Stop Self Sabotage

Leave This Pesky Problem Forever In The Past And Never Fail To Achieve Your Objectives Again

Master Life

Stop Self Sabotage

Subliminal Programming

Master Life

Master Life

Stop Self Sabotage

Leave This Pesky Problem Forever In The Past And Never Fail To Achieve Your Objectives Again

Many people have a similar problem.   

There are things you want.    

Things you don't have.    

Things you know you are capable of.    

Things you've taken steps to create, to build, to manifest.    

But as you get closer and closer, something happens.    

As if part of you doesn't think you deserve it.    

Part of you, deep inside, who makes you trip over your own feet.    

Makes you do things, say words, behave in ways that baffle you.    

Frustrate you.    

Anger you.    

Yet you look around and see smiling faces.    

Seemingly happy people that don't seem to have the same problem as you.    

That keeps popping up over and over and ruining what you deserve.    

You may have even asked yourself, several times, "Why me? What's wrong with me?"

Not Your Fault

I've got good news.    

Great news.    

Life changing news.    

One is it's not your fault.    

Two is that you're in great company.    

Because everybody has that very same problem.    

That very same problem they keep secret, and never tell anybody.    

Self Sabotage Is Structural

It's actually got nothing to do with you.    

(Well it does, but in a good way!) 

Part of is a simple lack of information.    

For example, if you tried to bake cookies but forgot the sugar, would you call it "self sabotage?"

No, you would not.    

You would taste the cookies and realize right away what happened.    

And you'd bake another bunch.    

Life Isn't Cookies

I hear you.    

Life isn't cookies.    

Life is more complicated.    

People are complicated.    

Improving yourself is complicated.    

Even complicated recipes where the ingredients just do what they're supposed to do are insanely hard to make.    

How in the heck are you supposed to lose weight and keep it off, or make more money, or create a fulfilling relationship?

You're Doing It Wrong

Not to point fingers or anything, but if you are trying to set "goals" like you've been taught, you've been doing it wrong.    

But that's great news.    


Because once you learn how to do it the correct way, the natural way, the way humans have been achieving great feats of wonder since the dawn of time, it will be easy.    



Not So Well Formed

One of the classic "patterns" of NLP is the idea of an alleged "well formed goal.   " 

You know what I'm talking about.    

Make it real.    

Make a picture.    

Visualize it.    

Make sure it's under your control.    

Create a bunch of affirmations and say them over and over again.    

Only this "well formed" goal isn't so "well formed" after all.    

In fact, it's impossible to "well form" a goal.    

Cannot Predict The Future

Do you know if it's going to rain in two weeks? 

Neither do I! 

Neither does anybody! 

Sure, they can guess, they can estimate, they can come up with a cute picture of the sun with sunglasses, but they don't really know.    

They can't.    

Even with the fastest supercomputers, they can only guess.    

And even then they're wrong a lot.    

If scientists that study meteorology for years can't predict the weather (an inorganic system) a month from now, how the heck are YOU supposed to predict your life six months from now? 

You can't!

Moving Through Time

This is what those "well formed" goals get wrong.    

Say you pick a goal six months from now.    

And you visualize it, get yourself motivated, and get started.    

You make some progress.    

But in a month, something happens.    

You don't have that same motivation you used to.    

You don't do those same things with the same zeal you did when you started.    

Pretty soon you just don't have the will power to do what you know you need to do, so you decide to throw in the towel.    

I'm A Failure!

I'll never be successful! 

I'll never find a partner! 

I'll never make any money! 

I'll never lose weight! 

This is what you tell yourself, right? 

Well, you're wrong.

Very wrong.

Goal Problems

Suppose you had a goal to eat a cheeseburger.    

So you and your buddy make your way down to your favorite fast food place. 

But when you walk in you change your mind.    

You don't want a cheeseburger, you want a taco! 

Would you conclude that you failed as a cheeseburger eater?

I'll never be able to eat a cheeseburger! 

Why am I broken? 

Why is everybody else happily eating cheeseburgers except for me!

Yeah, Right!

The problem with goals is you can't set them if you can't predict the future.    

So the more you "follow the rules" and create super specific visualizations of what you want, if it's MORE than a couple of months out in the future, there's NO WAY you're going to get there!

What's The Right Way?

In this course you'll learn a much BETTER way to set objectives.    

You'll set them in a way that GUARANTEES forward momentum.    

In fact, the biggest problem you'll have is waiting.    

But if you can handle that, the momentum will build up strongly enough it will NEVER want to stop! 

How do I know this?

You Are A Goal Machine

It would be impossible to be alive and breathing if you weren't a goal getting machine.    

Your subconscious sets and achieves THOUSANDS of goals on a daily basis.    

It looks out into the future, sees what it wants, and makes it happen.    


You do even need to be in the loop!

Conscious Tripping

Only when you try and OVERRIDE your natural goal setting mechanism (which has driven us humans from living in caves to where we are now) you are BOUND to mess things up.    

But when you set goals like your mind-body system is already doing?

Success Is Guaranteed

In this course you'll learn the easy methods of goal setting.    

The natural way to easily build momentum and motivation so you don't have to.    

The simple strategy that'll let loose a self-sustaining motivation!

Flip Your Mind Around

This will require looking at things from a different perspective.    

Understand things the way they WORK, not the way some NLP goof THINKS they work.    

The way they HAVE BEEN working for thousands of years.    

Not some recent academic invention.    

Awaken Your Goal Hunter

Inside you is an ancient hunter.    

A hunter of goals that once fully awake, will relentlessly pursue your goals FOR YOU until you take your very last breath.    

You'll learn how to set your own ideal goals in seven different areas of your life, unique to you, that will keep you motivated, on purpose and fully feeling the very reason for being alive.    

Step By Step Process

You'll be guided, step by step, from wherever you are now, to being fully awake, at cause and on purpose.    

To build the natural momentum and ancient motivation that will sustain you for the rest of your life.    

This course is like NOTHING you have ever seen before.    

Nothing Required

No matter who you are, where you live, what stage of life you're at, this will work for you.    

You'll learn how to start in the absolute EASIEST way until your natural momentum turns you into a relentless hunter of success.    

Social skills, relationships, finance, health, wealth, and plenty of other goodies are out there, just waiting for you.    

Not Law Of Attraction Mumbo Jumbo

However, if you're looking for magic, this ain't it.    

This requires your participation.    

You actually have to DO STUFF.    

But it will be insanely easy.    

And well inside of your comfort zone.    

Things that will only take five to ten minutes a day.    

Zero Will Power Required

This doesn't require any willpower.    

No forcing yourself into uncomfortable situations.    

Nothing you can't do, right now, in the next five minutes.    

But those simple, five minute things will add up to a lifetime of relentless success.    

What's Inside?

Part One - Step by Step Coaching Sessions

You'll learn why old goal setting tricks don't work.    

You'll learn how to fine tune your inner hunter.    

How to fire up your unstoppable natural momentum and motivation.    

Exactly how to create the ideal directional goals in all areas of your life, and set your inner goal hunter loose on a lifelong pursuit of greatness.    

Truth About Self Sabotage

Why You Aren't Broken

Why Everybody Shares This "Problem"

Why Self Sabotage Is A Structural Problem

Why You Are A Natural Goal Setter

Why You Are A Natural Goal Achiever

Why You Can't Not Achieve Goals

Scientific Reasons for "Failure"

Scientific Explanations For "Success"

Easy Solutions

Why Lack of Information Causes Problems

Understanding Human Behavior

Why Your Solution Is Unique

Why Specific Goals Will Fail

The Wrongness of "Well Formed Goals"

Common Motivational Factors

Understanding Common Self Deception

Unlocking True Motivation

Understanding All Quadrants

The Folly OF Future Prediction

Instinct Mismatch

The Instinct Mis-Match Issue

Why Traditional Goal Setting Doesn't Work

Why Nearly All People Fail On Their Diets

How To Guarantee Your Success

Why You Are Shooting Too Low

The Directional Goal Theory

The Milestone Goal Theory

Your Inner Goal Hunter

Wake Up Your Ancient Hero

How To Unlock Your True Potential

How To Find Life's Meaning

How To Feel On Purpose Every Day

How To Embrace All Feedback

How To Embark On Your Hero's Journey

How To Unleash Relentless Motivation

Why Your Motivation Should Pull You Forward

Why Going Too Fast Is Deadly

How To Build A Strong Foundation

The Seven Areas Of Life

Build Financial Wealth

Create Multiple Income Streams

Build Ideal Relationships

Create Unending Social Skills

Secrets of Spirituality

The Absolute Necessity of Leisure

The Secrets of Journaling

How To Unleash Unstoppable Creativity

Unleash Your Inner Genius

How To Embrace Obstacles

Turn Your Life Into A Mission

Uncover Your True Purpose

The Secret of Keeping Secret

Get this now and never fail again.

Get this now and turbo charge your success.

Get this now and turn your life into a masterpiece.

Get this now and create the life you want.

Master Life

Stop Self Sabotage

Deep Mind Programming

If you've ever used Mind Persuasion's 256-voice hypnosis sessions, you know how INSANELY powerful they are.   

Each session contains over 300 positive statements, all being spoken by 256 voices at once.   

Far too many for your "conscious critic" to question.   

Because they are augmented with theta brainwave eliciting technology, they pass straight into your deep subconscious mind, reprogramming your thinking on a deep and permanent level.   

Just close your eyes, think of what you'd like, and let the sounds do the work.   

In addition to all the voices, the statements are spoken in the first and second person (I and you) as well as male and female voices.   

This is to obliterate those negative beliefs with as much mental firepower as possible.   

Those old beliefs don't stand a chance!

Conscious - Subconscious Interface Programming

These target the layer just where the subconscious and conscious mind merge as one.   

You'll hear four voices speaking at once, two male and two female.   

They are also backed by theta brainwave inducing sounds, which allow your mind to be completely open to new ideas.   

If you pay close attention, you can be able to understand what they are saying.   

And if you relax, you can simply let these slip into your subconscious.   

These will be planted like seeds, in your memory, just on the border between your conscious and unconscious mind.   

So when you are in any situation where you need motivation or creativity or any other quality to help you achieve any objective, you will have a conscious memory of not only these voices, but the strong positive feelings they naturally create.   

Like your own cheerleading team, always there with you, always supporting you, and always helping you remember you best self, in all situations.   

You'll be able to easily recall these voices and supporting emotions everywhere you go.   

Higher Mind Programming

These also contain four voices, two male and two female.   

But they are accompanied by gamma inducing sounds, which will elicit extremely high brainwaves.   

These will awaken your higher mind and bring you to a completely new intuitive level understanding of yourself and the world around you.   

These sessions can be used while actually out and doing things in pursuit of your objectives.   

These will give you an incredible boost of confidence, motivation, inspiration, creativity or whatever else you need.   

These are also excellent to listen to while doing any journaling exercises.   

Each of these three types of mind programming have seven different themes each, totaling twenty one separate sessions.   

Session Descriptions

Bright Future

Create a positive expectation of a big, bright future waiting for you and compelling you to move forward.   

Generate unstoppable forward motivation.    

Build up an unshakeable belief that your future is a grand vision filled with magnificence.   

See Life As A Grand Adventure

Life Gets Better As You Move Forward

Feel Excited Every Day

Be Compelled By Future Pleasure

External Motivation Pulling You Forward

Feel Continuous Improvement

Create Greatness

Feel Capable of Anything

Never Ending Inspiration

Creative Achievement

Unleash your naturally creative thinker.   

Generate unique solutions to inevitable problems.   

Embrace new experiences and ideas.   

Increase Creativity

Think Outside The Box

Induce Lateral Thinking

Easily Solve Unexpected Issues

Find Many Paths To Success

Eliminate Stuck States

Turn On Your Natural Success Genius

Develop Childlike Curiosity 

Lifelong Learning

Deep Flexibility

Think your way around anything.   

Creative solutions to any problem.   

Unlimited options.   

Set an objective and discover many different paths.   

See old things in new ways.   

Never feel stuck again.   

Versatile Thinking

Develop Deep Resilience

Always Have A Backup Plan

Crush All Obstacles

Circumnavigate All Problems

Always Come Up With Another Way

Never Ending Brainstorming

Always Think Several Moves Ahead

Unending Mental Stamina

Goal Hunter

Awaken your great hunter within.   

Increase the feeling of purpose and pursuit.   

See your life as a true hero's journey.   

Feel the ancient drive just pulling you toward greatness.   

Maximize Your Ancient Instincts

Create Real Purpose

Feel At Cause

Live the Hero's Journey

Develop Unstoppable Courage

Plans Bigger Than Life

Feel The Pleasure of Pursuit

Be An Example To Your Peers

True Leadership Qualities

Life Long Pursuit

Solidify the idea that life is a journey, rather than a destination.   

Build in the belief that "The Road is Better than the Inn." 

Feel most alive when on the path toward bigger and better things, and that no matter how much you can accomplish, you will always be able to accomplish more.   

Create Your Own Purpose

Enjoy Every Day

Your Life As A Mission

Massive Boldness

Infinite Resolve

Deep Confidence

Act With True Intention

Unlimited Ambition

Endless Skill Generation

Relentless Motivation

Use this when starting out on any directional goal or milestone objective.   

Use this while you are building that important foundation beneath your lifelong habit in any direction.   

Create A Strong Foundation

Massive Daily Energy

Be Drawn Forward

Feel True Inspiration

Deep Inner Conviction

Awaken Ancient Forces of Success

Bounce Back From Every Setback

Develop Fearless Resolve

No Goal Too Large

Obstacle Obliteration

For every two steps forward, you should expect and embrace the inevitable one step back.   

Within every failure are the seeds for further success.   

Within each setback are the lessons that will propel you to even greater heights.   

This session will obliterate all fear of obstacles, and allow you see them as the true teachers they are.   

Embrace All Feedback

Learn From All Mistakes

Double Your Success Rate

Embrace Healthy Risks

Lifelong Learning Capacity

Fear No Obstacle

Destroy All Anxiety

Leave Worry Behind

See Solutions In Every Problem

Leave Self Sabotage In The Dust

Awaken Your Inner Goal Hunter

Three Hours of Training


Build A Massive Life


Feel On Purpose


24 Hours of Hypnosis


Deep Mind Programming


Conscious - Subconscious Programming


Higher Mind Programming


Unleash Your Power


Life Changing System

Improve In All Areas


Finance, Health, Social, Relationships


Wake Up Excited Every Day


Leave Your Mark On Earth

Master Mix

Each mind programming level comes with its own Master Mix.   

All sessions mixed into one powerful session to give you an equal dose of each theme.   


Deep Mind Master Mix - 1792 Voices


Conscious-Subconscious Interface Master Mix - 28 Voices


Higher Mind Master Mix - 28 Voices

Succeed In All Areas Of Life

No matter who you are, where you're starting from, this will work.   

All you need to do is dream big, and take one single, tiny, easy step.   

The ideas, journaling techniques, subliminal sessions and your ancient goal hunter will do the rest.   

Get this now and get going.   

Make Life Magic

Forget struggling and just getting by.   

Increase health, create new and wonderful relationships, unleash your inner lifelong learner and learn new skills.   

Get this now and start living

You Are A Hunter

You are not here to just get by.   

You are not here to barely pay the rent every month, and waste time in front of the TV.   

You are here to conquer your dreams, to pursue your passions, and set an example for others.   

Get this course now and make your life come alive.  

Master Life