Super Learning

Restore Your Natural Learning Ability, Significantly Increase Your Skills, and Maximize Your Super Computer Brain

Super Learning

Super Learning

Subliminal Programming

Super Learning

Super Learning

Super Learning

Restore Your Natural Learning Ability, Significantly Increase Your Skills, and Maximize Your Super Computer Brain

You've been conned.     


Robbed of your birthright.     

Somebody has taken your natural gifts, your brilliant potential and your literal genius and muddied them up, tricking you into thinking that learning is difficult, cumbersome and stress-inducing.

The truth about you is amazing.     

Once you were an ultra curious sponge, capable of lifelong discovery of skills, ideas and knowledge.     

You were born with more potential than you can ever realize.     

A miracle of life that the world's top scientists haven't even begun to understand.

What Happened?

Just as you were starting to get a handle on things, just as the spark of your potential began to flame, they took your natural creativity and genius learning capability, snuffed it out with buckets and buckets of sludge.

Or more accurately, they took your super genius computer that STILL exists between your ears, and made you sit for YEARS while they forced you to learn mindless ideas through rote memorization techniques.     

Now, don't get me wrong.     

School isn't all bad.     

I met all my friends in school.     

I even met a lot of cute girls in school.     

I had a lot of fun in school.     

But most of the REALLY IMPORTANT stuff I've learned? 

Didn't Happen In School

And that's likely true for you as well.     

Think now to some of the important lessons you've ever learned.     

The things and ideas and experiences that made you sit back and think to yourself, "Wow, this is really amazing!"

Did that happen when you were memorizing multiplication tables? 

When you being forced to write your name in cursive over and over and over? 

When you were trying to remember the exact date that unimportant thing in history happened? 

Probably not.

But your genius still exists.     

Your natural learning capability is still there.     

Patiently waiting for you to rediscover it.     

But like a muscle that's never been used, it's weak.     

Out of shape.     


That Changes Today

You are going to learn how to maximize your brain.     

That raw miracle of biological computing power that is being significantly underused.     

There are much easier ways to learn than you know how.     

Incredible ways to boost your creativity.     

Mind boggling techniques that will turbo-charge your ability to acquire any skill you like.

Your Mind Is Vast

Even now, as you are listening to these words, you have a lifetime of experiences sitting in your mind, just waiting to be put to good use.     

Once you learn how to reach back, find those experiences, and use them to rapidly accelerate your learning ability, you will come to a stunning conclusion.

I Can Do This

No matter what task you face, with just a little bit of experience with these techniques, nothing will seem out of reach.     

You came into this world a learning machine.     

You are not meant to learn "just enough" to get by.     

You don't have that miracle brain so you could "just" pass those goofy tests they made you take (or are still making you take) in school.

You Must Thrive

You were given your gifts to use them.     

To learn and discover.     

To understand and master.     

To continue growing both in skills and in knowledge.     

Not to learn "just enough" to get the job done.     

That would be like having a Formula One Racecar and pushing it "just fast enough" to get you to the corner.

Unleash Your Potential

Unfortunately, there's not a secret switch in the back of your head.     

There's no magic drug like in the movies that will "turn on" your potential.     

But it is possible.     

And it is easy.     

Simple exercises that you can start doing today that will prove to you how much potential you really have.

Learning Techniques

You'll learn some off-the-wall but super simple methods to take any pieces of data and input them for easy and immediate recall.     

You'll learn how take massive walls of the most boring text ever and extract just the information you need for whatever your purpose.

Whole Body Modeling

You'll learn the secrets of learning from masters, and why it's the natural method of learning that is all but extinguished today.     

You'll learn to do this mentally from the inside out, which will make learning any skill significantly faster and easier.

YouTube Gurus

You'll learn how to find any expert in virtually any subject and "hypnotize yourself" so you can soak up their experience and expertise.     

You'll learn how to find written material, and how to absorb the information subconsciously, like a sponge, so you can accelerate your skill acquisition.

Not The Matrix

While this isn't like the movie, "The Matrix," where you can just plug a program into your brain and instantly become a black belt ninja, it's as close as you'll possibly get.     

You will need to practice but this technique will significantly reduce the learning curve, and significantly increase your enjoyment.

Unlimited Potential

Most marketing hacks throw around the world "unlimited" in hopes it will generate a bit more sales.     

But guess what? 

Your brain (and therefore your potential as a human) really is unlimited!



Yes, seriously.     

Because no matter how much you learn, you can still learn more.     

No matter what you can accomplish, you can accomplish more.     

No matter how much you know, you can always know more.     

You will never get to a point in life where your "brain is full." 

Potential Is Just That

But it's only potential.     

That means you have to participate.     

You have to use your brain the way it was meant to be used.     

Just like a muscle, it's not going to do much if you just let it sit there.     

You've got to recognize it for the miracle tool it really is.     

How to maximize it.     

This course will show you exactly how.

What's Included?

Conscious Learning

No fluff coaching sessions filled with the techniques, exercises and examples to get you on the track to genius in no time flat.     

With just the coaching sessions, and you're willingness to learn and use the techniques, you will soon fear no subject, feel zero anxiety when learning any skills, and feel a real sense of mastery when it comes to learning new things.

Why Continuous Learning Is Essential

Why Set and Forget Days are Over

Why Continuous Learning is Natural

The Learning Paradox

Learn How To Learn

Reawaken Your Natural Learner

Why It Was Snuffed Out

Remnants Of The Industrial Revolution

Schools As Factory Worker Factories

Why Most Do It Backward

Why Front End Learning Is Easy

Why Back End Learning is Frustrating

Why Learning Should be Fun

How To Maximize Your Experiences

Why This Will NEVER Be Taught In School

Why This SHOULDN'T Be Taught In School

Why You MUST Keep These Secret!

How To Connect to Lists

How To Make Lists

Your Endless Supply of Lists

The Best Party Trick Ever!

Free Association Techniques

Your Infinite Resource

Easy Foreign Language Examples

Never Forget Names Again

Simple Steps To Total Recall

Be The Star of Any Party

Re-Awaken Your Genius

How To Create Vivid Imagery

How To Create Unforgettable Imagery

Daily Practice For Mind Strength

Daily Practice For Alien Creativity

Daily Practice For Genius Insight

Secrets of Extracting Data

Significantly Cut Down on Study Time

Sort For Data Like The Terminator

Easily Skip Unnecessary Text

Ninja Practice Tips

The Easy Trick Genius

Five Minutes A Day

The Unending Benefits for Genius Practice

Motivation Secrets

The Truth of Modern Humans

Make The Subtle Shift

Leverage The Historical Tipping Point

Secrets of Modeling

Why Modeling is Natural Learning

Why Modeling is Unconscious Learning

How To Model From YouTube

How To Model From Text

How To Create Imaginary Mentors

How To Flip Ends and Means

How To Leverage Any Boring Subject

How To Make Motivation Automatic

Example Association List

Example Association Exercises

Instant Proof Of Your Genius

Why You'll Never Forget The 18th President!

Get this now and fire up your genius.

Get this now and never feel learning anxiety again.

Get this now and consume entire books for fun.

Get this now and skyrocket your career.

Get this now and become a learning machine.

Super Learning

Super Learning

Subliminal Programming

Deep Mind Programming

Each programming session contains over 400 positive statements, all being spoken by 256 voices at once.     

Far too many for your "conscious critic" to question.     

Because they are augmented with theta brainwave eliciting technology, they pass straight into your deep subconscious mind, reprogramming your thinking on a deep and permanent level.     

Just close your eyes, think of what you'd like, and let the sounds do the work.     

In addition to all the voices, the statements are spoken in first and second person (I and you) as well as male and female voices.     

This is to obliterate those negative beliefs with as much mental firepower as possible, as well as flood your subconscious with powerfully enhancing positive beliefs.

Conscious - Subconscious Interface Programming

These target the layer just where the subconscious and conscious mind merge as one.     

You'll hear four voices speaking at once, two male and two female.     

They are also backed by theta brainwave inducing sounds, which allow your mind to be completely open to new ideas.    

If you pay close attention, you can be able to understand what they are saying.     

And if you relax, you can simply let these slip into your subconscious.

These will be planted like seeds, in your memory, just on the border between your conscious and unconscious mind.  

Like your own cheerleading team, always there with you, always supporting you, and always helping you maximize your brain, in all situations.     

You'll be able to easily recall these voices and supporting emotions everywhere you go.

Higher Mind Programming

These also contain four voices, two male and two female.     

But they are accompanied by gamma inducing sounds, which will elicit extremely high brainwaves.     

These will awaken your higher mind and bring you to a completely new intuitive level understanding of yourself and the world around you.     

These will give you an incredible boost of confidence, motivation, inspiration, creativity or whatever else you need.     

These are also excellent to listen to while doing any journaling exercises.

Each of these three types of mind programming have seven different themes each, totaling twenty one separate sessions.

Session Descriptions

Creative Genius

Turn on tunnel vision.     

See beyond the obvious.     

Learn to formulate ideas that take much more into consideration.     

Never feel constrained by normal thinking again.

See Things Others Don't

Maximize Lateral Thinking

Never Feel Stumped Again

Maximize Your Value

Create Solutions To Any Problem

Explode Artistic Expression

Increase Verbal Fluency

Never Ending Ideas

See Into The Distant Future

Infinite Memory

Easily recall data.     

Feel confident knowing you can input any piece of data and easily and effortlessly extract it whenever needed.     

Never need to write anything down again, unless you feel like it.

Easily Remember Facts

Naturally Remember Names

Pass All Tests

Immediate Recall

Deep Appreciation of Mental Powers

Insane Party Tricks

Easily Recall Conversations

Make People Feel Special

High Powered Social Skills

Learning Desire

Turn any boring subject into a fascinating process of discovery.     

Fire up your natural curiosity for needing to know the deeper meaning behind everything.     

Feel a natural and eager compulsion to consume all knowledge.

Make All Subjects Fascinating

Always See The Deeper Purpose

Insatiable Curiosity

Deep Desire for Understanding

Boring Subjects Come Alive

Unleash Lifelong Growth

Seek Deep Truths Everywhere

Always-On Learning Motivation

Keen Interest In Others

Modeling Master

Learn the ancient methods of subconsciously learning from others.     

Use your creative imagination to make rote tasks come alive as you create your own inner mentors.     

Tap the vast Internet to find experts to model in any field.

Learn The Natural Way

Model From Videos

Model From Text

Model From Within Your Imagination

Naturally Pick Up Positive Traits

Continuous Character Strengthening

Learn From Fictional Characters

Generate Imaginary Mentors

Continuous Skill Development

Speed Reader

Scan through pages faster than ever.     

Increase comprehension, decrease stress and maximize reading enjoyment.     

Obliterate inner barriers to speed reading and speed learning.

Easily Consume 1000's of Pages

Extract Necessary Data

Soak Up Several Books Per Week

Increase Comprehension

Transform Text Into Easy Understanding

Make All Classes Easy

Open Up Possibilities

Massive Data Transfer

Extreme Studying Confidence

Tech Wizard

Never be frightened by science again.     

Master all maths and science.     

Understand complex equations as if they were nursery rhymes.     

Fire up your technical genius and become fluent in the details.

Become A Tech Expert

Never Fear Science Again

Never Fear Maths Again

Enjoy Learning Details

Deep Mastery of Complex Subjects

Understand Complex Interactions

Become Fluent In Details

Naturally Learn Programming

Significantly Increase Earning Potential


Close your eyes and see it happen as if you were right there in the middle of it.     

Visualize complicated ideas in your own private virtual reality.     

Plan out several moves, and see how they all play out in your mind first.

Create Vivid Mental Images

Plan Everything in Mind First

Rehearse Difficult Situations

See All Potential Outcomes

Visualize Complex Ideas

Mentally See Intricate Interactions

Practice Mentally Before Trying

Create Realistic Mental Movies

Describe Complex Topics In Simple Terms

Seven Hours - Binaural Thinking Sessions

Seven one-hour sessions designed to turn your mind to its sharpest.     

Carefully balanced sounds to fine tune your brainwaves to the ideal frequencies.     

Five for studying.     

One for creative thinking that works perfectly with anything from writing to painting to coming up with your next business idea.     

One for focusing on complex tasks like solving equations, building circuit boards or any kind of work that requires an intense focus on tiny details.

Binaural Thinking Sessions

Study Session - Thunderstorm

Study Session - Underwater Whales

Study Session - Metal Bowls

Study Session - Lazy Chimes

Study Session - Noise

Creativity Session - Enhanced Creativity

Focus Session - Complicated Tasks

Unlock Genius, Explode Creativity and Learn How To Learn Anything

Extensive Coaching Sessions

Steel Trap Memory Training

Creativity Generation

Exercises To Increase IQ

Never Forget Names Again

Cut Study Time in Half

Remember Anything You Want

Genius Problem Solving

Over Twenty Hours of Subliminal Programming

Seven Hours of Binaural Learning Technology

Unlock A Lifetime Of Skills

Get this now and discover the vastness of your mind.

Master Mix

Each level comes with it's own Master Mix.     

All voices blended together to fill your mind with positive beliefs about your infinite thinking capability.

Deep Mind Master - 1792 Voices

Conscious Unconscious Master - 28 Voices

Higher Mind Master - 28 Voices

Re-Claim Your Genius

Get this course today and start the next phase of your life.     

Leave dull minded living behind and unleash your true potential.

Leave Your Mark In History

Every generation is marked by a few leading thinkers who change the way things are done.     

Open up your potential and finally live up to your purpose.     

Get this course now and discover your reason for existing.

Never Ending Learning and Discovery

Squeeze the most of out of your miracle brain, that biological mystery that still baffles the world's top scientists.     

Use your mental skills to create empires, build businesses and understand the deep truths of life.

Get this now and out learn everybody.

Super Learning