Addiction Elimination

Eradicate Negative Behaviors And Set Yourself Free

Free Your Mind

Free Your Mind

Addiction Elimination

Eradicate Negative Behaviors And Set Yourself Free

Addictions and negative behaviors are devastating.

When they start, they seem innocent enough.

It feels good in the short term.

After all, one cheeseburger's not going to kill you, right?

Having a couple extra shots to relax is OK, once in a while, right?

Sleeping in just this once, is no biggie right?

The problem with addictions and negative behaviors is they can create self sustaining traps.

The more you put off studying, the harder it is to study.

The more you sleep past your alarm, the harder it is to wake up.

The more you rely on alcohol or other means of relaxation, the harder it is to switch to healthier methods.

Even lazy thinking and procrastination are habits that once set, are hard to simply stop.

The longer you do them, the more comfortable they feel.

Like old friends.

Familiar friends.

Unfortunately, these are the kinds of friends that are all too happy to drag you all the way down.

Here's a quick, but potentially uncomfortable question to ask yourself.

Think of a habit that you do, that you'd very much like to stop.

Imagine two future you's five or ten years out.

Which future you would you rather be?

The one who was never was able to stop that bad habit?

Or the one who was not only able to, but replaced it with a much healthier habit.

Right now, which one is more likely?

This is why we love our bad habits so much.

We only need to focus on the pleasure of now so we don't have to worry about the long term effects.

But the more we focus only on the now, the less likely we are to build anything resembling an ideal future.

Which is why this program was developed specifically to utterly destroy any negative habits.

To obliterate them and replace their short term false pleasure with a much deeper, and much more ancient pleasure.

Of getting up every day with a clear sharp mind.

A mind that is driven by your ancient and natural ambition.

An ambition that will create the best, most powerful, ideal self you can conjure.

This program isn't based on willpower or even conscious thinking.

Start off by thinking about the habit you'd like to eliminate, and we'll blast any reasons for keeping that habit to smithereens.

Three coaching sessions that will scramble any part of your brain that still believes those habits are a good idea.

Three subliminal sessions designed to build up a set of powerful and positive replacement beliefs.

They'll work together to recalibrate your mind, your beliefs, and your daily habits to leave behind bad habits and charge forward toward greater personal victories.

Disclaimer - This program is not meant to be a substitute for any medical advice.

If your addiction is medical in nature, please see a licensed professional before starting this program.

With your negative behaviors and beliefs behind you, you'll enjoy much more brain power.

Use your new found clarity of mind to improve thinking skills.

Leverage your increased thinking capacity to enhance social skills.

Eliminate brain malware and notice a significant improvement in your mind-body operating system for continuously improving results.

Relax, let the hypnotic stories within the coaching sessions go on a search and destroy mission to wipe your mind clean of any negative thinking and behavioral patterns.

Use for any behavioral patterns you would like to eliminate from your life.

Rid your life of the common problems that hold common people back.

Recalibrate your thinking and behaving to launch yourself into an excellent future.

Become a creator of dreams and a destroyer of obstacles.

Fire up your ancient ambition and dominate the future.

What's Included

Three coaching sessions to decouple any connections you have to any habit you'd like to eliminate.

Three subliminal sessions designed to build up positive beliefs around the positive aspects of your habit so big they'll crowd out all the old negative thinking patterns.

Coaching Sessions

Session One is designed to widen your time perspective.

To convince you that your future, no matter how far out is always under your control.

That the difference between now and a gigantic positive future will only ever cost you one tiny shift in thinking.

Session Two creates a negative push away from your habit and a positive pull towards better decisions and behaviors.

A metaphorical battle between two archetypes.

One negative, created by your bad habits, one positive created by your positive behaviors.

Session Three is a metaphorical conversation between you and your absolute best self from the ideal future.

A time travel three way communication between your now self, your ideal future self, and your past child self.

So you'll never feel alone again in your struggles.

Subliminal Sessions

One - Healthy Mind

Develop a deep appreciation for all your thoughts, good and bad.

Understand why your mind is your absolute best resource, regardless of the thoughts that show up.

Create a much more open and loving relationship with your plans and ideas, so they serve you in much better and profitable ways.

Two - Bad Habit Killer

Go on a search and destroy mission in your brain and forcibly remove all secretly installed malware.

Clean up your mental operating system and be amazed at your enhanced brain processor.

Build a kingdom of truth in your mind filled with positive love energy.

Three - Future Self

Develop a powerful, mutually beneficial relationship with your ideal self.

Understand the truth of your ideal self, that they cannot exist without your support.

Magnetize the belief in your ideal self, and their belief in you, to maximize your future any way you like.

Get this now and create the life you want.

Get this now and destroy the false benefits of unhelpful behaviors.

Get this now and live more productively, effectively, and lovingly.

Get this now and develop self driven, unstoppable motivation for any objective.

Get this now and be a role model for others.

Get this now and maximize the health, love and income you can squeeze out of your lifetime.

Get this now and let your daily actions drive you into an ever better future.

Free Your Mind