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Start Bending Brains

Confusion Generator

Become A Master Of Mind - A Wizard Of Thought

Confusion isn't generally thought to be a good thing.

Which is good.

Because confusion is a signal that something's wrong.

Confusion drives us to want to end the confusion.

To understand what we don't.

Not understanding something creates confusion.

We don't like confusion.

So we are compelled to end the confusion by understanding the unknown.

But why would you want to create confusion?

There are many reasons.

When people have heart attacks, it sucks.

Luckily, there are plenty of those defibrillators all over the place.

At sporting events, in malls, in schools, even in James Bond Movies.

And these defibrillators are pretty easy to use.

They come with instructions.

So if you happen to see some poor dude clutching his chest and dropping to his knees, you know exactly what to do.

Find one of those handy defibrillators and save the day.

What, exactly, does defibrillator mean?

What is this fibrillation that you want to remove?

Fibrillation is defined as an irregular heart beat.

So by shocking the dude, it sort of resets the electrical-chemical impulses to return his normal heartbeat.

Confusion can do the same thing.

Imagine your buddy is worried.

You're hanging out and he's going off on a tangent deeper and deeper into the vicious cycle of doom.

His brain is thinking in irregular thinking patterns.

So, you shock his brain!

Well, you don't really shock him.

But you can blast his brain with a few language patterns of confusion.

Creating a kind of problem state amnesia.

He'll laugh, forget what he was talking about and everybody will live happily ever after.

But there are plenty of other reasons to deliberately create confusion in others.

One is it's generally pretty funny.

And it's a fantastic party trick.

Because all of these patterns of confusion sound like normal language.

So if you maintain a congruent frame, people will sort of think you're speaking normal human language.

But they'll also be wondering what's going wrong with their brains.

And you can use confusion as a secret party trick.

To blank their minds as long as you want.

And nobody will know but you.

But you can also use these confusion language patterns to create a silly feeling in their brain.

So they'll laugh but not really know why.

There's even a more clever way to use confusion.

And that is by hiding some non-confusion inside a cloaking sphere of confusion.

For example, if we were at a party, and I looked you and said:

Hey, I think we should have sex!

That would be rude.

The least I could do is buy you dinner first!

But you can create a sphere of confusion, and inside all those nonsensical sentences and phrases, I can hide that suggestion.

That we have sex!

Of course, that is a very blatant example.

Just to get your attention.

But when you apply the law of comparison and contrast, what happens?

First, they'll be stuck in no-man's land of what the heck is this guy talking about.

You'll be speaking.

You'll be using perfect grammatical structures.

But at the same time, the more they try and follow you, the more hopelessly lost their brains will become.

And in case you don't know, brains don't like to be lost.

That's why they always take a GPS, or at least a map with them wherever they go.

So, lost brains tend to latch on to anything so they can suddenly make sense of what's going on.

And when you drop in a non-confusing sentence among all the confusion, those non-confusing sentences will seem much, much more compelling.

So they'll be much, much more likely to believe those non-confusing sentences.

They'll be much, much more likely to follow the suggestions hidden within those non-confusing sentences.

Already this sounds confusing.

Like a triple layer of confusion.

A suggestion hidden within a larger non-confusing statement.

These non-confusing statements hidden inside a whole bunch of deliberately created confusion.

Their poor brains will be so off balance they'll grab on to these deeply hidden statements for dear life!

What can you do with your new superpowers of confusion?

Blast all negative thoughts out of people's brains.

Be the master of covert amnesia party tricks.

Be the master of laughter with carefully calibrated confusion.

Slide hidden ideas and commands into their brain they will absolutely cherish.

How will this help your social life?

How will this help your social game?

How might this help your financial life?

Your career?

What's Inside

Three coaching sessions filled with patterns and ideas and strategies to fade any brain you want.

Three subliminal themes to build in the deep belief that you are a wizard of mind control, capable of removing and installing any beliefs in any brain you cross paths with.

Coaching Sessions

Session One is all about the purpose of confusion.

Why confusion in its natural habitat is a necessary uncomfortable feeling that drives us to solve problems.

Why feeling confused is always a good starting point that leads to deeper understanding.

Session Two is all about the linguistic patterns to blast their brains to smithereens.

How to set up confusion, maintain confusion, and hide ideas inside the confusion for them to discover later.

Why you can use confusion to defibrillate their brain to enhance happiness and vaporize negativity.

Session Three is all about the longer structures.

To put in desires and ideas into their mind for them to discover and think they are their own.

How to leverage the law of comparison and contrast to make your suggestions seem like a beacon of salvation within a sphere of chaos.

Subliminal Sessions

One - Happiness Generator

Use your mind control skills to make people as giddy as possible.

Take anybody in any state and get them laughing uncontrollably.

Associate good times with you and become everybody's hero.

Two - Negativity Destroyer

Obliterate any negative idea in their mind before it is fully expressed.

Turn any negative Nancy into a conversational super hero of bliss.

Relieve anybody of any emotional pain within seconds.

Three - Mind Magician

Slide any idea into any brain with complete plausible deniability.

Get them seeing your suggestions as golden nuggets of pleasure they'll latch onto for dear life.

Blast away all doubt and turn them into your eager and loyal follower.

Get this now and become a mind master.

Get this now and destroy any idea in seconds.

Get this now and conquer every brain you want.

Get this now and become a walking pleasure generator.

Get this now and implant any idea into any brain.

Get this now and become a master of thought and language.

Get this now and build an army of happy and eternally loyal supporters.

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