Squash All Hesitation


This will install the powerful motivation that will never rest.    

The internal drive to keep succeeding, keep learning, keep achieving, and keep building.    

The internal unlimited forward momentum to power the building of your empire.   

Be Bursting With Enthusiasm

Find New Excitement Every Day

Unbridled Improvement

Never Ending Refinement

Continuous Calibration Of Success

Every Day A New Discovery

Life Becomes A Journey

Epic Mind Exploration

Unlimited Resourcefulness

Infinite Backup Plans

Internally Driven

Reality Manipulator

Understand that you are a cause, and the world around you is an effect.    

Realize your natural potential to shape the world to your intentions and specifications.    

You Are Cause

World Is Effect

Control Conversations

Manage Emotions

Easily Achieve Outcomes

Inspire Crowds

Develop True Leadership

Unbeatable Re-Framing Skills

Unstoppable Frame Control

Mesmerizing Social Charisma

See Things Others Don't

Perfect Health

Live naturally and ideally.    

Naturally sleep, eat, and exercise in harmony with what your body needs.    

Use your body as a source of power and vitality.   

Perfect Sleep

Ideal Diet

Intuitive Lifestyle

Deep Inter-Communication

Leverage Your Dreams

Enjoy Exercise

Maximize Physical Efficiency

Decrease Pain and Discomfort

Increase Flexibility

Maximize Stamina

Relentless Physical Resilience

Natural Learner

Soak up new ideas, behaviors and information like a sponge.    

Become exceedingly hungry for new ways of looking at things, new ways to interpret things and the never ending raw material of information to spur your ceaseless growth.   

Expand Your Deep Mind

Increase Skills

Maximize Mental Data Recovery

Consistently Increasing Genius

Always Be Hungry For Information

Immersion In New Ideas

Inner Mind Exploration

Re-Connect With Your Vast Experience

Infinitely Expanded Resourcefulness

Learn From Any Source

Uninterrupted Mental Growth

Genius Visualization

Close your eyes and see a rich representation of your ideal future.    

See everything, smell everything, feel and touch everything.    

Use your vast mental powers to create a canvas upon which to plan your empire.   

Mentally Plan In Rich Detail

Visualize Multiple Outcomes

Be Ready For Any Response

Create Your Own Mental Simulation Machine

Try On New Ideas

Describe Abstract Ideas In Perfect Detail

Gain Incredible Understanding

Accelerated Learning

Plan Multiple Futures

See Years Again

Easily Experience Multiple Perspectives


Accept your primary role.    

To create, to build to make, to invent, to bring forth that which others cannot imagine.    

To forever improve the world by your very presence.    

Accept your responsibility to be an inspiration to others.   

Feel Complete Control

Build Any Life You Want

Connect With Unlimited Possibility

Consistently Turn Thoughts Into Things

Natural Initiative

Become A Leading Thinker

Never Be Stumped Again

Rebuild Any Experience

Extrapolate Any Desire

Achieve Your True Human Potential

Enjoy Never Ending Growth

Master Mix

All sessions mixed together.    

Blast your mind with over 1500 voices filling your being with positive messages about your unlimited potential.    

Perfect for balancing.   

All Sessions Mixed

Gamma Master - Perfect For Real Time Social Activities

4V Theta Master - Quick Confidence Boost

256V Theta Master - Thousands of Voices

Overflow Your Subconscious with New Beliefs

Slow Growth In All Areas

New Belief Flood


Get this now and engineer your ideal brain.

Stop Waiting And Start Doing

The world continues to spin, with or without you.    

Jack into your own brain and learn how to conquer life and everything in it.    

Get this now and build your empire.   

Get this now and master your emotions and behaviors.

Eradicate All Fear

Let the rest of the folks stand on the sidelines and watch life pass them by.    

Learn how to work your own brain and get in the game and play to win.    

Get this now and enjoy life the way it was meant to be.   

Get this now and master the game of life.

You're Surrounded By Invisible Treasure

There are opportunities all around you.    

Learn how to adjust your thinking so you not only see them, but have the power to take them and make them yours.    

Stop watching and start living.   

Get this now and see what others don't.

Skyrocket Intelligence

Your brain is an endless sponge, just begging for you to use it correctly.    

Learn the secrets of your own best resource and take the world by storm.   

Get this now and blast yourself into the best future possible.

Master Your Mind