Anchoring Excellence

Deliberately Create And Leverage Positive Emotions In Others

Anchoring Excellence

Anchoring Excellence

Anchoring Excellence

Deliberately Create And Leverage Positive Emotions In Others

Most of the things we want in life come from others.

Good jobs, decent careers, good friends and happy compatible lovers.

And the way most of us try and get those things is haphazardly.


We figure we're just kind of a fit with some folks and not a good fit with others.

This is the main reason they have job interviews.

They wouldn't call you in for an interview unless you had the right skills.

But beyond having the right skills, you need to be a good fit.

Things like finding a partner, either for the short term or the long term, follow this same basic strategy.

Talk to enough people until you find somebody who's a good fit.

But what does this mean, exactly?

When the guy talking to you about a job says he's looking for somebody who is a good fit, what exactly does that mean?

The truth is nobody really knows.

We only know when you find somebody who is a good fit.

Compared to most people who aren't a good fit.

A job interviewer talks to dozens of people before finding a good fit.

Guys or gals looking for a partner, short term or long term, don't really know before hand who is going to be a "good fit."

They just know it when they see it.

Or perhaps a better description for hiring managers and would be lovers is to find the best fit.

So, what makes you stand out as the best fit?

They have to feel it.

If it was something they could describe objectively, they wouldn't need to talk to you and feel you out.

If guys and girls knew objectively the kind of guy or gal they wanted in between the sheets, they wouldn't spend time on the phone, or in person.

We all know what that means.

To have an idea of what we want.

To also have an idea that we'll know it when we see it.

Or rather, we'll know it when we feel it.

Because, after all, we are talking about emotions.

How we get along interpersonally, based on the feelings we give each other.

And for most of us, we do this haphazardly and clumsily.

We try our best to be ourselves.

The other person tries their best to be themselves.

And hopefully, during whatever time we have available, we'll find somebody who is a good fit.

For friends, for money, or for love.

But what if you didn't have to stumble through this often uncomfortable process?

What if you already had in mind the types of emotions they wanted to feel?

What if there was a simple way to conversationally elicit these emotions?

And even better, what if there was a simple way to not only conversationally elicit and strengthen those emotions, but connect them to you?

Naturally, subconsciously and systematically.



Meaning with everybody you speak to.

To be able to easily and conversationally elicit the best emotions that everybody craves but rarely finds.

To elicit them, strengthen them, and covertly attach them to you.

So every time they see you, every time they think of you, they'll automatically think of those most coveted emotions.

The most coveted emotions that everybody craves, but rarely feels.

How Is This Possible?

In this course, you'll learn the three basic themes within which everybody feels good.

You'll learn to take any random conversation, even with strangers, and carefully guide them into those areas.

You'll learn to build up their positive feelings, within these areas, as much as you want.

Then when you're ready, you'll learn how to attach these wonderful feelings to you.

The idea of you, the memory of you, and the expectation or hope that they'll see you again.

Turns out we humans are pretty simple, when you think about our emotions from a structural, engineering standpoint.

But because most of us go through life haphazardly, randomly and sometimes even chaotically, it seems like a hit or miss numbers game.

A numbers game with far more misses that hits.

Who Can You Do This With?

You can do this with anybody you have a conversation with.

Face to face, over the phone or even streaming.

Text will be less effective, but with enough patience, you can create some pretty big desires.

If you're in sales, you'll sell a lot more stuff.

Build up their desires and attach them to your product.

If you're looking for love, you'll get a lot more action.

Build up their biggest desires in the best areas, and attach those desires to you.

Or if you just want to make people feel good because of you, that'll work too.

You don't have to worry about the attaching part.

Just point the conversation toward the big three desires, expand their positive feelings and they'll feel better than they have in ages.

All because of you.

Big Three Desires

Sure, we all have plenty of desires.

But when you focus on these three areas, you cannot go wrong.

Everybody has unlimited potential positive feelings within these three desires.

You'll learn to build them up, amplify them, and then connect them, or anchor them, to you.

Or whatever else you want.

What's Inside

This program comes with three coaching sessions that covers everything you possibly need to know about the anchoring process.

Session One explains how it works, some of the biggest misconceptions and why these three things are all you need.

Session Two explains the elicitation process.

How to conversationally and covertly build positive emotions within the big three as powerful as possible.

Session Three describes the leveraging process.

How to use previously set anchors and guide their thinking and behaving in any direction you like.

Each session comes with three, one hour subliminal programming sessions.

One for your higher mind, one for the boundary between conscious and unconscious, and one for your deeper mind.

Session Descriptions

Session One - Mind Master

Program in the beliefs that other people's emotional state is very much in your control.

To build the belief that you can walk up to anyone and move their emotions anywhere you like.

To see people not as hit or miss targets, but as walking emotional resonance chambers desperate to feel pleasure.

Session Two - Bliss Builder

Build in the beliefs that you can create extreme happiness in anybody you speak with.

To start from scratch, to take a neutral conversation with a stranger and build their emotions to blissful levels of wonderful pleasure.

To never again hope you're a good fit, but to be the absolute best possible fit to whomever you like.

Session Three - Charisma Generator

To build in the belief that you can create an army of admirers wherever you go.

That far beyond setting and leveraging anchors, with your new found skills, you will create an affinity for you in as many people as you want.

To develop the conversational skills of adoration installation in anybody you exchange a few words with.

Get this now and create pleasure in everybody you meet.

Get this now and be the dream lover they've been waiting for.

Get this now and never hope and pray for a connection again.

Get this now and get any job or sell any product with ease.

Get this now and turn any stray conversation with a stranger into the opportunity of a lifetime.

Get this now and drop seeds of pleasure in every brain you want.

Get this now and turn interpersonal relationships into a playground of never ending pleasure.

Anchoring Excellence