Relationship Engineering

Deliberately Create Your Ideal Relationship

Relationship Engineering

Relationship Engineering

Relationship Engineering

Deliberately Create Your Ideal Relationship

Healthy relationships used to be set and forget.

Why are they not like this today?

Our environment is different.

Kind of like eating.

Before, it was hard to gain weight, even if you wanted to.

Life required more labor.

There wasn't any fast food, or prepared meals in the supermarket, or food delivery.

Today, most people work a desk and live on take out or delivery.

Relationships are the same, but much more complicated.

Back in the day, you met somebody growing up, got into a relationship, and that was that.

Everybody was doing the same thing.

Up until fifty or so years ago, relationships had a lot of persuasion ideas keeping them together.

Externally and internally.

Social proof, authority, scarcity, commitment and consistency.

But today, relationships are very much like food.

Very easy to eat an unhealthy diet and have an unhealthy body.

For love and relationships, it's very easy to practice unhealthy behaviors and create unhealthy emotions and unhealthy relationships.

But this is only if you go auto pilot.

Today, you can create an ideal relationship just like you can create an ideal body.

By understanding what your body or emotions need.

By deliberately and consciously feeding your body, your mind, and your emotions with healthy things.

And you can build yourself an ideal relationship, from scratch.

Not only will you learn how to create an ideal relationship, but you'll learn how to calibrate your ideal sales funnel.

To put in candidates up on top and get very, very high quality candidates out of the bottom.

High quality candidates who will have hypnotized themselves into being your most compatible partner.

Who will have hypnotized themselves to do everything they can to keep you.

To continuously seduce you so you choose them over everybody else.

And the more patient you are, the more this will work.

The more patient you are, the more you'll be able to enjoy several highly qualified candidates desperate to keep you all to themselves.

And along the way, you'll simply sit back and enjoy your auto pilot sales funnel.

Never again will you hope to get lucky.

Never again will you be pressured to settle.

Never again will you feel lonely or feel the need to qualify yourself to anybody.

Everything in life will be much easier with a qualified relationship partner that you know will always have your back.

Who will happily welcome you home every day.

Who will do everything they can to make your life a success.

The ideal person.

The ideal life.

All can be yours once you learn how to engineer the ideal relationship.

What's Included

Full Manual - Everything You Need To Know And Do 

Rapid Learning System - Book To Brain Transfer

All data from the book to your brain in minutes.

Guided Imaginations

Low level hypnosis coaching to prime your brain for deeper learning.

Session One is all about the natural love process.

A deep understanding of your love instincts.

What to do and what to avoid to maximize your love potential.

Session Two is about the day to day behaviors.

How to speak to people to slide them down your love funnel.

How to set up a nearly automatic love funnel system.

Session Three is how to identify the ideal lover.

How to ensure the creation of your ideal lover inside the ideal relationship.

How to make sure your ideal candidate will always love you so much they'll never want to leave you.

Subliminal Programming

Drive the necessarily beliefs and behaviors deeply into your brain.

One - Love Potential

Truly believe that you are worthy of love.

Build in an expectation of the ideal lover.

Act like love is your destiny and make it happen.

Two - Natural Operator

Build in the beliefs of the daily love seeker.

Eject insecurity and act like a natural player.

Start conversations and begin qualifying automatically.

Three - Love Generator

Create your custom built love funnel.

Get people begging you for a relationship.

Leverage the laws of human nature and get them begging you.

Get this now and start the next phase of your life.

Get this now and create the secret of all success.

Get this now and find your dream lover.

Get this now and enjoy the ideal relationship.

Get this now and start sliding people down your love funnel.

Get this now and never feel lonely again.

Get this now and always have your ideal lover in your corner.

Relationship Engineering