Sex God

Master Her Body - Master Her Mind

Sex God

Sex God

Sex God

Master Her Body - Master Her Mind

Besides food, sex is the most important thing.

Without food, we die.

So everybody needs to eat.

Not eating feels bad.

Eating feels good.

But sex?

This is a one way emotion.

Nobody will die from not having sex.

Sure, people feel hopeless, depressed and even angry if they can't get any.

But nobody's going to die.

But in order for us silly humans to remember to reproduce, we've all been programmed with a massive internal drive and desire to have sex.

Just the idea that we MIGHT get some will inspire is to move mountains, cross oceans and destroy empires.

And because sex is a kind of taboo subject, we never really take the time to understand sex.

Or to enjoy sex.

Enjoying sex with the right person is perhaps the most wonderful human experience.

But let's face it.

Most folks today aren't taking time to find mister or miss right.

Everybody is looking for mister or miss right now.

This creates a problem.

Everybody is undersexed.

Even ladies, who according to modern mythology can get sex any time they want, are undersexed.

They don't get sex nearly enough with high quality men.

Men don't get sex nearly enough with any quality lady.

This means that when we do find ourselves about to get some, we get nervous.

Anxious and worried we might mess it up.

And we go through the experience without much control over our mind or our body.

This creates a double negative emotional state.

Sex is scarce.

And sex can be awkward when it does happen.

But even before we get close to having sex, we need to talk to people.

And unless we're content to wait until the stars align, we need to create conversations that lead to sex.

This creates the absolutely most horrible rejection ever:

Hey, pretty lady, we're getting along pretty good.

Wanna have sex?

With you?!

Why in the world would I, or any other lady, ever want to have sex with you.

Hey Everybody!

See this guy?!

He just asked me to have sex with him!

Do you believe that?

Yes, a worse case scenario.

But one that is always ready in the back of your mind, just in case.

See a pretty lady across the room, and the flirting is so far, so good?

That fear of the worst rejection ever is keeping your feet glued to the floor.

Which is a really lame paradox.

We fear sexual rejection because it will keep us out of the gene pool.

Failures as humans.

So we cut that fear off by purposely removing ourselves from the gene pool.

That would be like punching yourself in the face so that guy that's been eyeballing you doesn't punch you in the face.

In this program, you'll learn some very, very powerful exercises.

Three levels of training that will make you the sex god all ladies have been desperate for.

The first set of skills will help you embrace and accept your sexual energy.

To accept your sexual energy, and your sexual desires as part of who you are.

The second set of skills will teach you how to carry your sexual energy, the most powerful force of attraction, as the baseline energy in social situations.

Any conversation you have with anybody, will be subconsciously charged with sexual energy dripping with lust.

This means you can talk about your favorite pizza toppings and she won't know why, but she'll be hanging on every word.

The third set of skills will make you the alpha widow maker of Earth.

To purposely deliver to her the most wonderful orgasm ever.

Not a normal orgasm.

Not an orgasm like she's ever had before.

One created and enhanced by your sexual energy.

By your sexual language.

By your sexual fantasy generating skills.

She will experience a sustained orgasm and a slowly building fantasy in her mind more erotic than any steamy romance novel she's ever read.

All she'll have to do is lie there an enjoy it.

You will do all the work.

You will do all the thinking and leading.

You will build and hold her mind-body system in a euphoric state of pleasure and keep her there.

As long as you want.

Until she desperately begs you for orgasmic release.

What will this do for your confidence?

What will this do for your social skills?

But be very careful.

This is a very, very powerful process.

One that will create, in her, a deep and unforgettable attraction and connection to you.

If you use these skills frivolously, they can crush the hopes and dreams of otherwise happy people.

But if she's otherwise vetted?

If she's passed your own qualifications for a relationship partner?

She will never, ever want to leave you.

What's Inside

Three coaching sessions with all the biological and philosophical ideas and exercises to become a sex god.

Three subliminal themes to program your deep mind with sex god beliefs to drive your domination over any sexual marketplace.

Coaching Sessions

Session One is all about sex.

Why it creates scarcity and emotional confusion in nearly everybody.

How to train this out of your system so you can radiate a pure acceptance of all your sex energy.

Session Two is about sexual meditation.

How to meditate on the idea of sex, and how to channel it into irresistible social charisma.

How to become sexually attractive simply by your presence and energy, regardless of what you look like or what you are wearing.

Session Three is how to deliver a mind blowing sexual experience in the bedroom.

How to create the most erotically pleasing orgasms they've ever had.

How to fill their mind with the most wonderful romantic and sexual fantasies they've ever imagined to go along with their orgasmic bliss.

Subliminal Sessions

One - Sexual Being

Build in the belief that you are a purely sexual being.

That sexual feelings and drives are just as natural as taking in a deep breath of fresh air.

Create a deep inner sexual acceptance that will be felt by everybody around you.

Two - Sexual Engineer

Leverage your sexual energy to consciously generate enjoyable conversations.

Feel your sexual energy under all the words you say and lead the conversation to wonderful places.

Embrace and use your sexual energy as an ancient force of love and happiness.

Three - Sex God

Be an engineer of utter bliss in between the sheets.

Learn to truly believe that you can give a life changing sexual experience to anybody you lay eyes on.

Let them know through your simple gaze that you are the giver of pleasure, the creator of bliss, the master of orgasms.

Get this now and embrace your destiny as a sexual wizard.

Get this now and feel the ancient abundance of love.

Get this now and make all women desperate to be and stay with you.

Get this now and become a walking legend among lesser men.

Get this now and tap the most ancient source of interpersonal power.

Get this now and create, on demand, what others can only hope for.

Get this now and be adored by anybody you choose.

Sex God