Self Help Fail

Leave False Promises Behind

Self Help Fail

Self Help Fail

Self Help Fail

Leave False Promises Behind

We all want better lives.

Better incomes, better bodies, better relationships.

But the harder we try, the more elusive they get.

Books, courses, motivational seminars.

They make us feel fantastic.

About ourselves, our futures, our potential.

But then when the books and courses are finished, or the seminars slip further and further into the past, what happens?

We are the same.

Still searching for the secret.

The magic key to success.

That always seems like it's just around the corner.

Only around every corner we find more of the same promises.

Is it the structure?

Is the self help industry hopelessly riddled with scammers and snake oil salesmen?

Or is it something much deeper?

Take the weight loss industry.

Losing weight is not complicated.

Sure, it can be the most difficult thing you'll ever do.

The statistics bear this out.

Only about 2% of adults who lose a significant amount of weight keep it off for longer than a year.

Since weight loss is pretty straightforward, it can't be the system.

Sure, if you're trying to lose weight on the ice cream diet, you might be barking up the wrong tree.

But regular diets?

Eat less, exercise more?

These can't be scams.

These have to be legitimate.

But we still struggle.

Believe it or not, this is good news.

This means all those other self help products, books and seminars are not scams.

They are legitimate.

The problem is how we approach those things.

And if we can solve this problem, all of self improvement from all areas will be much, much easier.

And guess what?

It's not a secret, it's not magic, it's not complicated.

Once you shift your thinking, from self help fail to self help mastery, everything will follow the same process.

Social skills, sales, seduction, relationships, all these can be improved.

Easily improved once you learn the basic, step by step, and believe it or not, boring process.

A simple process you'll learn in this course.

What's Included

Full Manual - Legitimate Self Help Strategies That Work

Rapid Learning System

Book to brain transfer - all info from the book into your brain in minutes.

Guided Visualization Sessions 

Low level hypnotic sessions to shift your brain into self help success.

Session One is the importance of being self driven.

Why trying to copy the strategies and goals of others is a recipe for disaster.

How to develop and chase your own ambition.

Session Two is about the most critical element of success.

Why you absolutely must embrace competition.

Why everything magnificent was created within the context of competition.

Session Three is the template for greatness.

The deepest drive of all humans and how to make it yours.

An imagination far, far, into the future where your life and your achievements are being celebrated.

Subliminal Sessions

Program your deep mind with the underlying structural strategies for success.

One - Self Driven

Wake up your most powerful motivator.

Feel a relentless drive to succeed.

See your long term intentions as the most important part of your life.

Two - Competitive Domination

Build in the belief that you will dominate all competition.

Become a relentless destroyer of obstacles.

Never fear competition again - embrace it.

Three - Celebrated Life

Commune with your future self who has achieved far beyond the ordinary.

Create the most compelling dreams ever.

Keep your eyes on the most glorious prize that exists.

Get this now and forever forget about failing.

Get this now and wake up your ambition.

Get this now and dominate all markets.

Get this now and turn your life into a never ending winning streak.

Get this now and leave behind false snake oil gurus.

Get this now and live beyond the hive minded pack of complacency.

Get this now and become a true leader.

Self Help Fail