Two - Purpose of Communication

  • Information Only
  • Communication is Persuasion
  • Asking for Things
  • Giving Advice
  • Direct Persuasion
  • Group Persuasion
  • When Do You Persuade?

Pre-Course Questions

When do you feel most comfortable persuading others? 

When would you like to persuade others but hold back? 

If you could take a magic pill, that would make you extremely persuasive, but constrained you to the best interests of others (you couldn't become a super villain!) what would that look like? 

How would your career change? 

If you could secretly give anybody advice, and they would take it, how would that improve your relationships? 

If you could become an effective leader, a persuasive speaker, an entertaining and moving storyteller, how would that impact your life? 

If you had the power to walk up to strangers, tell them a quick anecdote that would leave them much better off, how would that change how you view the world? 

If you could articulately, creatively and elegantly persuade the world of the value of your ideas and visions, what would that do to your life?